Linear TV and OTT: Why Should You Divert Your Attention Towards Them in 2022?

Linear TV has and is still the most demanded platform to watch entertainment. 

The reason why Linear TV has grown in demand over the years is because of the convenience it brings to stream new forms of entertainment. 

But does Linear TV cater to the needs and demand of the current fast paced environment we live in?

Just like how technology progresses to upgrade our normal routine, with entertainment, linear TV and OTT services providing that upgrade. 

Today, to watch any on demand content, OTT platform offer this instant access. One can stream any linear OTT video content with great ease. 

Did you also know that brands who wish to earn from ads can benefit from linear ott services?

Ads when compared to linear tv cannot be measured well, thus the upgrade of the former has declined the issue by bringing the former under the right spotlight. 

So is Linear TV the future or has it reached its end?

This blog covers all the essential information you need. 

Linear TV vs. OTT Platform

Let’s understand the two terms one by one.


Linear TV is a traditional form of viewing entertainment. The connection is made via satellites or cables. Viewers can watch any content as per the scheduled time. Linear TV was quite the hype because it was the only form of entertainment that anyone watched for decades long. 

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This was until OTT platform came into the picture. 

OTT platforms are catering to the rapid interest change of viewers. With OTT platforms, viewers can stream any content, anytime and they have an unlimited library to explore. 

Payment Options

With Linear TV, you have a subscription service where you pay the cable operators a fee for the time periods. With OTT platforms, a subscription service is available but there are also other payment options such as pay per view, premium payments, etc. This applies to different kinds of content available for users either from video content players or online businesses. 

Limited Viewing Timings

With Linear TV, you do have a range of entertainment content to access but when due to the scheduled times stated, it becomes difficult for viewers to stream content as and when they like it. With OTT platforms, this isn’t an issue, you can stream content, anytime and anywhere as there are pre recorded sessions or content that can be accessed later. 


Linear TV doesn’t exhibit the recommendation tab. With OTT platforms, you have an option to view recommendations and watch content as per viewing habits. This creates a better viewing experience which is preferred by all. 

Ads Analytics

With Linear TV, ads can be exhibited, but when it comes to analyzing those ad performances, it becomes difficult. But with OTT platforms, this issue is eliminated. There are multiple OTT platform providers that offer a range of analytic options for you to measure the ad performances better.  

5 Reasons that Prove the Longer Stay of Linear TV

  1. Linear TV is Still Accepted
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Linear TV isn’t a trend that is soon to fade. As per Nielsen record, ‘’TV viewing among adults ages 18 and older dropped 5% in Q4 2020 compared to 2018. However, it was up from 2019.’’As stated earlier, it has been a source of entertainment for everyone for a long time. Thus switching immediately to an OTT platform and depending on the former might take some more time. 

  1. Under Confident about other TV Streaming Choices

Linear TV has always been the source which is why viewers are confident upon its accessibility. Now that there are options available such as linear OTT services, the number of viewers who would confidently try or make the switch is less. Since there are multiple options available, it becomes difficult for viewers to make the right choice which can offer them great entertainment options. 

  1. Listening to Viewers Needs

Your consumers will define your OTT platform revenue. At the moment, your consumers will prefer Linear TV when compared to the OTT solutions available. An online source revealed, ‘’linear TV still accounts for the greatest percentage of time spent consuming video. Compared to streaming and other types of video content, linear TV still reigns supreme among adult viewers. ‘Thus it is important for business owners to respect and value the current needs and requirements of consumers, which in this case is Linear TV. 

  1. Conduct Live TV Actions

When it comes to vote or conduct any such related actions, Linear TV will be the first preference always. This is one of the strongest factors of Linear TV. 

  1. Planning Linear and OTT Strategies 
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But despite the demand in Linear TV, the former can be blended with OTT. OTT linear streaming can exhibit your consumers the benefit of its existence. If you have set out a great plan of how Linear TV and OTT work together, this process can be a hit amongst your target audience. 

A Futuristic View of Linear TV

So is Linear TV here to stay?

Linear TV will stay because we are aware that it is still in demand. However, you can still retain this demand by blending in the touch of OTT solutions. Cloud TV is one such example. An online source revealed, ‘’The Cloud TV market was valued at 1.96 billion USD in 2020 and is estimated to reach 3.31 billion USD by 2026.’’

Cloud TV lets you access television content while you’re on the go. With the use of internet connections, you can view the content that is available on the cloud anytime. This restores the Linear TV touch and still provides better entertainment value. 


In today’s fast paced environment, linear TV requires a quick upgrade to benefit the viewership rate. 

If you’re looking to gain profits from the use of linear and OTT strategy, it’s time to build your very own OTT platform. 

There are many OTT platform providers available for you to get started. From customization to complete ownership, what they offer can well help to enhance your platform better. 

So tell us, when do you plan to get started?

What are your views on this topic?

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