Digital Marketing Vs Internet Marketing – The Difference!

Intro Digital marketing Vs Internet marketing.

The Content marketing and SEO marketing. Very often, these terms are used interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing? Figuring out what all these marketing strategies mean and how they fit together can be confusing. And once you figure out the difference to decide which marketing to use when to reach your business goals can again be a giant task.

The terms digital marketing vs internet marketing though may appear similar, but their role and functionalities are different from each other, keep reading to learn the difference between Internet marketing and digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

The term ‘digital marketing’ is a broad description of a process of creating a brand digitally and promoting products and services. It has become one of the most effective ways to reach customers. With an increase in the number of online and mobile users, it’s important to be online.

Social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, website marketing, SEO all fall under this broad category. In addition to Website marketing, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, pay-per-click campaigns, Web TV, SMS, billboards, and anything else with a digital foundation constitute digital marketing. Online channels allow remote, but authentic, interactions that build loyalty. Common channels for digital marketing include:

  • Business websites and blogs
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email subscriber lists
  • Social media sites
  • Business networking sites
  • Online testimonials and review sites
  • Video-sharing sites
  • Press release distributors
  • Paid internet advertising
  • Apps and online tools
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An important part of digital marketing is internet marketing, also known as online marketing. This includes strategies you use to market yourself online. The Internet Marketing is one of the most significant parts of digital marketing since most of the activities fall under this category. 

Digital Marketing Vs. Internet Marketing

Now that you understand both digital marketing vs internet marketing, the bigger question is what is the difference between the two? If both the marketing techniques are used online, then why use so many different words to describe them? Internet marketing aims to establish a presence on the web and turn the resulting traffic into sales.

Ever since the online concept got developed the marketing activities involved: 

  • Creating websites
  • Buying pay-per-click-ads
  • Setting up web storefronts
  • Using keyword groups to capture search engine traffic

Online marketing has grown beyond imagination and it involves many activities that do not include the internet, search engines, paid ads, social media, or websites. Today, people use several devices to get online and interact with content for Digital Marketing Vs Internet Marketing. You can affect customers’ offline purchasing decisions by reaching out to them via online platforms they often use.

Consider how much you interact with brands online. Customers form positive opinions about products or services from reading blogs. Viewers are prompted to make decisions in interactive video advertising. Customers can get coupons for local stores directly from their smartphones.  In digital marketing, internet marketing is a big subcategory. Digital marketing, on the other hand, includes a wide range of online and offline approaches that promote digital interaction.

How do content marketing and SEO influence digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the broad approach that involves all the other marketing tactics like content, SEO, Internet, and they all have key roles to play in digital marketing. Combining these strategies is the best way to optimize and ensure a growth plan for business.

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While SEO is the process to optimize your website and content to improve search engine ranking. There is massive competition on the Internet with websites and blogs fighting for attention. Targeting niche keywords your customers search for can reduce your online competition. 

Content marketing involves creating your business assets. Such as blogs, videos, photos, guides all these pieces of content, build awareness for your brand. Creating content encourages customers to trust your brand and helps in driving traffic to your site.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has benefits attached to it without a doubt, online communities and platforms are getting more interconnected every day. Digital marketing helps businesses of all sizes connect to a wider audience spread across the globe. Let us check some of the benefits of digital marketing when growing your business below-

Range of influence | Businesses can connect with people around the globe easily. So, a bigger customer base promises a bigger revenue potential. Business owners with their content and marketing tactics can build authority online and when you know more and have the power you can easily educate and influence customers.

Precise targeting | Having the right tools can help you track the customer’s movement online. With a wealth of data about your customers, you can refine your marketing messages to serve their needs.

Low-cost campaigns | Digital marketing tactics are time-consuming, but low cost. Take for example social media, you can engage with a global audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads via multiple social channels easily. Smaller businesses often have more one-on-one interaction with clients. That leads to loyal relationships and word of mouth marketing.

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Instant feedback | With digital marketing, you can get timely feedback from multiple channels. Online surveys, emails, forums, social media comments, and reviews all speed up communications.

Faster implementation | As compared to traditional marketing digital channels shorten the time it takes to develop successful campaigns. Digital channels let you create campaigns more frequently to keep customers engaged. Because the cost is generally low, you can test many small campaigns to find the right approach.


The most crucial aspect of digital marketing is its adaptability. To be competitive, you don’t have to do exactly what your competitors are doing. Concentrate on locating your customers online and connecting with them at key touchpoints. If all your customers are on LinkedIn and Twitter, there’s no point in wasting time on Facebook. Keep track of your online marketing activities to improve your strategies.

Digital patterns change at a rapid pace. Businesses must adapt and represent consumers in ways that are meaningful to them. Setting the brand apart is also a part of Digital Marketing Vs Internet Marketing. If you can see unfilled niches, don’t be afraid to experiment with online approaches that your rivals aren’t.

Businesses that are attempting to transform their digital marketing presence and strategies of Digital Marketing Vs Internet Marketing require the assistance of an expert to help them build a strong presence. Contact Shergroupies who can assist you in establishing a strong footing for yourself in the digital world, so you have more “eyeballs” on your product and/or service. To schedule a meeting with one of our Business Experts, please contact us at We will identify the best resource or team for your company and work out all the details of how you want this to work.

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