5 Best Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter

Character AI is in its beta version and has accumulated millions of users on its platform.

Everything is great in Character AI Beta except one thing and that annoys most users. It is an NSFW disabled filter option. It’s that most of the users are missing.

For this reason, many had begun searching for character.ai alternatives. Since you cannot control the content discoverability on the platform, people consider it as a big drawback, resulting in minimizing monthly visitors.

But you should not be worried or disappointed about this. You can try different websites similar to character.ai that offer tailored AI-generated content experience.

5 Best Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter

1. Candy.ai

For those looking for the best alternative to Character AI’s NSFW filter, this is highly recommended as it offers the whole AI girlfriend experience.

You can explore, chat, and secure profiles through a web browser and ultimately create your own chatbot.

But where Candy.ai truly amazes your experience is its character creation function. When you switch to NSFW chats, you can take things a step further by requesting custom pictures and audio content from your created and trained chatbot.


  • Opportunity to create NSFW chatbot to resemble your desire.
  • Prompt-based chatting with fast and accurate result outcomes.
  • Each conversation and generated content is secured with tight use of encryption technology.

2. NSFW Character.ai

NSFW character.ai is very popular in the niche of NSFW content creation and chatting online.

It’s free to use and easy to create avatars based on various filters. As there are many users on this platform, you can find several inspirations from the distinctive authors.

The creation of a custom and personalized avatar is an easy and guided process. What I do at times is asserted with tutorials for seamless experience.


  • Safe and secure experiences throughout the entire interface.
  • Simple and intuitive to make an account and use the app.
  • Create your own AI girlfriend with guided tutorial content.

3. Crushon.AI

Crushon.ai is a promising choice for NSFW-free content. With this platform, you can do brilliant things similar to character.ai and engage in unfiltered conversations with AI chatbots.

You need to set up your profile first to create a chatbot avatar. The platform empowers users to create fully customized AI chatbots.

Crushon.ai chatbot avatars are responsive and glitch-free! Additionally, users can give their personal voices and traits to resemble a persona at a glance.

However, the website charges for users to use their services. So, if you are interested in using this platform, you have to be their subscriber!


  • The community throws regular updates and improvements.
  • You may experience user-friendly design throughout chatbot conversation.
  • Create and customize your own characters with a guided process.

4. Botify AI

Botify AI is also a good alternative to Character AI as it gives full independence for NSFW conversation and flirting with the platform’s chatbot.

It does allow chatbot generation. By this means you can not only chat with pre-defined and created chatbots but also create your own chatbot and even personalize it.

As it is new in the competition, you may expect more features in future that could make their platform engaging and competitive.


  • Chat and interact with digital human-like avatars.
  • Group chat feature for seamless conversation.
  • Create unfiltered NSFW characters.
  • Option to make chatbot public or private.

5. Janitor AI

Janitor AI is apparently the go-to option and best alternative to character.ai that gives the flexibility to access platforms without NSFW content.

Using, filter section, you can disable NSFW content easily. Not even this, the platform is highly known for engaging conversations on various topics.

You can explore and chat with various anime-style chatbots. The interaction and replies are fun and resemble the traits of the user’s persona.

You must acquire an API key from either OpenAI or Kobold AI in order to set up a Janitor AI profile. There are several guides available on the internet and youtube that show relevant working solutions.


  • The platform incubates dense character options.
  • Uses owned LLMs to provide faster responses.
  • Can create SFW and NSFW chatbot.
  • Data safety and content moderation is strictly monitored and practiced.

Final Thought

Character AI alternatives are worth trying. As there are plenty of options, you can get different experiences at a glance.

Each alternative serves different features and best in their own manner of usage. Talking about the best alternative, I personally like Janitor AI.

So, go ahead and try these alternatives. Don’t forget to share your opinion. Thanks for reading this blog.