Beyond Bugs: Unravelling the Business Impact of Software Quality and QA Testing

Software plays a pivotal; be it for personal use or business. It can define the success and growth of a company. Software development or a company’s software improves the efficiency in communication and operations delivering a smooth and seamless user experience. This quality in efficiency directly impacts the performance of your business.

So how can you ensure the quality?

Here comes the savior, Quality Assurance. The software quality and QA testing steps are a pivotal process that determines the seamlessness of your custom software development.

How does QA testing ensure efficiency and why do you need it? That is what the blog is all about. Let’s check why implementing QA testing is a good practice.

Your Software Determines Your Brand Identity

You can’t replace software solutions. The quicker you agree the better it is for your company. And it does not affect in which industry you are in, software solutions are inevitable. Whether it is internal communications or client engagement, software is the catalyst for success.

But when that software is affected by bugs, you can lose it all. You will see several red flags: performance issues, security issues, etc. It directly affects your brand identity and hinders productivity. Hence, investment in quality assurance makes sense.

Improve Your Software with Quality Assurance

Investment in quality assurance these days is a ‘no-to-saying-no’ step. When you have software, you must focus on software flaws and business risk reduction. With impactful software that has run QA tests successfully identifying every error gives you a smooth user experience. Developers should run comprehensive testing so that you can make sure that your brand software is reliable enough. Comprehensive testing includes:

  • Functional testing,
  • Performance testing,
  • Security testing.
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It not only improves the quality, but it also cuts down future expenses as well. You might wonder, how can help with expenses? Well, it prevents costly issues that could hamper the software’s (and business) reputation. Let me focus on the expense part a bit for you to understand the potential better.

QA Testing: An Essential Step to Avoid Liability

Imagine your software is the key to your business. You sell your products, you connect with your buyers, and the software does everything. Now if a defect leads to software malfunction and uncertain consequences it can directly cause financial or even legal issues.

Legal terms keep changing. If the software is not tested or updated on time, it might fail to meet the required regulations. Or it can be related to data security as well. You may have to face legal action and severe financial penalties (one of the recent cases would be Facebook’s data breach). Safeguard your brand from these risks by implementing QA testing.

Is that all or there is even more to quality assurance? Here are some examples of how QA testing enriches the software.

Impact of Software Quality with QA testing

The market has become utterly competitive. Normal software will stand no chance in front of superior software. By focusing on software development services which includes QA testing, your software can gain a competitive age too. What else QA can improve? Let’s understand.

QA Helps to Improve Customer Satisfaction

If you are planning for long-term business goals, you have to take special care of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Poor quality software can make a customer feel frustrated and they can never come back to use your software again.

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But if you can give them a great and effortless experience, they will be loyal to your brand. Why don’t you step into their shoes and imagine for a bit? You have downloaded two applications that offer the same products.

One has many technical glitches, and one gives a smooth experience, which one would be loyal to?

This seamlessness is achieved by quality assurance. They check every functional gap, usability issue, and any other bugs that can hamper the customer experience.

QA is Pivotal in The Modern World

Choosing quality assurance in software development is no longer considered a luxury. It is a part of the software development process, and it is well needed too. QA is the only process how you can ensure to safeguard your business against potential hazards (which ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction). So, if you want to envision yourself as a trusted business, you have to focus on QA testing.

Let me give you a scenario where your software is not tested and delivers poor quality. What will happen then?

By now you know, the quality of your software directly attracts or repels customers. When the overall performance of the software does not exhibit efficiency, security, or expected user experience it will damage your brand reputation and you will eventually lose customer loyalty too.

So what if there is no customer loyalty?

What does that mean to your business? Financial consequences! You will have to invest in a costly rework to rectify the damage. Liabilities can also lead to customer refunds and finally, they can crash your business overall – a sunken ship rather than a great sail.

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How to Make QA Testing Effective?

After you are done with the research and hire an expert software developer development company that is best for your software development needs, here are a few steps you can follow to make the QA testing effective.

Plan and Strategize

Before launching (or re-launching) the software you should craft a plan. The plan should have the main objectives of the test, the scope, and deadlines. If the strategy is goal-oriented and clear, the test will run effectively.

The Design Test Case

In case you don’t know, the test case covers the functionalities of the software. With an ensured and thorough design test case you can effortlessly check the defects.

Continuous Testing and Deployment

You have to understand, that continuous quality testing is part of the software development lifestyle. To get the best out of the software you need to enable frequent software releases. Early bug detection is only possible through continuous testing.


If you want to thrive in this technology-driven world, you have to rely on quality assurance and continuous testing. If you keep QA testing as your priority you can enhance your software quality and exceptional user experience. User experience can make or break your company. With a continuous time investment in quality assurance, you can get an effective user experience.