How to Download YouTube Videos with Extensions

If you’ve ever wished to download a video from YouTube, this is the place to do so. Below are 5 Chrome addons for download YouTube videos with extensions. Although the YouTube app enables users to save videos for offline watching, it’s not like all videos are available.

Furthermore, the video remains within the YouTube application, which means it cannot be shared or played elsewhere. However, if you want to download YouTube videos, various browser extensions might help. We’ll go through a couple of them now.

Download YouTube Videos to Watch Later

Below mention Chrome extensions allow you to download YouTube videos. Users may store videos for reference in the future or offline watching with these add-ons.

Therefore, whether you’re going on a trip & want to view videos without using up your mobile connection, you may download YouTube videos or complete playlists.

1. Internet Download Manager

IDM or Internet Download Manager is a popular extension for downloading media other than movies. Although you may get the IDM extension first from Chrome Web Store, however, it will only function if you have the IDM program installed on the machine. As a result, you’ll need to download both the program and the extension. Now restart the browser when you’ve completed both steps.

To download YouTube videos, access the video on YouTube. In the upper right corner of a video player, you’ll see a Download This Video option with the IDM logo. Select the file type & video resolution by clicking on it.

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Following that, IDM will display a dialogue box asking users to select a folder to save the video & description (optional).

2. Addoncrop YouTube Videos Downloader

Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader is a powerful browser extension for downloading YouTube videos. Users must first install CrossPilot, an extension that allows you to add Opera add-ons to Chrome.

Now after installing this extension, users you’ll notice a Download button next to the Like option on every YouTube video. Users may get it by hitting the Download button.

Click the More icon to alter the resolution or format. You’ll be able to view the movie sizes for various resolutions as well as download choices. Then, utilizing the Save Video As an option, right-click & save it.

By selecting Options, users can modify the settings of such a plugin. You may select which formats to show for download if to add DASH format items, & whether to provide the choice to download HD videos after this page.

The extension also includes a download manager which displays all of the movies and music files you’ve downloaded. However, To modify the download folder, toggle the Show Save As dialogue box on and off.

Aside from downloading movies, Addoncrop’s plugin has numerous other handy capabilities. By clicking just on the Camera icon, users may capture a screenshot of a video. You may also choose to disable YouTube comments.

However, If you’re playing music, podcasts, etc. then you may disable the video by selecting Audio mode. The ability to search YouTube while viewing a video is maybe the most useful feature. Your search results are displayed in the Related Videos tab.

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3. Local YouTube Downloader

Local YouTube Downloader is a utility that’s doing exactly just what claims it does: it allows you to download YouTube videos to any device locally. The extension, unfortunately, is not available through the Chrome Web Store and must be installed using Tampermonkey.

Tampermonkey is indeed a popular user script manager that’s also accessible for all major browsers, especially Chrome & Edge. Users may obtain user scripts to download YouTube videos from this user script manager.

You only need to view any YouTube video you wish to download after downloading Tampermonkey & Local YouTube Downloader. For downloading the video immediately, click on Download High-Resolution MP4 to the right of the video player.

4. YouTube By Click

YouTube by Clicks is a standalone application, not a browser extension. However, it functions similarly to any other extension, enabling you to download the videos directly from the YouTube website. YouTube By Click may be downloaded from its site.

After installing this utility, whenever you view a YouTube video, it will automatically recognize the video & display a little popup on the bottom edge. You may download the video in MP3 or MP4 format from this page.

You may modify the folder of downloaded videos, your default format, & the video quality by accessing the program. By default, it’ll only recognize videos played in Chrome. Users may, however, enable the option for those other browsers.

5. Easy YouTube Videos Downloader

Another Opera add-on that you may add to Chrome using the CrossPilot plugin is Easy YouTube Video Downloader. It’s indeed, as the name implies, a straightforward YouTube video downloader with no frills.

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Access any YouTube video once you have installed the add-on. A green Download as a button will appear. Click on it to bring up a drop-down option. You’ll be able to view the formats & resolutions that are available, as well as their sizes.

When you select your desired format, a dialogue box will appear asking you to select a folder to download the movie to & a name for the video.


In his blog, we discussed the YouTube MP3 downloader chrome extension that helps users to download YouTube videos in no time. As mentioned extensions are widely used and liked by users. Try these extensions and let us know your views in the comment section below.