What EMI Shielding Is and How It Affects Our Daily Lives

EMI shielding is one of the most critical components of any electronic device or equipment. But what is EMI shielding, and how does it affect our daily lives? We explain that and more here.

What Is EMI?

Before we can get into the particulars of EMI shielding and its effects, we must first understand EMI. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an external signal that disrupts an electrical flow or circuit, known as radio frequency interference.

EMI can affect any electronic device or equipment with a circuit, from advanced military technology to cell phones. While there are natural sources of EMI, the most common sources are human-made electronics.

What Is EMI Shielding, and Why Is It Important?

EMI can disrupt practically any electronic device or equipment, so naturally, EMI shielding is important to prevent this interference from affecting our daily lives. In our modern world, electronic devices and equipment are ubiquitous.

We can’t have EMI disrupting every facet of our lives, so EMI shielding prevents these disturbances. Using flexible materials and methods like coatings, gaskets, metal screens, and foams, manufacturers can protect sensitive electronic circuits in equipment.

Examples of EMI Shielding in Real Life

While you may not know it, EMI shielding affects our daily lives in many ways. You can see the effects of EMI shielding in telecommunications and medical equipment.


Everyone understands how crucial cell phones are to our modern way of life, but for cell phones to be so effective, they require EMI shielding. EMI shielding protects cell phones by using metalized coatings and gaskets on critical components, preventing internal EMI from disrupting other devices.

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Without quality EMI shielding, your cell phone wouldn’t be capable of making consistent, quality connections for calls and texts.

Medical Equipment

Another industry where EMI shielding is critical is health care. Anyone who has been to a modern hospital understands how critical electronic equipment and devices are to providing high-quality health care to patients.

With so many pieces of high-tech equipment in one place, EMI has ample opportunities to disrupt electrical circuits and devices and wreak havoc. EMI shielding is necessary for all medical equipment to ensure that EMI doesn’t disrupt integral medical equipment function and potentially endanger lives.