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Why Not to Invest in Stock Market, But in Cryptocurrency?



Cryptocurrency is very volatile compared to other types of investment schemes whether it is stock market or mutual funds. So, why to invest in cryptocurrency.

Here are some things to know in to invest in Cryptocurrency but not in stock market:

  1. Because of huge return on investment.
  2. No income taxation by government .
  3. No GST on crypto exchanges but in stock market.
  4. Different brokerage prices decided by crypto exchanges.
  5. Very low brokerage compared to other investment channels.
  6. Totally impossible to hack your cryptocurrency wallet.
  7. Can start your own cryptocurrency mining company without any cumbersome paper work.
  8. No age limit whether you do trading or mining. Yet in India many crypto exchanges has made compulsory for KYC for which you should be above 18 years, still you can register on foreign crypto exchange but your bank might not support the transaction between you and crypto exchange.
  9. No registration fees and taxation from government for cryptocurrency miners.
  10. No need for especial commercial electricity connection you can do with your domestic electricity connection. Which can save you from extra bills.
  11. No need for especial hardware components just you need graphics card, some PC, electricity, internet. XII. You can use your mobile phone data no need for Broad Band service XIII. No staff needed.
  12. No need for accommodation for starting a company.
  13. No specific amount or minimum amount required to invest according to your pocket from Rupees 1 to 1 Million $.
  14. No need for taking license of crypto mining company unless you want to become a franchise of any crypto exchanges.

Crypto exchanges are self-regulated still you can challenge them in court, yet they can option for supreme court of India if High Court of state gives any non sensible decisions.

  • Cryptocurrency is accepted world wide where Indian Rupees is still not considered as a medium of exchange.
  • No need to be a techy in the field you can start with just watching tutorials on YouTube and Facebook or from official website of the crypto exchanges.
  • No need for KYC or paperwork until or unless you are doing transaction from an Indian bank or Indian crypto exchange.
  • No formal education needed to be crypto miner or to start training in cryptocurrency.
  • There are different types of cryptocurrency which works in very different manner from each other.
  • Every cryptocurrency is not volatile every cryptocurrency has different fundamentals of working.
  • No charges by the cryptocurrency if you start mining but in addition you will get certain amount of cryptocurrency being transferred from one person to another or in other manner you will get commission depending upon the cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrency is exempt to be taxed in the countries where it is considered as crypto assets.

Whereas stock market of India BSE OR NSE is over regulated if compared to neighboring countries like China, Russia, Nepal, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, and Maldives. If you notice last month government banned F&O trading for IRCTC and in second wave of corona virus government banned short selling for more than 1 month and even normally you cannot do short selling for more than one day as market will come to close your shares will be automatically buy on the closing price when market is being closed no matter what is the price.

High brokerage charges for both intraday stock market trading and delivery trading by the broker.

Capital gain tax with brokerage if you are investing for more than 1 day and your profit sore up from 3 Lakhs you will be exempt LTCGT [ Long Term Capital Gain Tax ]. Means you also have to file ITR [ Income Tax Return ].


To much cumbersome paper work if you want to start trading you have to do KYC and have to open a Demat Account. Which requires heavy registration fees and transaction fees.

Update your identity on yearly basis in order to keep on trading as stated by national stock exchange ( NSE ) of India.

You should have heavy knowledge of financial institutions and their financial instruments. Keeping yourself update from working of company and keep on reading their balance sheets of different companies. Updating yourself from quarterly report of credit rating agency example Moody’s.

Requires a big amount of money to invest in stock market which is out of pocket for so many middle class and upper middle class family. Time for seeing new rules and regulations on business sectors. It takes to much time and controlled by government and Indian government take decision by taking political gain in mind rather than people’s gain or country gain.


Even after reading this article you have doubts on cyber security, then you can take basic knowledge of cyber security technical Sagar all hacking courses for free in these courses all the basic knowledge related to cryptocurrency and it’s protocol is given after doing this course you will have a deep knowledge on working of cryptocurrency.

To learn advance seo techniques in Hindi download seo mafia course by technical ripon for free.

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Shruti Agarwal is an enthusiastic and passionate writer focusing on helping the audience to learn about many topics. Her areas of expertise are web hosting, mobile app development, programming, app, and many more topics.

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Essential Details to Know About Bybit Liquidation



bybit liquidation

Bybit is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the market and knowing about Bybit liquidation is one of the factors you need to consider if you intend on using the platform. Familiarizing yourself with the concept of liquidation is crucial, whether you are a crypto investor or trader. This is one of the aspects that can either reduce or increase your financial loss, especially if you are new to crypto trading.

