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OnePlus Nord CE 5G: A Quick Glance at the Ultimate Review



The new mid-range killer is what the new OnePlus Nord CE 5G is, or it is the least of how OnePlus is now marketing its handsets.

The Nord CE is a toned-down version of the one that was there earlier, although it is not considered as a successor to its original Nord, and CE is the term that is used for Core Edition.

It includes the design that is completely indistinguishable from the earlier version of the Nord, the phone will keep a few of the main specs of the original piece. It is meant to co-exist with the last year’s Nord rather of getting it replace.


The phone faces a massive competition all its way through, but it comes in completely equipped with it all, too, at around the mark of €300. It is known to have a competent Snapdragon 750G and a bright 90Hz OLED display taking a smaller step into the powered Snapdragon 765G vanilla OnePlus Nord and is considered the brighter one. With 128GB internal storage, the base version has also arrived.

The probable portability of the Nord CE is one of the main selling points. This phone is a slim profile with a thickness of 8mm, 170g weight, and a 6.43-inch screen. The display also has a camera hole in it.

Think about your next mobile upgrade? Take a quick glance at the ultimate review of the new mid-range killer the new OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Design

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G looks like the premier Nord, particularly in Blue Void. It feels comfortable to hold in hands as it is assemble in a robust manner.


OnePlus 9R is a light weight about 170g weight that skims lighter as compared to other smartphones we’ve tested earlier. Also, it’s slim and it’s thickness is 7.9mm. The Nord CE 5G’s sides curve to make it easier to hold on to being well-fair.

Near the center the buttons are there as the frame of this phone is construct of plastic. You can see the power buttons on the right side and on the left side see the volume buttons. The placement makes it easier to be reach out without having to shuffle the phone.

However, the alert slider that usually comes in the OnePlus trademark over the years is not present here You can find the 2 Nano-Sims slots but no microSD card slot.

Specifications and Software

This phone contains the best specifications compared to OnePlus Nord. This phone also features with the in display fingerprint scanner and a glass made out of Asahi Dragontail. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor that we have looked in a few of the competition including Xiaomi Mi 10i and Samsung Galaxy M42 5G. The phone arrives with a base variant of the Nord CE 5G with a massive 12 GB RAM that comes in this range and is quite pretty to look into.


Performance and Battery Life

The operation was likewise to what was expected and the OnePlus Nord CE 5G did not come up with any surprises on me as well. My 12 GB RAM unit made it easier for multi-tasking and it rapidly loaded all the apps in it. I could easily flip through the apps without a second of a wait time. The phone can easily flip over apps as there is no wait time that is involving here. It can also be use single-handedly due to its smaller size than the OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Cameras

It has an Omnivision sensor with an ultra-wide angle camera with 119 degree view field, 8 megapizel, an EIS, f/1.79 aperture and many more. I did try out the different shooting modes that it has in its offerings, as the camera app has a simple UI. The AI suggested different modes at times and also detected whatever I was shooting. The smartphone, in its default uses the pixel-binning resulting in 16-megapixel shots along with making use of the 64-megapixel primary camera offering a wide angle view.

In the daylight, the OnePlus Nord CE 5g managed to capture a few good photos, and they appeared quite good on the AMOLED display that it had. In the foreground, it also managed to capture a few good details of objects, and the text was quite legible at about 100 percent magnifications. The ultra-wide angle of the camera offers a good range for the click of photos. It also appeared warped when it comes to the sides of photos.


The phone performs adequately well as it comes in with the cleaner that can help you get the best experience in terms of software that is there inbuilt. The phone comes with a promise of two years of software updates along with the three years of the updates related to security that would keep the phone alive for the next update making the deal the best one.


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1 Comment

  1. Vishal Thakur

    June 18, 2021 at 6:35 am

    I’ve been looking for a 5g phone but not sure what company to go with. My friend had told me about One Plus Nord, but honestly speaking I am not so sure about one plus either. Does it worth it or not? My answer is, yes! I have researched well & this article also helped me a lot in making my decision. I think there is no other best option available in the market. Hence, I am going for one plus, Nord. Thanks for this awesome review.

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7 Reasons to Hire Android App Developer for Your Business



Hire Android App Developer

If you are running a digital business then, having an android app for your business must be your priority. There are over 150 million android users around the globe, and this platform offers an outstanding opportunity for your business.

Being a part of the digital revolution from which the world is going right now, you can judge the importance of mobile apps and you should hire Android app developer. You can notice how your favorite brands are engaging their users through their mobile applications.

If your business is still waiting for its mobile app, now is the right time to hire android app developer. Today we will discuss seven reasons to hire android application developer for your business to reach new milestones.


Let’s deep dive into the seven reason to hire Android app developer in details:

  1. Professional Services

When you choose to hire android app developer, you will get professional services. There are many agencies and individual freelancers who can assist with the development and deployment of android applications.

You don’t have much room to make compromises in your business app due to cutthroat competition. Having a professional person to develop your application will provide peace of mind to you and ensure timely completion.

Make sure to check the professional background of the developers and discuss the requirements and details. It will prevent any bad experiences while the process of development is undergoing.

  1. Technically Sound Apps

Having a mobile application that is technically sound is necessary to ensure its success. Your business can’t afford the downtime of the application as it can affect your revenues. Having a dedicated android developer by your side will help you to overcome this challenge.

If you hire android application developer who has good experience, he will help to make your app flawless. He knows all ins and outs of android development and will use his skills for technically superior applications.

  1. Ongoing Maintenance Needs

If you are planning to run and promote your business using an android application, you need to consider maintenance needs. The role of a developer does not end with delivering the app after completion.

Your app will encounter issues such as outdated security patches and updates to the latest version. Your developer will assist you with these ongoing maintenance needs so that the app can perform well.


People often miss discussing these needs while hiring the developer, and they often end up hiring a new person for it. If you are about to hire android application developer, discuss these needs well in advance to avoid issues later.

  1. Overcoming Security Issues

Your application will be prone to various security threats while operating in the digital universe. If you fail to identify these security issues, it can damage your revenues and business reputation too.

Having a skilled android development expert by your side will keep you informed about all such issues. He will help you to encounter such threats by applying the most suitable measures to overcome them.

  1. Right Technologies

Many different technologies can be used to develop an application for your business. If you choose to hire an experienced developer, he will guide you with the right technologies for your applications.

Many factors decide the choice of technology. You have to consider things like the size of your business, nature of product and services, your target audience, and scalability needs in the future to choose the right technology.

Though you can pick anything, the best technology stack improves the overall performance of the app and supports the growth prospects. On the other hand, choosing the wrong one will leave you suffering from the time to market the mobile app and its development cost.

  1. Timely Induction

Delays in the development of your business app can keep you behind in the competition. By hiring the right android developer you can make sure that your app is inducted promptly.

As your competitors are also penetrating the mobile segment, it becomes vital for you to launch your applications as soon as possible to stay competitive.

  1. Unique Experiences

Hiring a dedicated android app developer helps you to create unique experiences for your mobile application users. As your business app needs to be engaging and user-friendly, your developer will ensure that it can match the latest industry standards.

You can also apply custom things to match your brand value. He also adds several functionalities and features using the third-party integrations as suggested by your developer.

So these were the seven reasons to hire android app developer for your business. Make sure to choose the developer wisely as conduct proper analysis of the candidates before making the final choice. If you are planning to hire a developer, then you can do this in several ways. There are many freelance portals, agencies, and reputed companies that provide such services for startups and enterprises.

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