5 Best Instagram Marketing Tools for 2022: Tried and Tested

Instagram is the fourth most used social media platform, the 9th most googled term, and the 12th most visited website globally. Also, in 2022, Instagram is celebrating its 12th birthday.

It is not hard to tell that Instagram has proliferated itself enough to be recognized as one of the most profitable social media platforms and best Instagram marketing tools for 2022. Many celebrities, influencers, content creators, and business brands on Instagram put up daily posts for advertisements and marketing purposes.

As a marketer, you have plenty of opportunities to market your business on Instagram. You can increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and increase engagement on your business site.

But it would help if you used several tools to make your Instagram goals a reality. Many such tools help you optimize social media for marketing purposes. However, using all of them is a waste of your investment. So instead, you need to use a handful of such tools that help you with all of your needs.

The following content is about the five best and handpicked Instagram marketing platforms. If you are looking for best Instagram marketing tools for your business, you can help from this article. 

  1. Social Pilot
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We set a bar of a robust set of features, affordable pricing, and satisfying social media support in our minds when we picked social pilot as the top Instagram marketing tool.

This platform connects several social media platforms, including Instagram as one of them. Various digital marketing businesses have adopted the social pilot marketing tool as their go-to social media tool.

You can save your team’s time by scheduling the Instagram posts ahead of time using the social pilot tool. In addition, if you are thinking of creative, attractive Instagram image posts, the Canva integration of the social pilot will help you greatly. From the social pilot tool dashboard, you can create beautiful Instagram posts. You can also optimize your Instagram posts based on the trend research of the social pilot tool.

You can post bulk posts, get new blog post ideas, and get in-depth social media reports and analytics from the tool.

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  1. Buffer

If you want to keep the posts on your Instagram marketing account consistent, you need to use the buffer app. You can now create your Instagram presence with thoughtful content ideas that you get once you use the Buffer tool.

If you have a small social media marketing team for your small business, this tool will help you with your Instagram marketing needs. The tool integrates several social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter alongside Instagram. The UX design of the tool is very smooth and provides the user peace of mind when using it. In addition, you can have comprehensive social media analytics reports to make your marketing efforts profitable.

  1. Later
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Later is an excellent Instagram marketing tool allowing you to create attractive and intuitive social media content for your business. This tool allows you to create and schedule your Instagram posts based on your requirements. In addition, it has an interesting drag and drops feature to plan and create your post on Instagram.

You can preview your post from a visitor’s perspective. This tool is ideal only for small businesses. It supports around five social media platforms, including Instagram. There are some useful premium features. There is also a free version of the tool to manage a single social media platform.

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  1. Iconosquare

For someone looking for a tool that provides Instagram analytics real-time engagement monitoring features, Iconosquare is the best tool. You can use it for both Instagram and Facebook platforms.

The platform allows you to keep updated with the latest trends and keep the content flowing. The Instagram analytics that this tool offers will help you make the best Instagram content ideas according to the current trends.

The conversation feature of the app allows you to see your followers’ thoughts and reactions to your social media posts. In addition, you can monitor your Instagram followers’ behavior to personalize your marketing campaigns. You can also create custom feeds to keep track of your niche influencers on Instagram.

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  1. Blog2Social

For a blogger, Blog2Social is an excellent social media marketing tool. It is a WordPress plugin that gives you full control of your social media accounts. When tracking all of your required data from this website, you will save your money and your time. The platform allows you to post across multiple social media platforms. In addition, you can schedule your post according to your audience demographic using the Blog2Social platform. 

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As a social media market, the need for the best social media marketing tool is inconsistent. As a result, we will be seeing several social media tools entering the industry.

If you don’t want to get yourself lost in the abyss of all of these tools, then you can follow the article and choose only the tools that add value to your marketing campaigns. For instance, you can take note of the tools I have mentioned here in this article.

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