Understanding liquidation price Bybit and other relevant factors can help you trade crypto in a much easier and convenient way. However, if you begin crypto trading without properly understanding the concept, it might cause you to have a stressful experience, which can also be financially damaging.

Therefore, if you are new to the crypto space and want to start trading then you should know about liquidation, how it occurs, how to prevent it and other such details.


What is Bybit Liquidation?

Liquidation can cause quite the dent in your finances if you are not careful while trading crypto. It basically means to sell an asset, which is a digital asset in this case, for cash.

As a crypto trader, if you start trading and you are unable to meet the margin requirement for your leveraged position then all your funds might end up being liquidated by force.

This will cause you to lose all your initial margin and any of your trading positions will be closed. The chances of experiencing liquidation occur when you are trading with leverage.

Leverage trading means borrowing funds from the broker so you can open bigger trading positions without using a large amount from your own funds. This is both financially beneficial and extremely unbeneficial at the same time, depending on a few factors.


Therefore, if you want to start trading with Bybit then you should know that there are two types of liquidation that are mentioned below in detail.

Two Types of Liquidation

Bybit liquidation is an important concept that you can determine the kind of experience you have while trading crypto. However, there are two types of liquidation on Bybit and it is essential to know about both of them so you can understand how they are different and affect the traders differently.

Partial Liquidation

Partial liquidation is one of the types of liquidation. As the name suggests, this type of liquidation occurs when the trading position of a user is only partially closed. The partial liquidation occurs earlier and limits the position and leverage that is used by the trader.

This type of liquidation is more beneficial for the crypto exchange as it limits the risk the exchange may experience while the traders are waiting for potential profits that may or may not occur.


Total Liquidation

The second type of Bybit liquidation is called the total liquidation. The definition of this type of liquidation is also hinted at in its name.

Total liquidation is the type of liquidation where all the initial margins of the trader are used and the trading position of the user is closed. Unlike partial liquidation, this type of liquidation is more suitable and safer for the traders because the traders do not lose any profits they make when total liquidation occurs.

How Does Liquidation Occur on Bybit?

Once you have an idea about what liquidation is and its types, you should also know how it occurs on the Bybit exchange.

Bybit is one of the top options for people who are interested in margin trading. However, you cannot simply start margin trading, especially if you are unfamiliar with concepts such as liquidation.


Therefore, if you want to use Bybit you should know that liquidation occurs on this exchange when the mark price hits the liquidation price.

Mark price is also called the spot price and is the average price that is calculated from the major crypto exchanges. When the mark price hits liquidation price and liquidation occurs on the exchange it means that the last traded price was not responsible for liquidation.

Avoiding Liquidation on Bybit

Among other factors to know about Bybit liquidation, you should also know how it can be avoided. As a crypto trader, if you use Bybit you can know that liquidation can be avoided by adding margin to your trading positions.

Margin can be added to your trading positions by Auto-margin replenishment or Isolated Margin mode. The former mode adds margin automatically, whereas, the latter mode adds margin manually.



Traders who do not consider or anticipate a factor such as Bybit liquidation while trading, can face quite the challenge, especially if they are new to the crypto space. Therefore, it is important that you take a look at factors such as liquidation and have the above-mentioned information before you start trading.

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How to Invest in DeFI Projects



DeFi projects

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a relatively recent phenomenon that Ethereum’s network has enabled. DeFi’s primary duties are currently in the loan and trading sectors, although the industry is rapidly expanding.

Want to get into DeFi but aren’t sure where to begin? Continue reading to learn more about how DeFi projects work, how to invest in DeFi tokens, and how to get started using DeFi apps.

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DeFi Explained

To get why DeFi is so intriguing, you must first comprehend Ethereum. Ethereum and Bitcoin are both based on decentralized blockchains, which means that no single body has control over the data they hold.

Ethereum’s smart contract features, on the other hand, set it apart. DeFi is essentially a collection of smart contracts that conduct financial operations, including loan and cryptocurrency trading. Unlike Bitcoin, which can only send and receive data about how much Bitcoin a user owns, Ethereum’s blockchain can store code called smart contracts.

To use DeFi, you don’t need to reveal your name, create an account, or be approved. DeFi applications are available to anyone who has an Ethereum wallet.

Why are so many investors curious about how to invest in DeFi?

