13 Questions Every SEO Company Should Answer

SEO companies are in high demand these days. As a result, there are tons of SEO companies out there vying for your business. But how do you know which one is going to help you get the best results? Here’s what I advise every company to ask before making their decision.

1.  What is your background?

No doubt you want an SEO company that has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. Make sure to ask the company what their experience is and why they were inspired to work in SEO.

There are many different ways of building links, such as guest posting or using PPC ads on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter – so it’s important for a company to explain how they use those methods as part of their overall link-building strategy. Ask them what steps they take so you understand how they plan on helping your business gain more traffic from search engines.

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3. Are you going to spam or do black-hat tactics?

There are many different SEO strategies, some more effective than others. Make sure the company you’re working with isn’t going to use any spammy or black-hat tactics that could get your site penalized by Google. Ask them how they protect their client’s sites from penalties and if they have any experience managing penalty recovery projects.

4. Do you offer content marketing services?

SEO is not just about building links – it’s also about getting people to visit your website in the first place. That means maintaining an active blog, publishing high-quality content via guest posts, infographics, white papers, ebooks, etc., all of which can help increase your rankings. A good SEO company will take the time to ask you about your company’s goals and come up with a content marketing plan tailored to fulfill them.

5. How do you set up analytics?

Analytics are important because they give you insight into what’s working (and not working) for your SEO campaign. Ask the company if they will integrate one of the top analytics programs like Webmaster Tools, YandexMetrica, or Google Analytics. If they don’t use any of these services, that might be a red flag that something isn’t quite right!

6. What kind of turnaround times can I expect?

SEO is an ongoing process that takes hard work and consistency over time – it doesn’t happen overnight make sure the company is willing to be patient with you and work at a pace that won’t make you want to jump ship.

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7. How often will you update my site?

The best SEO companies understand how important it is for your website’s content to be fresh and up-to-date, so they will typically update your site on a regular basis (at least monthly). However, if your SEO company isn’t updating your site on a regular basis, that could decrease its organic search rankings since search engines may think it has low-quality content.

8. Is there anything I can do myself?

SEO is more than just hiring an expert – it also requires commitment from the people actually running the business! Make sure your company will encourage you to engage in SEO activities yourself, such as editing your site’s content and building the links that help the site rank higher.

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13 Questions Every SEO Company Should Answer 2

9. Have you worked with other insurance companies?

Looking at how other similar businesses have benefited from working with the company will tell you a lot about what you can expect if you sign up for their services. Make sure to ask them questions like:

  • How much traffic has this client received since working with us?
  • What were these clients’ organic search rankings before working with us, and now?

10. How frequently do you optimize my website’s pages for search engines?

A company should be constantly analyzing your web pages (and ranking keywords) to make sure they’re meeting Google’s guidelines and don’t violate its quality standards. Every month, they should be checking your website’s current rankings to make sure you’re on the right track to meeting your SEO goals.

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11. How can I check my rankings?

Make sure you have access to the same reports as the people running your SEO campaign, so you know exactly where your business’s online presence stands. You should also have some type of software or service that allows you to monitor how well your keywords are performing on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc., which takes out a lot of guesswork since it gives you more insight into how potential customers are searching for businesses like yours.

12. Do I need any other types of Web marketing?

Our company offers a variety of services, so if you need anything other than SEO, we should be able to accommodate you. If not, there are plenty of Web marketing companies that can help with that!

13. What is your monthly fee?

The price varies widely depending on how much work needs to be done on your website, the number of keywords you’re targeting, etc. However, just because a company charges more doesn’t necessarily mean they’re worth it – remember to do your research before settling on an SEO company!

Final thoughts

The world of SEO company is an ever-changing one, but it doesn’t mean you need to be confused about how to use the latest tactics. All that’s required is a little time and patience on your end. Make sure you’re asking questions before signing any contracts with new companies so they can show off their best work for you! It’ll give both parties more clarity in determining if there are potential long-term benefits from working together.

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