Smartphone Buying Guide – How to Pick the Best Mobile Phone

In our technologically-driven lives, our smartphones are present at almost every moment.  A growing number of people are purchasing devices, but the range of choices is growing. With the decision to pick a new mobile in Pakistan, we’ve created a smartphone buying guide to help you choose the right phone to meet your requirements.

What to look for before you buy a mobile phone in Pakistan?


Your device will run more smoothly with a capable processorand provides for improving other aspects. An image processing is example of this. Samsung phones, for instance, come with two versions that include a Snapdragon chipset (it is one of the most recent one is Snapdragon 865+). The variant uses Samsung’s own Exynos processor (also the most current version is Exynos 990). A few reviewers have openly said that there’s a noticeable difference in the mobile processing speed of two different models, the Snapdragon serving more efficient and faster, and the capabilities of image processing.

Therefore, when choosing your phone, it’s essential to know which processor is included since performance openly relates with the. The most popular ones are the Exynos 990, Snapdragon, Apple A13 Bionic, and Kirin 990. Apple processors stand famous for their Snapdragon processors, and computing power provide the best counterpart to the Android world.

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You can also find the processors of low-powered for budget and mid-range phones like those with the Snapdragon 730G, 730, Snapdragon 675, G90T, G85, MediaTek, Helio, and many more are often available in cheaper smartphones in 2020. If you’re looking to save money and aren’t to save money, you must sacrifice some power, think about buying a phone with these kind of processors is a good idea as they can help reduce prices significantly.


In terms of RAM, smartphones use the system memory is used to store data that is viewed by software applications. A part of your smartphone’s RAM is consumed to the extent that your operating system uses it to run in the background. We won’t get deep into the details of smartphone RAM usage since it requires explaining concepts like kernel-space that takes up much space throughout this post.

The availability of RAM allows you to run a higher amount of applications in the background running, which significantly improves the multitasking experience. Some smartphones have broken all boundaries and put a staggering 12 GB to 16 GB of RAM on their phones. It’s not enough for smartphones, particularly in the case of not using more than 10 applications at the equal time. If you’re a casual smartphone user who uses the phone for texts, calls or WhatsApp, App and occasional browsing that manage with 3 GB to 4 GB of RAM. For the more demanding users, something about 6-8 GB is sufficient.

Options of Operating System:

It comes with the two choices – Android as well as iOS. It’s more complex than you thought as both of the operating systems offer many advantages and disadvantages. If you’re the type of person who loves playing with your gadget and modifying as your heart’s content, you’re on the Android Team. If you choose a primary and robust OS with continuous software updates & is available for a longer time, You’re Team iOS.

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User Interface of Your Choice:

Also, please take note that many phones come with the skins, also known as UI (user interface), which is installed on the Android. OnePlus mobile offers OxygenOS a spotless skin that’s very similar to the stock Android, and the Samsung mobile comes with One UI 2, that has seen a leap in leaps and TouchWiz times, MIUI for Xiaomi phones that is ad-driven but has been optimized, ColorOS on Realme and Oppo phones, which is heavily influenced by iOS.

A Great Display:

In the current times where media is consumed more and more via our mobiles (unfortunate to believe that they are today), this might not be negative. We suggest any display that is greater than 5.7 inches as a result that you can truly immerse yourself in games and entertainment. In terms of displays are concerned. There are both LCDs and those with AMOLED. AMOLED displays come in various variants, including OLED and Super AMOLED (Samsung is one example of this) and are more vivid and more dark blacks.

The Correct Capacity of Storage:

It is currently available for 64GB variant of phone models and 128GB-512GB for flagship models. With the advanced technology and apps for fast sharing, most of us transfer every GB of data we have from our phones of the past to new models. Thus, suitable storage is crucial.

A Battery Life to Meet Your Needs:

The standard for battery life on top smartphones with more than 6 hours of screen-on time. Higher capacities will typically allow running for the heavy-user. A flagship phone, along with certain mid-range phones, runs more than 8 to 10 hours of screen-on duration, which can be unique.

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A Camera Which Is Worth its Price:

Smartphones also employ the pixel-binning technique, which transforms the 4 or more pixels into one giant pixel, improving the picture’s clarity and clarity. In the meantime, you should stay away from 108MP sensors as they’re pretty scratchy about the edges at the moment. They’re plagued by autofocus problems and with the image fringing hitches.

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