Best Automatic Cloud Backup Software for Windows PC Free Download

Everyone may store important data on the computer, including documents, photos, videos, and more. However, unexpected reasons such as hard disk failure, system crashes, and widespread ransomware can easily lead to data loss. It’s clear that protecting PC data with best backup software has become more important than ever.

Therefore, in this post, we will introduce the best automatic cloud backup software for Windows PCs and elaborate on how to create automatic PC backup to cloud.

The Necessity for PC Auto Cloud Backup Software

Generally, creating automatic cloud backups for your computer has several advantages:

Protect data safety. Automatic cloud backups help create stable and valid copies of your important data, and make sure data backups are up-to-date in the event of unexpected events such as hard disk failure, system crash, blue screen, virus infection, etc.

Restore files easily. If data is lost, you can restore the recent backup to get back the files you need without having to worry about losing anything.

Best Free Automatic Cloud Backup Software for Windows Computer

CBackup is an easy-to-use free cloud backup software service. It simplifies computer backup and helps you easily manage multiple cloud storage from different platforms. You can back up your entire computer or selectively back up hard drives, folders, files, and more with simple clicks.

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Main features of CBackup

It provides four flexible auto backup modes – One time only, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

It supports you to back up computer data to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more public clouds.

You can backup data to CBackup Cloud, with 10GB of free backup space and 1TB and 5TB storage plans at cost-effective prices.

You can quickly and easily restore data to the original computer or a new computer for free.

It allows you to set up to send email notifications for backup tasks so that you can remotely monitor the backup result.

It offers fast and stable backup for you to backup computer data quickly and safely.

How to Create Automatic Cloud Backup Software for Windows PC

In this chapter, we will explain how to back up computer automatically with CBackup, divided into two parts – backing up data to public clouds (Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox) and backing up data to CBackup Cloud. Please check it out for details.

Backup Computer Automatically to Public Clouds

Download and install the CBackup software on your Windows computer and follow the guide below to create PC auto backups to Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox with ease.

Step 1. Register an account for CBackup. Run the CBackup desktop client and sign in.

Step 2. Choose My Storage (the cloud icon) on the left pane. Then, choose a cloud drive, and click Authorize Now to complete the access authorization for CBackup.


Note: CBackup allows you to add unlimited cloud accounts from various cloud storage services. You can click + Add Cloud > select a cloud drive > tap Add to finish the authorization.

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Step 3. Go to the Backup tab, and choose Backup PC to Public Cloud to create a new backup task.


Step 4. Select the files and folders you want to back up. Then, select the wanted cloud as the backup location.


Step 5. Click Settings in the bottom left corner, tick Set a backup schedule for automated backup under Scheduler, and choose the wanted auto backup plan to click OK. Finally, press Start Backup.


Backup Computer Automatically to CBackup Cloud

If you don’t want to add clouds to CBackup, you can just create computer auto backups to CBackup directly.

Step 1. Log in to the CBackup desktop application and head to the Backup section to select Backup PC to CBackup Cloud.


Step 2. Add the items you wish to save online, and set up auto backups by clicking Settings > Scheduler > choosing an appropriate schedule.

Step 3. Tap on Start Backup to schedule PC backups simply.


If you want to restore backups, just locate the backup task in the Task tab > click the three-dot button > select Restore > choose files to restore and specify a restore destination > tap Start Restore.


Tip: Except for computer backups, CBackup also comes with a cloud to cloud backup feature that can help you migrate data from one cloud to another smoothly.


If you do not back up your computer files, there is always a risk of losing data in an accidental issue. Using the best automatic cloud backup software to back up your computer can save you time and effort.

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