15 Best Proven Ideas: How to Make Money Online in 2021

In the age of internet technology, anyone has the opportunity to learn how to make money online in 2021, from online businesses to other sources of income. The world is ever-changing, and new ideas will be the best in 2021 to achieve your goals.

The Internet is providing you with many ways to earn money and increase your income. There are many different ways you can make money online in 2021, from selling things on sites like eBay and Etsy to starting your own blog or freelancing.

In 2021, the world of earning money online will be different. In today’s world, the possibility of making money is easier than ever. There are many other programs and ideas out there, but only a few are legitimate. The world of the digital age presents a variety of opportunities to earn money. What is the best method for you? Do you have any idea whether the time and effort you put in will be worthwhile?

In this blog post, we’ll be going over 15 proven ideas that will help you find the best way to make more money in 2021! The following is a list of the 21 best ideas for making money online in 2021.

#1 Make Money by Taking Surveys:

If you take surveys online, you’ll get paid to do what some people do for free: give your opinions. The internet has enabled companies and market research firms to send out surveys about whatever they desire in recent years. Many survey sites offer incentives in the form of cash or prizes, but not all surveys pay. Still, surveys are a great way to make money in 2021 if you have the time and patience.

Many online survey sites offer online coupons that can be used to your advantage when it comes to making money by taking surveys. Online coupon sites like Voucher Codes UK allow users to sign up through the site and then access voucher codes for major online retailers.

The American consumer market is over 18 trillion dollars a year, making it a great place to advertise your product. Taking online surveys is simple and can be done from anywhere you have a computer. How do they work? In terms of earning money by taking surveys, all survey sites work the same way.

First, you sign up for a free account on the site of your choice. When you’re ready to start making money by taking surveys, look for surveys that match your demographics and interests. You may get paid in cash or make money by taking surveys when you reach certain milestones. Then you’ll answer how to make money by taking surveys questions and finish your online how to make money by taking surveys. To get paid for making money by taking surveys, you need to redeem through PayPal or other payment methods.

online surveys
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#2 Creating a blog and monetizing it with ads:

It is possible to earn money by starting your own blog or business site. The secret to making money from blogging in 2021 is to find out how to start a blog. Start your own personal, niche-focused website that you can use for free. Create a blog and sell ads on your site.

Start by signing up for a free. You have many options, from free WordPress blogs to blogging services like Medium or Ghost that cost around ten dollars a year. To make money by blogging in 2021, you’ll need to create a blog about something you’re passionate about. You can write articles and share them with your audience, but some people don’t like writing about how to make money online. Start a podcast or vlog (video blog). These media are different from blogging as they have unique pros and cons. Start a website on WordPress, then get a free advertisement and use it to make money online and earn money!

Start Monetizing Your Blog with AdSense: Start selling ads on your site once you know how to make money. Start monetizing your blog with Google’s AdSense program. It is the best way to start a blog online! Google’s AdSense program allows you to start monetizing your blog with ads on your blog posts and start making money online.

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#3 Become a YouTuber:

Become a YouTube sensation or YouTube icon and start making money online in 2021. Start your own YouTube channel with video blogging, vlogging, podcasting or another type of video series.

Earning money with YouTube is not as difficult as you might think. Anyone can do it, and there are no pre-requirements for joining the YouTube Partner Program. The only step you need to do to get started is to click on the AdSense account. Becoming a partner and earning money with YouTube is as easy as 1-2-3!

Note: You need more than 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers on your videos to start “Monetize your video.”

Once you complete the above conditions, you are eligible to monetize your videos and earn money online.

How to Apply for YouTube Monetization:

1. Sign up to the YouTube Partner Program:  https://www.youtube.com/yt/about/partners/

What you need to do is fill out the required fields and click on ” I agree, become a partner. ” Once your application is accepted, you have taken the first step to become a Youtuber. It will give you access to all features that Youtube offers (especially where you can start earning money with Youtube).

2. Get a Google AdSense Account:  https://www.google.com/adsense/start/

Click on your AdSense account if you already have one “Accept” and move on to step 3. If you don’t have an AdSense account, click on “Sign Up” and complete the form. Next, add a new website or connect an existing one. Click on “Add a new website” and follow the instructions. Once you’ve added a website to your AdSense account, the page will refresh, and there will be a few more fields to fill out:

Once you’ve filled out these fields, make sure “I agree” is selected and click on “Create account” to move onto the next step.

