Best IT Consulting Companies in Calgary – 2023

An IT consulting firm offers recommendations on how to use technology to assist organizations in performing better. An IT consultant should comprehend the client’s business requirements and goals before making suggestions regarding the most effective use of technology to accomplish those objectives.

Any company trying to maximise its technology investments can greatly benefit from the services of an IT consulting firm.

If you want the best IT consulting services, you want to make sure that you hire the best company for your business needs. Numerous top IT firms and consultants can support the expansion and efficiency of your organization in the Calgary area.

Calgary’s Top IT Consulting Firms

  • Tech To U – the leading force in IT

Tech To U is a company that offers a range of services, including IT consulting. Tech to U is here to help you address the most common IT challenges we see everyday.  IT consulting is a critical feature of Tech To U’s offerings as it allows the company to provide clients with strategic guidance and support related to their technology infrastructure and systems.

Tech To U is a IT consulting services specially designed to help businesses improve their technology infrastructure and align it with their business goals and objectives.

The fact that Tech To U’s IT consulting services are customized to match the specific demands of each customer is one of its main advantages. To fully comprehend the goals and problems of its clients’ businesses, the organization works directly with them.

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A team of technological specialists with years of expertise dealing with a variety of technologies and sectors are employed by this organization. This allows Tech To U to offer its clients a high level of expertise and knowledge, which is essential for developing effective technology solutions.

Service lines

IT Consulting

 Network Solutions

 Network Security

Founded  – 1997                  

Employees  – (1 – 50)

Project Size  – $50,000+

  • The Joyce Group Inc.

The Joyce Group Inc., a consulting company having experience in strategy planning, finance and more. 

They developed training programs for all levels of government, industry associations, and educational institutions aimed at businesses wanting to develop their competencies.  

This organization takes pleasure in realizing the importance of appreciating how dynamic each business is and how each difficulty calls for a unique set of answers.  

From small independent businesses to significant public companies, The Joyce Group Inc. has aided countless firms from a wide range of industries.

Service lines

Business Consulting

Logistics & Supply Chain Consulting

Market Research

Founded  – 1992                  

Employees  – (2 – 9)

Project Size  – $30,000+

  • Nanjad Advisory Services Inc. 

Nanjad Advisory Services Inc. helps you align your strategy, structure and management systems so you can deliver your strategic goals without costly, drawn out reorgs. They are world class specialists in organization design, change management, people strategy, customer experience and project management. They deliver massive value for energy, utility, infrastructure, retail and public sector firms, with an approach that is proven, repeatable, scalable, in a way that is collaborative, flexible and adaptive.

Service lines

Business Consulting

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Other IT Consulting and SI

Founded  – 2012                  

Employees  – (2 – 9)

Project Size  – $50,000+

  • Line One Contact Centres Inc.

Stand out with Outsourced Canadian Custom Business Solutions that reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction. 

From small businesses who need emergency after hours phone support, through to Fortune 500 enterprises who demand high touch, high volume, multi-channel Contact Centre, They are dedicated to developing a solution that you can be confident is made entirely for you.

Service lines

Customer Service Outsourcing

Business Consulting

Call Center Services

Founded  – 2001                  

Employees  – (250 – 999)

Project Size  – $1,000+

  • SozenTech Consulting

SozenTech is a mobile app development consultancy composed of highly skilled coding ninjas who work closely with clients to evolve their app ideas. They work on developing, and deploying mobile apps. Specialize in native app development for both iOS and Android. They don’t just build apps, we solve our clients’ business problems using technology. 

Service lines

Mobile App Development

Enterprise App Modernization

Web Development

Founded  – 2016                 

Employees  – (2 – 9)

Project Size  – $5,000+

 These companies can assist you whether you need assistance with your IT infrastructure, software development and integration, or a comprehensive cloud migration strategy. Finding the ideal IT consulting firm in Calgary that satisfies your unique requirements should be a snap with prior planning and research.

When choosing the top IT consulting provider, there are several key factors to keep in mind:

Points to pick the Top IT support provider:

 Expertise and experience: Look for a provider with a proven track record of delivering high-quality IT support services in your specific industry. 

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 Availability and responsiveness: Ensure that the provider offers 24/7 support and has a fast response time to minimize downtime and ensure that critical issues are addressed promptly.

 Service level agreements (SLAs): Look for a provider that offers clear and concise SLAs that outline the level of support you can expect, including response times and resolution times.

 Pricing and costs: Consider the total cost of ownership when choosing an IT support provider.

 Flexibility and scalability: Choose a provider that can grow with your business and offer flexible solutions to meet your changing requirements.

Security and privacy: Make sure the provider follows best practices in security and data privacy, and that they have appropriate systems and processes in place to protect your data.