The Benefits of Buying an Unlocked Smartphone

The difference between locked smartphone and buying an unlocked smartphone is that the latter does not carry specific software that limits the phone to one carrier; you can instead use the device with any network or plan. Before you upgrade your device, consider the benefits of buying an unlocked smartphone. Explore these advantages below to give you an idea of whether this is a good option for you next time you’re in the market for a new phone.

Save on Money

Depending on whom you purchase the phone from, you could save money—for instance, a used or refurbished phone has the same benefits as a brand-new version. Buying an unlocked smartphone provides limitless options, so you can purchase the phone of your choosing while sticking to a more affordable phone plan with the carrier of your choice.

If you buy the device from the carrier you plan to use, it could lead to a higher monthly bill as you pay off the new device. Pro-tip, you could dispose of your old cellphone by selling it online or to a third-party vendor and use that money to help finance your next device.

Travel Abroad More Conveniently

Countries other than the United States use different carriers and networks to service their smartphones; therefore, yours will not work in their territory. A locked device will prevent you from using your phone overseas and may require you to download additional apps or purchase a different phone for the vacation.

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With an unlocked device, you could buy a local SIM card in the country you’re in that allows you to connect with a local network so you can use the phone throughout the trip.

A Plethora of Choices

When you have an unlocked smartphone, you have more choices regarding which carrier you prefer to use, whom you want to purchase the phone from, and the cost/affordability of everything.

This option allows you to find the phone of your choosing anywhere in the market and select a plan and suitable carrier without limiting your preferences. You must, however, ensure the phone you choose can support the right frequency bands as the carrier you plan to use.

Switch Carriers Whenever You See Fit

Typically, when you start a plan and purchase a phone from a specific carrier, you get locked in a contract that you cannot break without paying extra money. An unlocked device can easily switch between carriers whenever you see fit by simply exchanging SIM cards.

If one provider is making you unhappy or has minimal service in your area, you can quickly and easily transfer your current unlocked smartphone to a completely different network.

The benefits of buying an unlocked smartphone make it the clear winner compared to purchasing one locked into a carrier. Allow yourself more freedom of choice with your next device purchase. Will you decide on an unlocked device for your next phone?