3. Connect your Google AdSense account with your YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/account_monetization?hl=en-GB

After that, you’ll be redirected to the page where it asks you if you want to monetize your content. To proceed, you must complete the required fields and click on “Link an AdSense account.”

You have now successfully linked your YouTube channel with your Google AdSense account. If it doesn’t say that your channel is monetized, refresh the page after a few minutes (it can sometimes take Google some time to process your channels).

4. Start earning money with YouTube: Now that everything is set up and you have the link between your YouTube channel and a Google AdSense account, it’s time for the easiest step in making money with YouTube. Just create some great content on your YouTube channel, and people will start to watch and like your videos. If they like your content enough, you will start making money! How much do you earn? You can get paid for watching your video and clicking on the advertisements that appear on your video (such things are called “performance.”

become a youtuber
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#4 Affiliate Marketing:

In 2021, affiliate marketing is the best cost-effective technique to earn income online. It’s possible to earn money through affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products and services through your blog or website. An affiliate marketing campaign is a type of performance-based advertising, which means that the advertiser will be charged only for results, not impressions (views). Affiliate Marketing networks like Affiliate Window, CJ affiliate, Link Share and Skimlinks can be used to earn money online in 2021. Affiliate programs often have a unique URL or landing page for the affiliate marketers’ website where you can find out more information about their promotions. Affiliate marketing works with almost any niche or category: digital products (e-books, software, etc.) and services (coaching, consultancy, etc.), travel, and much more. 

Start an Affiliate Marketing Website:

Create an Affiliate Site or Affiliate Store or Affiliate Marketplace to sell Affiliate Products online. You can build your Affiliate Site on a Website builder like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress. Start an Affiliate Site today!

If you want to sell your product on Amazon, eBay, or any other website that allows affiliates to sell their products, you can do so as well.

affiliate marketing
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#5 Get Paid to Test Websites:

You’ve heard the one about testing websites, signing up to test new products and services for free and getting paid in cash? It’s no joke – testing works in many ways. You could get paid for testing anything these days, from testing marketing websites to testing software or products. If you think that it sounds too good to be true, well, you could test anything from websites and software to electronics and cars with a bit of work and patience.

Also known as test marketing or Beta testing, it’s not just for computer geeks – everyone can get involved in test marketing, and with the right project, test marketing can work for you.

This article will guide you through everything test marketing involves, from what test marketing involves and where you can get started with test marketing websites, all the way through to some of the most significant projects that you could get involved in test marketing.

Does test marketing work?

Well, test marketing not only works, but it’s also become a part of everyday life – from test marketing websites to testing new software or testing cars, the concept is becoming increasingly relevant in modern times. It used to be that test marketing was an industry for big companies and corporations, but nowadays, test marketing is an excellent way to test new products and get paid.

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become a tester
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#6 Become a Freelancer:

The concept of freelancing is as old as capitalism itself. In the land of opportunity, where people worldwide come to make a new life for themselves, freelancing has become one of the most prevalent ways to survive in the highly competitive and cutthroat job market. Freelancing jobs make it seem like a perfect opportunity for everyone, but in the real world, being a freelance worker is more than just making money.

Freelancers are rising from their cubicles and working for themselves just like they’ve always wanted to. The global recession has forced people to start thinking differently about how they earn an income.

Benefits of making money by freelancing in 2021:

