A Good Website Design Can Make or Break You

Maybe you’re an existing company searching to better your digital presence, or it’s your first time starting a company with a good website design. No matter who you are, what you need is a stellar website that helps you shine among your competitors. Ever wondered what makes a website stand out? From website design all the way to its technical aspects (that will only be briefly mentioned) there are several factors that make a good website.

Design and Structure

What do you notice first when you enter a website? Your eye catches its design and structure first and foremost – the colours, typography, and overall structure of the website. The design of the website should be simple that is not too overwhelming to the eye, looks professional and is easy to follow. Your font choice can also determine how your customer feels as they enter the website.

Certain fonts look modern, others show reliability, other fonts are bold and stylish while some are lighter and more fun. Choosing the font will depend on your own brand and style, in addition to the colour schemes you will use for your website. There should be a contrast to the colours to help the text or pictures stand out from the background because users tend to skim read over the website as they are usually in a rush.

The website should be well structured and easy to navigate and use on mobile phones and different platforms with a quick speed. This means pages in your website should load at a decent speed. If it’s too slow, this can make the user impatient and click away from the website.

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If a website looks clean and professional, this makes the user think your website and information are more trustworthy. Because creating a business for a company takes delicate effort and time, there are several agencies that can help you create a brand website for your company. A digital branding agency may ease your troubles when trying to figure out which designs attract more users and customers.

Let’s Get Technical

Although design is important, SEO is important to increase traffic. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it helps promote your website on Google to a more specific target audience that the website is created for. This is also where promoting your company and business comes in handy as well. Tracking is also important for analytics of your website, so you know which areas to improve in and continue to develop your website.

Other points to think about is including a contact form so users entering the website will be able to contact you directly through email or phone numbers. Search bars are also useful which gives the user a way to directly search what they want making it easier to find content. Additionally, your content must be original and fresh to cater to your target user’s needs.

A strong and well-designed and good website can attract more users and help boost your company, but it’s important to note that you must always be aware and track your website to keep improving as time goes on.

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