6 Inspiring Mobile App Ideas for 2022

Build an Uber-like app to provide customers with convenience in shopping and other daily chores like booking doctor’s appointments, online classes, listening to music, making payments, planning schedules, etc. 

Since the pandemic, the demand for mobile apps has increased rapidly and is projected to grow by 18.4 percent by 2026. So, if you’re thinking of starting a new business or developing a mobile app ideas, here are some cool Magento 2 mobile app development ideas that are high in demand.

Here is the list of 6 mobile app ideas for 2022

  1. On-Demand Delivery App

The era of on-demand apps started with Uber and Airbnb to provide users with solutions from rental services rather than having to own certain things. Thanks to the initiative, many Uber-like successful delivery apps such as DoorDash, Lyft, GrubHub, etc., are in the market today.

Similarly, you can build an on-demand Magento 2 native app offering various delivery services like grocery, food, gift, or courier services. These apps will let users order and track its status directly from the app. Admin, vendor, driver, user – everyone will have their role-specific functionalities with better synchronization.

These apps are in high demand, especially after the pandemic. People prefer home delivery for all the things that can be delivered.

Apart from logistics and delivery, you can also go for service-specific on-demand apps like beauty, plumbing, laundry, dog walking, home care, car washing, and so on. These apps provide users with convenience and hence are high in demand.

  1. Shopping App
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If there’s one thing that’s never going out of trend, it’s online shopping. So, having an online shopping app for your business is a great way to attract customers. Instead of walking into the store or checking on the website, they can browse on the app, purchase, and checkout. However, the common shopping alone is not enough. People like browsing on the app, but to a certain extent. After a few pages, they are tired of looking for complimentary clothes and accessories. You can offer them a shopping assistant within your eCommerce app.

This feature in your eCommerce shopping app will gather customers’ data and their inputs and merge with data intelligence to recommend the products they should buy to your buyers. For example, if it’s a fashion store, it can give customers a real-time tour of the shoes, sandals, and accessories with the selected dress.

It’s an idea that will indeed transform your business. Amazon and a few other brands do provide these features. But how you present it matters a lot. So, including AR and VR while developing this app.

  1. Healthcare and Fitness App

People were health-conscious before the pandemic and invention of wearable devices. It’s just that the pandemic and technology have accelerated the demand for tools and tips. Apps like calorie counters, health tracking, workout, and meditation apps have taken center stage. People who can’t hit the gym or hire a personal trainer rely on these apps to stay healthy. 

So, if you’re planning to dive into the health genre, this is your opportunity. You can build a fitness app that simultaneously helps people track their food intake and workout. Or, it can be a workout-specific app that provides various types of workout videos.

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Healthcare apps that allow patients to book appointments, connect with doctors, and get virtual treatment are also high in demand. If you develop a healthcare app, include features like live video consultation, activity and progress tracking, symptoms checker, e-prescriptions, connected wearable devices, in-app messaging, and payment integration.

  1. Entertainment App

The idea is to develop an app that will entertain users and help fulfill their dreams in one way or another. For example, some people have pop star fantasies while others want to be writers. Users can sing and use filters to be the next pop idol with a Karaoke app. Similarly, social writing apps can help aspiring writers to improve and finetune their writing skills.

Entertainment apps can also include social media or apps like Netflix. If you have content or an engaging and entertaining idea, you can build an app around it.

  1. E-Learning App

An e-learning Magento 2 mobile app that allows learners to continue their learning is one of the brilliant ideas for 2022. The app can be institute specific or, like Udemy and Skillshare, which provide online courses. It’s an excellent idea for ed-tech companies as well.

If you’re planning, you can add features like live virtual interactions, digital resources, uploading video lectures, learner and creator profile management, in-app messaging, etc.

You can even build an e-learning app for competitive exams and languages. For example, a language learning app helps app users with beginner-level lessons in different languages.

  1. Productivity App

While technology has simplified our lives, it has also organized it, helping us achieve more by planning, scheduling, organizing, and managing tasks, activities, and ourselves.

Take the calendar app, for example. That one simple app has sorted our lives. We don’t have to remember everything that’s on our plate. It does that just like a personal assistant! Similarly, there are apps for taking notes, avoiding distractions, and managing tasks and workflows.

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Data privacy is a huge concern. If you’re planning to develop a Magento 2 native app, productive apps like Trello, Google Calendar, Evernote, Be Focused, Forest would make a good start. Include your unique proposition while developing these apps. For example, data privacy – like you can build a note-taking app that doesn’t store any information. All the information can be stored on the users’ mobile phones. Having an app where users can be them without worrying about their sensitive information being stolen and used is a million-dollar idea.


This is not it!

Every idea that will help users and offer convenience can be turned into a mobile app design ideas. An app that tells me all the country-specific holidays in a year or a simple mood detector. Song suggestion app or a call recording app, everything is worth giving a try. All these kinds of apps exist because users are demanding them.

To ensure that the idea is worth it, find the problem you want to solve. Research thoroughly and look for apps and identify if they serve the purpose. If you’re not satisfied with the solution, you got your answer. The app is worth developing.

As for guidance, you can always talk to an expert like new mobile app ideas for development companies. They have a vast knowledge of market trends and can guide you in the right direction.

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