  • Freelancing provides greater flexibility and control over your work schedule. You don’t have to go through strict hours or office politics that come with 9-5 hours of access to freelancing job sites, making freelancing a desirable way to make money.
  • The benefit of being a freelancer is being able to work from home, which means that you don’t have to waste time going on public transportation.
  • Freelancing allows you the freedom to choose the kinds of jobs you want. You have to work wherever your bosses say, and if you don’t like it, too bad for you! With freelancing, you have a lot more control over the kind of job you will take on. It gives the freelancer an advantage.
  • You can take up jobs you find interesting without having to submit yourself to tedious and unnecessary tasks. Freelancing is great because it allows your interests to mix with your professional life, which allows for a more engaging work experience.
  • The freelancer gets to set their own income. While it’s true that some freelancing jobs might not pay very much, others get you perfect money for your work.
  • The advantage of this is that the freelancer can choose what they want to do and how much they want to respond based on their schedule and needs. This kind of freedom gives the freelancer control over their financial situation.
  • There is no qualification required for freelance, which means you don’t need to worry about whether or not your degree will get you a job.
  • Education and experience are essential factors for freelancing, but they aren’t all that matters. Most freelancing jobs pay well. Freelancing sites are a great place to get you started.
  • If there’s something in particular that you’re good at and enjoy doing, chances are there’s someone out there looking for someone like you. Freelancing usually means low start-up costs.
  • If you have a computer and a good Internet connection, that’s pretty much all you need to start freelancing.
  • Freelancer sites offer many resources for new freelancers, such as guides, information on how to get started, other users’ reviews, and job listings.
  • There’s no need to go through the typical corporate rigmarole of interviews and paperwork. You don’t have to worry about looking professional or dressing up for meetings with your bosses; all you need is an Internet connection!

All in all, freelancing can be an enriching experience. Freelancing is a great way to earn money during your break from work if you take time off from work. Freelancing also makes it easier for you to get started making money right away.

become a freelancer
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#7 Trading in Cryptocurrency:

Cryptography is the term used to describe a digital asset that uses encryption to generate currency and verify fund transfer transactions, operating independently of a central bank. Due to this security feature, a cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit. A defining feature of cryptocurrency is its organic nature; any central authority does not issue them.

Some Key Points of Cryptocurrency:

  • Cryptocurrency is a new digital form of payment that uses encryption to secure transactions within a network.
  • Cryptocurrency has no central authority or banks.
  • Cryptocurrency is the only payment system where participants are anonymous, removing third parties involved in transaction processes who charge enormous fees for their service.
  • Cryptocurrency provides the freedom to send money globally anywhere at any time without any restrictions.
  • Cryptocurrencies are created through cryptocurrency mining. 
  • Cryptocurrency trading is an exchange platform where people buy, sell, and trade with other participants.
  • The cryptocurrency to fiat money conversion is instant, private and secure, unlike the centralized currency conversion system, which keeps track of all financial transactions in the database.
  • Cryptocurrency is a potential moneymaker for investors in the long term, and cryptocurrency is volatile. The price of cryptocurrency can increase or decrease very fast.
  • Investors profit from trading activity on exchanges by investing in cryptocurrency slowly and consistently because they only trade with part of their money and then leave the remaining amount to accumulate more currency.
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#8 Drop Shipping Business:

Starting a drop-shipping business is the dream of many entrepreneurs. Not only can it offer you massive financial rewards, but drop shippers realize it allows them to establish an online presence without any capital investment in inventory or warehousing facilities. Do you know what drop shipping is? Drop shipping provides wholesalers and drop-shippers the opportunity to sell products directly to customers without being shipped from a warehouse.

What is drop shipping and drop-shippers?

When you drop ship an item, there is no direct interaction between yourself and the product’s manufacturer. When drop shipping, your job ends when you send the ordered merchandise to your customer. You don’t have to handle packaging, mess with inventory, or arrange to ship. Drop shipping is the easiest way for drop shippers to earn money online without any hassle of managing products in their warehouse.

How Should You Start a Drop shipping Business?

If you are considering drop shipping as an option for your business, there are some factors you’ll need to consider before you get started.


To successfully do drop shipping, you’ll need to know your drop shipping suppliers and understand their processes for drop shipping orders. It means you have an excellent grasp of how drop shipping works in its basic form, which can be learned from drop shipping experts online or through drop shipper training courses.

  • Specialize in drop shipping a specific category: 

To make good profits from drop shipping, you need to drop ship products from a particular category. For example, drop shippers should focus on drop shipping baby supplies.

  • Get the Right Suppliers: 

It is essential because drop shipping suppliers are your lifeline as they will send orders to you when customers place orders for drop-shipped products. In drop shipping, if your drop-shippers are not good enough, you can never make a profit no matter how well you perform. So choose drop shipping suppliers carefully and find wholesalers with the Customer service and prices that are competitive.

Start Small: 

You should start by drop shipping a single drop shipping product to get a feel for drop shipping. Don’t drop ship more than one drop shipping item from your drop-shippers initially, as you need to learn about drop shipping without getting overwhelmed. According to your experience level, you might want to start small and work your way up.

