BookingPress Review: A Polished WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

There are a number of WordPress plugins which are available free through WordPress plugin respiratory on various niches every year. Therefore, it is quite difficult to get a WordPress plugin that provides full appointment booking functionality, including appointment cancellations, at no charge.

Do you want to accept online appointments on your WordPress website? This review will look at BookingPress, a popular WordPress appointment BookingPress review plugin.

BookingPress is a WordPress appointment booking plugin that is excellent in user flexibility, super customizable, and well-suited for the business of service bases types.

Keep reading, and we’ll explore every detail about this appointment booking plugin.

Let’s get started.

What is BookingPress Plugin?

BookingPress is an easy online booking plugin designed to simplify the booking process online while giving you complete control over your appointment process.

It is designed to be used only for scheduling purposes appointments and is completely easy and you can use it as a free. It includes everything you’ll need to get started with your business of service-based website.

Many enterprises, including sports centers, barbershops, gyms, clinics, recording studios, coaches and individual tutors, will find it helpful in automating their timetables and reservations.

How to Install BookingPress on your Website?

BookingPress Review: A Polished WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin 3
  • The first step is to login to the admin page after the download has been completed.
  • Click on the Plugins option after logged in.
  • Choose the Add an option.
  • Please select Upload.
  • Click Install Now and locate the plugin’s download directory.
  • Activate the plugin and unpacking it once done.
  • Activating the plugin will result in the addition of a new item to the left side in the navigation.
  • Start investigating the BookingPress plugin!
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The Key features of BookingPress Plugin

It allows you to set up a system that matches your requirements quickly and easily using an online booking plugin for WordPress. 

Any business can use this plugin to manage appointments online, no matter how small or big it is. 

You can improve your clients’ experience by using the BookingPress Plugin and simplify your booking management process.

Let’s see one-by-one features: 

  • Great UI and UX

For arranging appointments, it has a superb user interface. Powered by WordPress, BookingPress offers a classic step-by-step booking wizard. The UX/UI is modern and user-friendly. Support for Gutenberg and Elementor will enhance the plugin’s richness. 

  • Flexible and fully customizable booking plugin

No matter if you own a hair salon or a tattoo parlor, BookingPress lets you manage your appointments. We can customize all the parameters to suit you. 

  • On-site/PayPal payment options available

Payment through PayPal isonly free appointment booking plugin. You can also make payments offline. With a built-in spam protection system, the plugin security standards are quite good. 

  • Advanced admin calendar view

Admins will find it useful. No need to open a new tab or page. Isn’t it thrilling? You may also personalize your email alerts.

What are the Pros of BookingPress Plugin?

BookingPress Review: A Polished WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin 4
  • A new way to schedule an appointment

It is no longer necessary for your customers to look up your business in the yellow pages, the phonebooks, or ask for a catalog to receive info about your services or products. If they don’t download online and mobile apps, they won’t learn what you’re offering.

For businesses, the most valuable resource is the internet. You’ll be wasting plenty of money by not utilizing it to its maximum potential. Your booking website may reach your customers where they are by integrating it on your product pages.

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When telephone bookings are displaced by booking systems online, your business will be left behind if you don’t have an online booking system. Make sure you’re well informed on the latest booking trends and book your vacation online.

  • It saves your precious time

Having someone available to take reservations at all times is required for offline or phone-based booking systems. An online booking platform saves both man-hours and expenses by having customer service on hand.

BookingPress has been designed to provide automated registration, which means that if space is available on a specified date, customers can select their options, choose a date and time, pay, and receive an email confirmation without any human intervention on your part, allowing your employees to concentrate on more critical duties.

It is an outstanding feature of the plugin for online booking that can benefit your company.

  • Plan for your resources

When you use the booking software online, you will be trying for more efficiently allocate resources, which will result in a reduction in costs. If you own a restaurant, you may find this useful. A booking program on the internet will provide you with information on the number of reservations and the number of people to feed. It will allow you to plan accordingly.

Making this determination that makes it easier to determine how many workers will be needed in the kitchen and on the floor. Having a stronger resource plan can provide you with assistance in preventing employee shortages from causing time delays and ensure that your clients are completely happy.

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So, is BookingPress a good fit for your company?

There is a generic question, but trusts me when I say that improving and simplifying your online bookingpress system will be well worth it.

BookingPress review is appropriate for any service-based business or industry:

  • Gym and yoga trainers
  • Restaurants
  • Salons
  • Tutors
  • Consultants
  • Home Inspection
  • Doctors
  • Wedding Planners
  • Dealers
  • Barber shop
  • Spas

When you use our BookingPress appointment booking plugin, you can easily manage your website’s appointments, let your visitors know when you’re available, and get paid, and get paid immediately via PayPal. 

By the end of this article, you will have seen that BookingPress plugins which are free and yet meet with the needs of your business are useful. This means you do not need to spend money. 

With BookingPress, you can handle multiple tasks at once with the help of its helpful features. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any queries! We would recommend that you at least try it once.

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