Discover Use of Robots in Modern Day Businesses and Industries

Each day we take a step closer to a more advanced and well-developed society thanks to the help of great inventions and innovations such as the robots. Use of robots were mere figments of our imaginations when they were introduced in the 60s or 70s as characters in a movie, and even we were made to be scared by it because it was said to take over the world, but such things are just mere figments of our imaginations.

Robots were made and developed to aid men in our search for a more efficient and organized work dynamics. Thus, fast forward into the present, here we are utilizing robots in our industries.

Remote Doctor

Many high-level hospitals use remotely controlled robotic equipment during some major operations conducted. Although it might seem risky but for the patient’s wellbeing but this actually has been done many times over and is considered a successful method, this is also done only in cases that a doctor cannot be personally present during an operation.

This procedure also needs stable internet connection as the whole operation depends on the accuracy of the robotic equipment inside the operating room.


For the most part many would have said that the whole telecommunications business has reached its peak with the utility and advent of high-definition streaming and unlimited calls from phone to phone using apps. But it actually has not, because in contemporary fields the rise of video conference robot has taken the market by storm.

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Although it is a bit pricey but then again, all new technologies are really on high-cost spectrum. With these bots, one can actually make a conference where all members will be represented by a proxy bot with full control on movements, audio, and even video functions. Many workplaces have become emptied as a part of a work from home scheme, and this is what they want to replace people in the new normal.

Space Travel

Needless to say, one of the agencies that really utilized the use of robots is the space and aeronautics agencies. One of the most notable examples of such is the curiosity rover of NASA which landed on planet Mars, and while they are at it the remotely controlled robot sends pictures, videos, and even raw data specimens back to earth.

They even predicted that someday soon enough the whole space travel will be made available through remote controlled ships that can travel intergalactic distances, but that is a thing for the near future.

Automobile Industry

Tesla, a very well-known car company recently made a commercially available self-driving car. As this is considered a machine, it is one of the biggest milestones both in robotics and automobile industry. The self-driving car works on an algorithm where a target location is set and also an AI program which analyses the traffic and data on the road which enables the car to dive itself, taking cues from its surroundings such as traffic lights and traffic volume.

Although they may be efficient and more accurate than human beings, but be not afraid because use of robots can never take away the jobs and careers of man.

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