  • Drop Ship Suppliers:

There are two types of drop shippers – drop shipping wholesalers and drop shipping manufacturers.

  • Drop Sipping Wholesaler:

Drop shipping wholesalers do not produce the drop-shipped items themselves. They acquire items from drop-shipping manufacturers or other drop-shippers and then offer them to drop-shippers for a profit.

Drop shipping wholesalers are interchangeable, and drop shippers should choose drop shipping suppliers based on price, availability of drop-ship items, and customer service.

  • Drop Sipping Wholesaler:

On the other hand, a drop shipper manufactures the drop ship item before selling it to drop shippers.

However, drop shipping manufacturers tend to be more reliable than drop shipping wholesalers as they produce their own drop shipping items, so they prefer dealing with drop shipping manufacturers if possible.

  • Pay Attention to Inventory: 

Drop shipping can’t be successful unless drop shippers pay attention to drop ship inventory. A drop shipper should have an excellent drop shipping inventory management system that allows them to know the exact number of drop-ship items in stock and on hand based on the demand for drop ship products.

dropshipping business
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#9 Become an Influencer:

An influencer is an expert who influences the thoughts or actions of others through their communication skills, charismatic personality, and willingness.

Being an influencer is an excellent way of promoting your name, but it’s tough to do without relevant experience.

How do influencers promote brands? 

There are many influencers promoting brands online, and they get paid for it. 

For instance, if an influencer has a large following on Twitter (for example), Let’s assume influencers have 50000 followers and an average of 15 retweets per tweet. If influencers retweet your product or business and 1,500 people see your brand’s video or product, you can make money if someone buys your product or service. 

An influencer can give you high visibility in the digital world, while influencers share your content with their followers. How do influencers promote brands? 

Are influencers influential? Influencers are not just popular on social media: they also have something to say. They know how to connect with their audience well by sharing helpful information: influencers talk about things that matter, influencers’ opinions are valuable, and influencers use influencer marketing wisely.

become an influencer
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#10 Create and Sell an E-book Online:

What’s an e-book? 

An e-book is a digital book and is (usually) sold over the internet.

An e-book could be a novel, an e-book version of the latest science news, or even a comic e-book.

There are usually different e-book formats available for download, such as Word, PDF, and HTML. The e-book software uses these file formats to convert the e-book into plain text, which can then be read by the e-book reader on your computer screen or possibly read using an e-book reader device.

An e-book often contains a combination of images, text, and possibly video/animation as well. This type of e-book is called an interactive e-book because it allows the e-book to be more than just static text on a computer screen, but to have moving or interactive content within the e-book.

You can sell an E-book online to several different retailers, such as e-book stores, e-book resellers, and e-book publishers.

How do you create an e-book? A person who creates e-books is called an e-book author or e-book publisher, and the software they use to make their e-books is usually a simple word processor with a couple of extra buttons to help create an e-book. The e-book processor will also have a built-in e-book previewer that allows the e-book author to view how their e-book will look when viewed on the intended e-book reader before distributing it online.

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The e-book maker software usually requires that you know how to write using plain text and download images and video/animation that you will add to your e-book. You then use the e-book maker software to edit all this information and create your e-book.

What e-book formats can an e-book author make? There are a few different e-book formats available that an e-book publisher or bookseller may choose to sell their books in, such as:

1) HTML-A web page format used to publish e-book files online.

2) Portable Document Format-a format used by many e-book readers and e-book stores to sell e-book files online. It is also known as PDF.

3) Word-Word is a software file format that e-book authors can use to save their e-book in word format, then convert it into any other e-book format later.

4) RTF-A file format for publishing e-book files online.

5) E-Pub-The e-book is a new e-book format developed by the International e-book Forum (IETF). With its flexible style sheet definition, it is ideal for multimedia content. Electronic book publications (EPUB) can also be created using the e-book format.

It is possible to create e-books with text, audio, video, or even interactive e-book content, making this e-book format suitable for e-books that we may find in a bookstore. This e-book format should be able to work on any e-book reader device available today.

How can e-book publishers sell e-book files online? There are a few e-book retailers, e-book resellers, and e-book publishers that you can sell your e-book to, but the most common e-book stores will be ebrary and Smashwords.

