5 Reasons Why Your Phone Might Be Running Slower

Are you noticing that it takes longer for pictures to load on your phone? Or maybe your apps are no longer working correctly. This could all be because your smartphone is having issues with speed and operation. Keep reading to understand the reasons why your phone might be running slower so that you can correct the problem and get back to using it.

The Phone Is Overheating

Your phone could be overheating for many reasons. You may have left it directly in sunlight, streamed a show or feed for too many hours, or run too many apps simultaneously. When this happens, it can slow down the processing system in your phone, which can be frustrating for you. To prevent this from occurring, update your apps and close unused ones. Also, avoid prolonged usage, and keep the phone away from direct sunlight.

Your Storage Is Full

A huge culprit in slowing down your smartphone is when your storage is too full to take any more pictures or download apps or songs. This is because your phone already has too many things in its memory for it to run smoothly or efficiently. You can free up storage and improve the speed of your smartphone by deleting unused apps, duplicate pictures, old text threads, songs, files, etc.

You Have Apps Running in the Background

Do you have the habit of leaving every single app you use open on your phone? Once you’re done scrolling through Instagram or Twitter, do you swipe off the app and continue on to the next one? Or do you take the time to close the app altogether? The more apps you leave open on your phone, the slower it’ll become, so close those apps after using them!

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You Need To Update the Operating System

Generally, the larger tech giants, such as Apple and Android, release yearly updates to their device’s operating systems. This is to refresh outdated software, fix performance issues, and eliminate bugs or other threats to the device. Ignoring the update and continuing to use the old system could be the reason why your phone is running slower than it usually would.

Your Phone Battery Is Deteriorating

Over time, the amount of power your phone battery holds can diminish. This could be because you’re either using the device too often, abusing the phone, or not using the best practices for charging. If the phone’s battery life starts to deteriorate, so will its speed.

Pro-Tip: Never let your phone completely drain to zero, and feel free to unplug it from the charger after it reaches 80 percent. Leaving it plugged in well past 100 percent can age the battery more quickly.

Your phone speed may be slowly decreasing because of the reasons above. Don’t worry—there are a few simple things you can do to remedy this issue. Regardless, your phone could decrease in efficiency over time. So you may need an upgrade after a few years if nothing is boosting your operating speed. However, check the factors above before concluding that you need a new device.