Get Started on Novuszilla to Buy and Sell Your Cryptocurrency

Get started with effortless cryptocurrency, which connects you with metaverse. We have heard the word ‘metaverse’ a lot lately.

Yeah, you heard it all right- metaverse is the new future. Something we could think of in our dreams, a completely virtual world. It will make you visit any place virtually just while sitting at home. Novus coin integrates you with such a place.

Let’s know how to get your hands over these exclusive Novuzilla coins.

  1. Search the website ‘
  1. The website will open up; you’ll see the icon of three lines on the top right corner.
  1. Press that icon, you’ll get few options click the topmost option that is buy novus coins.
  1. A page would appear where you have to log in but click on ‘Get your account’ highlighted in red below login if you are not registered yet.
  1. Enter your details, e.g. name, email, phone number.
PHOTO-2022-03-28-15-40-42 (1)
  1. Enter the OTP.
  1. Get your KYC done by attaching your identity documents and bank details.
PHOTO-2022-03-28-15-40-44 (1)
  1. You may answer the security questions now.
  1. Now google authentication appears, you have the option to skip it.
  2. Metamask page shows up, and you have the opportunity to miss this.
  1. You’ve successfully registered, and you can continue the process of buying coins.
PHOTO-2022-03-28-15-39-31 (1)
  1. Go to ‘buy Novus coins’
  1. Click on deposits and add funds to the given bank account to make your purchase successful.
  2. You may add the required fund to your wallet by transferring it to the given bank account through any payment mode. After the transfer is complete, you should upload a screenshot of the payment for it to get verified, and you’ll successfully be able to see the funds in your wallet.
  3. After receiving the funds in the novuszilla wallet, you may buy the coins with those funds.

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