Other e-book stores include libraries such as Overdrive e-book store, where they have their own e-book maker software that allows you to create e-book files to sell online.

E-book resellers purchase e-books from e-book publishers and retailers such as ebrary, e-book shops, and e-book stores to then resell them at a much lower price, but the e-book publisher will only get paid for the sales of their e-book and not if an e-book reseller sells it.

sell an e-book
15 Best Proven Ideas: How to Make Money Online in 2021 25

#11 Sell Online Courses:

Selling online courses may seem like a good idea. Selling courses online instead of creating them on your own will be able to reduce the cost of production, so that we will save more time and effort. You do not have to spend too much energy on selling courses that other people have already created. Sell courses as long as we can identify a currently active niche or make money quickly.

There are many profitable courses out there, and there is an endless amount of profit by selling online courses. In general, if you know what you are doing and provide your clients with the correct information, This is an excellent way to generate revenue online.

It can be very profitable, especially if you choose the right and most in-demand things people buy daily. Also, it helps you to establish credibility with potential clients and maintain a good reputation in the market. It can be advantageous if you know what to look for and how to make a good selling course.

  1. Making money courses online.
  2. Sell courses about internet marketing techniques.
  3. Sell courses about web design basics.
  4. Sell accounting and finance courses.
  5. Sell psychology courses.
  6. Sell management courses you’ve made yourself or bought from someone else who teaches a script on how to teach people more efficiently to sell something.
  7. Sell marketing courses that teach the art of selling skills.
  8. Sell English courses. If you are a non-native speaker, many people do not know how to speak correctly in English. It would be ideal to sell online courses about it.
  9. Sell your time management courses, sell online courses about managing yourself, and sell online courses about how to sell better.
  10. Sell online courses about creative ideas, sell online courses on how to improve your creativity skills, sell online courses in general, no matter what you’re selling, until you can sell them well.
sell online courses
15 Best Proven Ideas: How to Make Money Online in 2021 26

#12 Make and Sell Printable

Making and selling printable seems to be an excellent business idea online these days because it’s almost effortless. You do not need much understanding of printing to complete this task, nor do you need raw materials for printers. Of course, with the rising computer age today, everyone has a computer – or even a laptop – of their own.

How to make and sell printable items online? Simple, right? Find a lovely design for any printable thing you think can sell well on the internet and print it out. You can sell your prints online or sell them at fiesta fairs. But I suggest only selling one kind of item at first, observing how to sell them and then selling the other items later.

How to Sell Printable Items Online?

To begin with, you will need a solid sales website. It does not have to be anything special; just create a good-looking essential website that will sell your printable items online to your customers. You should also sell your products on online sales networks on eBay or Amazon.

Make sure you sell printable items in high-quality materials because customers will expect top service from such websites.

Sell each of your printable items in unique flavours and just a few batches per flavour; that is what I mean by selling them in high quality only. Make sure that you sell your items only to high-quality buyers.

You may sell your printable items at some local fairs. You can do this if you want to sell them in face-to-face situations or just want to get the feel of what it is like to sell online. But remember: sell your printable items online and sell them at fiesta fairs only. You don’t want to get confused or distracted by having too many sales channels; focus on one, so you can sell your printable items online effectively.

sell printable
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#13 Sell items on eBay or Amazon

To be honest, it’s been a rough year for you, hasn’t it? You’re not alone, with the recession hitting many families hard. That is why it is so important to take every opportunity to make money in any way you can. One way is to sell items on eBay or Amazon and learn how to make money online in 2021.

This article is about how you can sell items and earn money while still getting a good deal.

When you sell items online, there are two markets; sell on eBay or sell on Amazon. We will also focus on selling items online rather than selling new items in retail stores and selling used items.

If you want to sell something online, the first step is to set up an account with a reputable online auction site. But which one, you ask? Well, that’s where many would-be sellers stumble, deciding which site is best. It will depend on the number of factors you are selling and how much it sells to answer this question.

If you are a first-time online seller, many suggest starting with eBay; it has an excellent reputation, reasonable fees, and significant traffic volume. However, Amazon is also a great alternative if you sell higher-value items, as it is free to list, market and sell.

As for fees, eBay charges 15% of the selling price if your item sells, while Amazon only charges 3.5% if you sell an item over $10, which isn’t much at all. So, even though there are no listing fees on Amazon, you will need a higher selling price to cover the extra 3.5%.

