5 Ways to Hunt the Most Appropriate Editor for Your Book

Hiring a novel editor service to polish a manuscript is pretty standard these days. This is because they have the potential and a competent team of editors and proofreaders with tons of experience to get you the product beyond your imagination. So, do you have a manuscript too seeking to be reviewed by a professional pair of eyes? You need the assistance of a professional novel editor for your book service.

But how to hunt the best one? We will discuss how to help you discover the best novel editor service to polish your manuscript with their expertise in a way you desire.

If a comparison is made, writing an e-book or self-publishing is relatively easier. It is an intelligent way to build your career, grow your business, help other people and make money from writing. But once you have completed writing your book, there is always a step remaining in the process. But what? It is the editing part, and the majority of writers fear this process. So what do you think you should do in this case? Edit yourself, hire an independent editor, or collaborate with a novel editor service? The choice is yours!

So, finding an editor isn’t difficult but not as simple as you think. You must find the one suitable with your context to get desirable results.

However, by hunting down the most appropriate editor who is affordable and competent, you will end up with a polished book free from errors. It will eliminate the roadblocks preventing you from publishing editor for your book and offering your readers a sense of value.

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You Need to Understand the Editing Process

The editing process not just includes editing; it demands a price that you need to pay an editor for many different factors. You might need your editor to proofread and correct the typos and errors from your book, or you may want to collaborate with an editor or a novel editor service to mend your overall book. So getting familiar with the types of editing options will let you choose an appropriate editor for your book or a novel editor service. Usually, book editing services include:

Line Editing

Line editing features stylistic editing that formats and refines each line for smooth, streamlined, and clear text.

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing features the examination of the structure of a book. This is an extensive type of editing which demands time but significantly polishes a book.

Copy Editing

Copy editing features the correction concerning word usage, grammar, and punctuation while verifying the consistency of facts.


Proofreading is the ultimate stage of the editing process to check and correct repeated words, typos, formatting, and spacing consistency.

These terminologies might be different in the case of your editor. So, you should always clarify with editors about their offerings. However, if you are unsure about the services you need, look for an editor’s free consultation, as many offer to their prospects.

Test The Potential of Your Editor

Requesting a sample edit from an editor is a helpful way to evaluate the potential of an editor. You can simply ask for a sample edit by sending them a page of your book. You can then evaluate their skills regarding capturing errors, improvising words, and enhancing your voice. But that is not the only way to gauge your editor’s skills. You can also send them an editing quiz to which you already have an answer key.

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After conducting the quiz, you can select the one with a greater score and has the best grip on grammatical rules. This will make you sure about the editor and his effectiveness. The core point here is that you don’t need to hire an editor without being familiar with the skills he got to do the job right.

Discover an Editor Specialized in Your Niche

Regardless of you being a newbie or an experienced writer, it is not a secret that most writers usually specialize in a specific niche. But why? Because specializing in one particular niche helps you be an expert in that area, ask useful questions, develop quality content, and know about the sources and your research methodologies. A professional editor is usually specialized in one niche or a few related niches for some reason.

So, suppose you are planning to trust someone to edit your book precisely for developmental editing. In that case, you need to ensure that the editor for your book are hiring should be experienced in your niche.

Let The Editors Discover the Fine Print

Attention to detail is an essential skill for editors. So how to shortlist editors who might not have the potential to capture grammatical issues, typo errors, formatting issues, styles, and several others? All you need to do is simply post a job for an editor and shortlist the applicants that aren’t detail-oriented by including some fine print in your ad’s description and screen them out from your recommendations.

For instance, if you post an ad to find an editor, include a random requirement in the midway of your description and observe those who notice and inquire about it. They are the ones you need to choose from.

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Seek Out References & Referrals

Asking out people in your network for referrals can help you find a good book editor. It ensures that if someone is referring an editor, they would have a proven and satisfactory work record. However, if this strategy doesn’t work, you can seek potential editors and ask them for references from their satisfied clients.

Reach out to an editor to seek references. You should ask about the project they collaborated to work in, anything that made them unhappy, the effectiveness of an editor regarding delivery deadlines, its costing, and whether you would hire an editor again or not. Likewise, a novel editor service is also a good option as they feature a competent team of professionals having the potential of polishing your script to the extraordinary. However, not every single editor would have references, but many of them would have.             

Final Thoughts

After following these ways for finding a perfect editor for your book , you might have observed that an editor or a novel editor service with experience and incredible reviews also charges a greater price for their services. However, if you don’t have tons of cash to pay an experienced editor, you can consider giving a chance to a newbie, but with some evaluation, of course.

If an editor you shortlist passes all the tests you have conducted, even a newbie, you should give them a try. This strategy could save you hundreds of dollars and aid you in finding a skillful editor for your book who is affordable and competent. It will be an excellent investment for yourself and your writing business.

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