Top 7 Web3 Development Companies in 2022

Web3, which is still a work in progress, gained popularity in 2021 and is still a hot topic this year. As NFTs, DeFi, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain-based applications gain popularity, more and more brands, businesses, and people are stepping into the Web3 space. What are some of the leading Web3 development companies driving the Web3 revolution?

This manual will review the fundamentals of Web3 and Web3 businesses. We’ll also go over the top Web3 companies you should be aware of this year and the benefits of working in this industry.

Top 7 Web3 Development Firms Selected Using a Variety of Criteria

Before we list them out, we’d like to share with you the criteria we used to choose the top Web3 development companies below:

  • Time in the industry
  • Client reviews and testimonials 
  • Team Size
  • Productivity and product quality 
  • Flexibility
  • The price of the services
  • The number of delivered blockchain products and the technology stack they employ
  • References from the media and other businesses
  • Understanding of business and market development expertise. Various industries that the company has worked with

Various industries that the company has worked with Top USA-based Metaverse Development Companies


The idea for the Web3 consulting company, Vayner3, came from Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, a businessman, and NFT supporter. Vayner3 works with partners on all facets of the Web3 industry, including DAOs and virtual worlds. Additionally, it aims to support multinational corporations and intellectual property owners on their Web3 transition. Gary Vee recently changed the company’s name from VaynerNFT, which it had previously known, to Vayner3.

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The web3 development company Netsmartz was founded in 1999, and Fortune 500 clients, medium-sized businesses, and startups rely on it for their digital transformation. For a good user experience and performance, Netsmartz provides high-quality web3 app development services. They create blockchain and web3 solutions that are dependable across all platforms and browsers.

A pool of 1,000+ validated and certified developers, including those with 40+ skill sets such as Node.js, Python, Testing/QA, Ruby, React, Java, etc., is available at Netsmartz.

HData Systems

HData Systems provides a top-notch interface through which users can access the Metaverse. The developers at HData Systems create user-friendly marketplaces, social media platforms, applications, games, and decentralized platforms with blockchain-specific features like automation, privacy, transparency, and user sovereignty.


Wipro has been assisting its clients in realizing the enormous potential for growth in the digital sphere by helping them develop and design their Metaverse platform, which may add value to their business. Wipro helps clients in every sector achieve their objectives by offering Metaverse development services.


Although TCS has a long history in IT, it has only recently diversified into blockchain-based services. It is among India’s most well-known IT companies and the most valuable IT services brands worldwide. They put a lot of effort into providing potential employees who join the company through online platforms with work experience.

The company sells mobile applications. The Internet of Things, Metaverse, Cloud Solutions, Blockchain, Enterprise Apps, Automation, and AI are just a few additional services it provides. With 149 locations spread across 46 countries, it started operations in 1968.

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We’re done now!

I hope you noticed the top 7 web3 development companies on the list. Choose the best option based on your company’s needs and technological requirements. Analyze the company’s policies, product delivery, and communication style.