However, selling on Amazon has some advantages of its own, too; they have a vast network with more than 200 million users and about twice the number of items for sale. But if you sell an item for over $10, selling it on eBay is the better option.

So which one would be best to sell your items? Well, it all depends on what you sell. If you sell lower value items that sell for less than $10, sell them on Amazon as there is no listing fee. However, if you sell higher value items, sell them on eBay as there will be less than the 15% selling fee. 

So now you know which site to sell items online. Next, we need to decide what we should sell. Well, that is very simple; sell items that sell for more and sell them in high volume.

Selling items on auction websites, such as eBay or Amazon, is straightforward. What makes your items sell? Or how can you ensure that the price is competitive to attract more customers?

Here are some of the best ways to sell items on eBay or Amazon.

#1 – List your items early. A proven fact is that the earlier you list an item for sale, the more likely you are to sell it. More buyers are online during these times, and they have better chances of finding new items if they come at the start of the day than if they arrive at the end of the day. Also, if you list in the morning, some buyers check out items throughout the day and might be interested in purchasing them right then or sometime later that same day. Instead of waiting until late at night when most of your competitors have already closed up shop, get a head start by listing your item early to attract the attention of more potential buyers.

#2 – Price should always be competitive. Remember that many people are going to be selling similar items like yours on eBay or Amazon. So if you price it too high, your item will get lost in the mix, and no one will buy it. So what is a reasonable price to sell an item? Well, if you are selling appliances or game consoles, go for the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) that they are sold for in stores, without including tax. If you’re selling apparel, then just check out what your competitors are selling. If you don’t have any, then go to a few stores and check out the prices of similar products to give you an idea of what price range will be acceptable for that particular item. Of course, if there are no competitors, this information is not applicable.

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In addition to competitive pricing, other ways to make sure that people will buy your item are good quality pictures and great descriptions on eBay or Amazon. This way, potential buyers can see how well the article looks, and they will have an idea of what they are going to get once they buy it. Many people would rather scroll through pages upon pages of items to get a good item rather than having to pay for return shipping and faultless items when they buy something.

#4 – Another way to ensure that your item will sell is by adding as many pictures as possible, showing different product angles. You should take photos in natural light, so there are no shadows or weird reflections on the item itself.

#5 – Showing positive feedback from previous buyers can also help attract more customers. By clicking on your username at the top right corner of eBay or Amazon, you can see all of the comments left by other users who have bought items from you before. If there are any negative ones among them, try explaining what happened and asking them to please update their comments. If you have positive feedback, then keep your communication open and friendly so that they will continue to leave more positive comments in the future!

#6 – Include as much information about the item as possible. Things like colours or dimensions are probably not going to mean anything special to people unless they’re buying an item for a particular reason rather than just because it is aesthetically pleasing or generally great. So instead, include things such as manufacturer’s instructions and warranties. The more information displayed about the product on eBay or Amazon, the better the chances that someone will buy it! So don’t forget to include all of these details!

#7 – If you have a store on eBay or Amazon, ensure that your items are always listed and restocked so that customers know what is available. Once the item has been shipped, it would be helpful to provide people with an estimated delivery date. It will reduce uncertainty in their minds and increase trust that you will follow through with your promises.

#8 – Having excellent customer service skills/Backing up what you say- Whether or not people buy an item from eBay or Amazon largely depends on whether or not they feel like the person who sold them the product cares about what happens after they receive it. So if there are issues with shipping times or refunds, remember that by having good customer service, you can have buyers trust you and even recommend you to their friends

#9 – Having an excellent reputation online- Use your name as an authority figure on eBay or Amazon by giving people tips about products or how often they should purchase certain things. You shouldn’t sell anything to other merchants because it might seem like a pyramid scheme if you don’t do it right, but if there is any information or tips that you could give, then go ahead and try them out! They just better be solid tips too.

#10: Get more eyes on your item. If you want to do this, ask your family members to post pictures of the item on their social networks to share it with more people. It’s also a good idea to send an email to everyone in your inbox, even if you’re not that close with them anymore, because there could always be someone who wants to purchase your item!

