Admob Can Be Your Perfect Source of Passive Income

When it comes to earning money online from advertising, there are some risks. In the present, people don’t want to be wasting their time viewing advertisements. They are just uninteresting. However, displaying less of them could make advertisements enjoyable to see. I’ve examined my Admob earnings, and it’s clear that I’ve made more than $2500 by displaying ads and not disturbing people who use my apps. I have got unity games with source code and implemented ads on those games.

The presence of many ads can cause users to be annoyed, and in the future, the apps will lose a significant number of users, resulting in a staggering loss of revenue.

Even if you’ve got very few admob ads on your app, some people are likely to complain about the advertisements that they find annoying. In my application Quote Writer, I had initially added more advertisements than it is. After some users complained, I cut advertising to fifty percent. That’s right, and I eliminated 50% of my revenue from my app. However, I wasn’t able to satisfy everyone. However, I do have complaints about the app that it displays too many advertisements. So, my first experience using Steve Jobs’ method,

If you’re looking to please everyone, do not show advertisements.

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However, if you wish to display ads, there are several ways that I’ve discovered work better. It is possible to show ads at a specific time or at a specific location in your app and not make your users angry. Through this post, you’ll be taught the tricks and hacks.

Don’t show ads without giving Your Customers What They’re Looking For

I’ve seen a lot of apps display advertisements right following the screen of a splash. They display ads after starting the app. It appears that they design apps that only show advertisements. This is a bad method to earn income. Ads on startup websites can frustrate users.

Give your users what they want, and then you can do what you want to do in the second.

Let your users get the gold, and then you can request the commission.

I guarantee you that everyone on the planet is a taker, not people who give. Allow your users to take what they need from your app and then let them pay what you want from them.

Everyone would like to see ads once they have the benefit they seek. This is that Rewarded ads came. Consider that all your ads(banner advertisements or full-screen advertisements) are rewarded advertisements. They will only be presented in the event that you provide some worth to your viewers.

When you inquire with your clients what kind of ads are irritating their customers, you’ll get the same answer, Full-screen Ads(Interstitial ads). This kind of ad is a pain for an individual. But, you could make this kind of advertisement more user-friendly by applying the formula I have just mentioned.

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Banner Ad Example from DesignPax

Let your users know what they want and then show ads that are full-screen. If you’re not sure whether you actually could use a different method to display full-screen ads choose Banner Ads.

Banner ads do not block any view. They really don’t cause any inconvenience to users since they have eyes that can focus on what they want within your app and avoid advertisements on banners. Adverts can become irritating when users have trouble dissociating it. An excellent ad is very easily avoidable(from an audience’s perspective).

Ask Them if They Would Like to View the Ads

You may think that everybody will say no then; what’s the purpose of asking users whether they would like to view the advertisements?

If you first inquire if they don’t wish to view ads, they are able to purchase the ad-free version application. If they decide not to pay for an upgrade to the app(ad-free version), then they will have to be able to view the advertisements.

In this way, you’re offering your customers the option of choosing. Everyone loves the freedom to select the options. Everyone enjoys making their own choice.

They have the option to choose between whether to show admob ads or not. If they decide to choose ads, they’ll never dislike you for displaying advertisements in the application. If you didn’t allow them the option the first time, they could be frustrated. You gave them the choice. They opted for advertisements. The time has come to complain about the advertisements.

In this way, you could also offer an ad-free version for sale to anyone who wishes, and selling an ad-free version of your application is more lucrative than generating revenue from advertisements.

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Install In-App Purchases to Remove Ads

So, offering them an ad-free version of your admob app isn’t enough. You can make it work, but it’s never enough. This is what I discovered after earning an additional $3K+ in AdMob through my app.

You could give the app a bit more. For instance, you could offer them a second theming style in case they decide to buy a premium version of the application.

A majority of users will not bother If you provide them with a free version. Achieving more value from an app is a simple purchase decision in our brains. In fact, you’ll be reluctant to purchase an advertising-free version.

Also, offer them a little more. Perhaps, an additional font, an additional style, an additional filter, an additional saving option, an additional game, an additional feature you’d like to add.

Write down the items they’ll receive if they decide to buy a premium version of the app, which will remove annoying advertisements. Trust me when I say that this is how it will be easier to purchase in-app.

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