The Top 9 Reasons Why Python Development is So Popular

When the term programming language comes up, some of the most common options include JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and Python. The latter has become increasingly popular in recent years, with one study reporting that its popularity has increased by more than 50 percent over the past two years alone. In case, you were wondering why this might be, consider these top five reasons why Python development is so popular now.

Python development has been climbing in popularity in recent years, both as a web application language and as an easy-to-learn programming language.

What is the appeal? Here are five reasons why Python development is so popular among developers today. Hire Python Developer for your Next Project.

  1. Job Opportunities

Every year, there are millions of openings for software developers in nearly every country around the world. The most sought-after positions are for specialists with expertise in big data and cloud computing but the roles for developers who specialize in mobile technologies such as Android are also experiencing a significant uptick.

Additionally, jobs for software engineers who possess digital skills as well as an interest in user experience (UX) design and usability also continue to increase. Whether you are looking to make a career change or branch out into new areas of coding, Python development will get you where you want to go—as long as you prepare yourself accordingly!

  1. Simplicity

Many developers who start on Python are surprised at how easy it is to learn and use. It’s based on a simple syntax and uses a consistent indentation pattern that allows you to write programs quickly. If you want to create an app or software, there’s a high chance that your programming language will be one of them, as they have simplified modern-day programming.

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This means that you can build things faster than ever before using less code, which leads me to my next point…

  1. Community

When you’re new to something—like coding, for example—and trying to figure out where you should start, it can be challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of communities (both virtual and in-person) that will help you get started.

For instance, not only does TechRepublic offer free courses on different programming languages; Reddit has several developer subreddits (where developers from around the world share tips and tricks) that can be an excellent resource when starting with a new language.

Being part of a community can help answer any questions you might have and motivate you to get started with your learning. After all, what’s better than learning alongside others who have taken their first steps?

  1. Versatility

One of Python’s strongest features is its versatility. Because of its clean and simple syntax, code written in Python can run across a variety of different platforms. You can use it on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, or even Android to write programs for web services, data mining, or system administration purposes.

In addition to that, there are also multiple third-party libraries and frameworks available online to help you build your apps faster and more efficiently. Many new coders have chosen Python as their language of choice because they don’t have time or budget constraints like bigger businesses do – they just want something that works!

  1. Respect

If you are a developer, you know that language choice is important. A developer wants to build in an environment they respect and enjoy; few people want to code if they do not feel their toolset respects them.

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The thing about Python is that it is easy to use and easy to learn, making it a top language among developers. It has simple syntax, is not particularly resource-intensive, and can be easily integrated into other languages.

  1. Accessibility

Python is free, open-source, and easily accessible. It means that Python development does not require you to spend exorbitant amounts of money or time on development tools.

For independent coders—or individuals in less economically-privileged parts of the world—this accessibility makes Python an attractive option. The benefits of a powerful scripting language without its associated costs!

  1. Ease of Learning

One of Python’s biggest advantages is its ease of learning. Compared to many programming languages, it takes less time for someone new to programming to grasp what it takes to write code in Python, which means they can get started developing applications much faster.

Plus, there are so many tutorials and resources available that coders won’t have any trouble finding help when they need it. It makes Python a great option for beginners as well as experienced developers looking for a change from other languages or if you want to start doing data science or machine learning.

  1. Community Support

It is no secret that Python has one of, if not the largest and most helpful developer community, and contributors to Python include Apple, Google, Dropbox, NASA, and more! 

There are several well-established conferences held annually by companies such as Red Hat, Google, and more. The open-source nature of Python is also a big reason why it is so popular. If you can think it up chances are someone else has probably already built it for you!

Need help? You will be able to find an answer quickly within Stack Overflow—the world’s largest online programming help community—where developers from around the world help each other. Check out these Stack Overflow statistics to see just how big it is!

  1. Great For Rapid Application Development
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Python development offers multiple advantages, including rapid application development and lower costs. The vast library of open source applications and Python portability make it a perfect tool for low-cost projects.

Because of its versatility and free use (aside from commercial purposes), many businesses find they can save time by using Python development over other platforms such as Java or .NET. Because of Python’s clear and logical syntax, developers can create highly complex programs with just a few lines of code.

With many tools available to help novice developers, you do not need years of experience to get started! Once you learn how to develop with Python, you can learn how to build a software testing team quickly without having to spend a lot of money upfront.


Many factors make python development a popular language. As you have seen in my top five list, there are many things to consider when choosing an appropriate language for development. Hope after reading my post, you will think of some factors that were not on my list and understand why python development has become so popular.

Now that you know why people choose python development and be sure to keep these points in mind when working with your projects. In a situation, where budgets are tight or timeframes are short, it is important to know what will work best for your project and your team.

Remembering these considerations can help you decide whether python development would be appropriate for your needs.

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