#11: Be sure to price your items reasonably high but not too expensive, so that potential buyers will feel that they are getting good value for their money. Also, remember that potential customers would rather buy an item, then save up for something else, and end up buying nothing, so setting the prices right should put them at ease and leave them feeling content.

#12: Think like a buyer, not a seller. Make sure that your listing on eBay or Amazon is detailed enough for the potential customer to understand what they’re purchasing. Don’t just say “like new” or claim that something is in good condition when you have no way of proving it. Be sure to say that you have used it sparsely or something along those lines, because buyers don’t want to buy broken items, so they will be more apt to see things from your point of view and be more forgiving, whereas sellers will tend to be a lot pickier about their items.

sell items on ebay and amazon
15 Best Proven Ideas: How to Make Money Online in 2021 28

#14 Become a Gamer

Many people dream of being a gamer, but the reality is not what they expected when they become gamers. But it does not mean that gamers can’t earn money online and nobody wants gamers nowadays. The game industry is growing every year—anybody who has a passion for gaming can also make a living from playing games. But gamers are not just a business to make money; they are an attractive job with passion and skills.

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When you want to become a gamer, it is not easy. But when you have a passion for gaming, you must prepare some steps depending on your skills or personal goals to help you be a better gamer and know how to make money online in 2021.

4 Steps to Becoming a Pro Gamer:

There are four steps that gamers can follow to be successful in a pro gaming career:

1) Start with Practice

Gamers can start with simple steps and then work their way up to becoming pro gamers. Start with small steps, such as playing the game you are interested in but never overspending money on games that you like most. Because this will help you get better knowledge of the game, you can start steps to becoming a pro gamer.

2) Start with competitive gaming tournaments

If you are new to the gaming world, why don’t you play some games that will let you practice your skills? But also, this kind of game allows gamers to meet many new friends and become competitive with other gamers. You can choose many games, such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II, or League of Legends.

3) Start by training yourself.

Before joining any tournament, the gamer should be better at playing the game he likes most. And this requires practice and training. Gamers can join some small online tournaments to help them start step by step, but if you are not lucky enough to win the match, don’t be disappointed, because this is your chance to learn more about the game you like most.

4) Start with practice in a team.

Becoming a pro gamer does not mean you are always playing alone. There are many steps that gamers can use to become pro gamers, but playing with friends or in teams is an excellent way to boost your skills, and also, this kind of activity enables gamers to learn more about their game and people around the world. Playing online tournaments makes you practice, but it also makes you meet new friends.

How to Earn Online by Playing Games:

  • Play Online Tournaments:

Playing online tournaments with other gamers is an excellent way to earn money online. You can show your skills by competing against other players worldwide and beating them to make a considerable amount of money.

  • Online Streaming:

When you are starting to be a true pro gamer, why don’t you start with online streaming? There are many ways to become a pro gamer, and online streaming can help you get better results in your gaming career. Streaming will let people around the world know about your steps as a professional gamer. You can also earn money through online streaming on Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

  • Open your website or blog:

You can earn money online using several different methods, one of which is by posting your articles on your website or blog. You can find some platforms that allow you to create your own page about becoming a pro gamer. WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular platforms.

become a gamer
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#15 Sign Up For a Rewards Platform

The rewards platform provides you with rewards to offer your audience to acquire their data, purchase products or services, and authenticate them for specific actions.

By using rewards you can learn how to make money online in 2021, you are building loyalty and enhancing sales.  If you run a rewards platform, you can offer rewards either to your customers or to other companies. Your rewards platform will provide rewards in the form of points redeemed for prizes from different partners.

The rewards platforms will give you rewards and offer other companies cashback rewards and loyalty rewards, as well as access to other platforms with a higher rewards rate.

You can offer rewards to the rewards platform in any form, which includes cash rewards, reward point rewards, and reward tokens. The rewards points may either be converted into cash or used for the services of other partners. Your rewards program needs a partner who will provide you with rewards points and access to those rewards points to other rewards platforms.

rewards platforms
15 Best Proven Ideas: How to Make Money Online in 2021 30


It’s a new world out there, and it is possible to earn money in so many ways. Based on your skill set, which method is most appropriate for you? Which way will work best for your time availability? This article lists 15 proven ideas for earning money online. You can find a number of guides on how to find more opportunities online right now. Give one or two of them a try before 2021 comes around-because who knows what changes might happen by then?

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