Digital, peer-to-peer programs that enable crypto trading, lending, and other services are decentralized finance. They are services that are usually linked with traditional finance but are delivered uniquely. These innovative applications run on blockchain networks like Ethereum’s decentralized protocols. These apps work together to build an ecosystem that eliminates the need for traditional third parties like banks, dealers, and insurance companies.


DeFi avoids the conventional legal bureaucracy, poor transaction speed, human error, and obsolete management systems. DeFi projects are based on smart contracts that are linked to the blockchain network. These self-executing intelligent contracts increase the efficiency and flexibility of financial products while also enhancing transparency.

Intelligent contracts’ automation reduces user fees and transaction expenses significantly. Digital wallets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are used to replace traditional fiat currency in decentralized finance.

In 2013, DeFi became a subsection of the crypto business. Then, projects like Omni launched their first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) (ICO). Ethereum developers coined the term DeFi in 2018. The new notion paved the way for the launch of a flurry of decentralized financial protocols on the Ethereum network the following year. The DeFi industry is expected to be valued at 13 billion euros by 2020. That was before the industry grew to a value of 100 billion EUR by April 2021.

DeFi vs. TradFi

Because these financial activities on Ethereum are code-based, they eliminate a lot of the overhead costs associated with traditional finance (TradFi). DeFi does away with the necessity for an actual bank, personnel, or inefficient bank transfers. Aave, one of the largest DeFi systems, handles over $10 billion in assets with barely a dozen workers.


DeFi consumers gain far more than TradFi users since so much of the overhead costs of lending and trading are replaced by code. DeFi products offer savings account interest rates nearly ten times higher than typical banks, and you don’t have to worry about volatility because you’re using stablecoins.

DeFi Investments

Thousands of cryptocurrency initiatives have entered the DeFi arena, making it difficult to distinguish between long-term DeFi platforms and cash grabs. Generally, if a token promises large profits for doing nothing, it’s probably a pyramid scheme with no long-term prospects.

It’s best to go with DeFi tokens with a lot of liquidity and many coins on the platform. In general, the smaller a token’s market capitalization is, the riskier it is to invest in it.

Here are a few DeFi coins that have a lot of long-term growth potential.

  • Aave is the world’s bank, according to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Aave has by far the most cryptocurrency managed on its platform out of all the DeFi platforms available. Aave users can deposit their cryptocurrency into savings accounts to earn interest and take out collateralized loans to leverage their cryptocurrency investments.
  • The Ethereum decentralized exchange Uniswap is the most popular. Uniswap allows users to trade cryptocurrency without having their funds held by a centralized exchange. Instead, the innovative contract protocol communicates directly with users’ Ethereum wallets, resulting in a trustless and permissionless system.
  • On Uniswap, you can purchase the DeFi Pulse Index, which is a DeFi ETF. You don’t have to pick and select your DeFi investments because this tokenized asset represents essential DeFi platforms.
  • Many other DeFi technologies use Curve as their backbone. It’s an automated market maker (AMM), similar to Uniswap, but it also has other valuable features. The platform focuses on stablecoin assets, making it simple to transfer tokens like DAI and USDC with minimal slippage and costs.
  • Yearn. Finance has been present since DeFi’s inception. Decentralized lending is its major offering, although it also offers decentralized insurance and yield farming. Yearn. Finance invests its users’ money in various DeFi protocols, including Aave, Compound, and dydx, to provide the best interest rates on the market.

What Are DeFi Projects?

A DeFi Projects are any commercial financial service given in a decentralized way. There are currently over 100 successful ventures in the space.

Example of a Coin:

Aave is currently in second place. It’s a staking and decentralized lending application. The platform has its native token, called LEND.

You will have the authority to change this ecosystem by community standards if you are one of the “LENDS.”

Wallets that are not centralized

Decentralized wallets are non-custodial device-based applications that facilitate storing numerous ERC-20 assets and are secured by private keys.

Furthermore, because DeFi projects are decentralized, the cash engaged in them is stored and retrieved directly via these wallets. In DeFi projects, decentralized wallets are critical.


Here are a handful of our personal favourites:

Wallet You Can Trust

Trust Wallet is an Ethereum and ERC20/ERC223 token mobile wallet. The program, available for both iOS and Android, offers the most pleasing user experience and convenience of use. It’s a user-controlled decentralized wallet that gives you access to DApps. It does not store any personal information, making it easier to use the crypto.

Trust Wallet is a free app that allows you to manage your addresses and send and receive cryptocurrency. The user can also engage in activities such as trading and staking.

Wallet MetaMask

Metamask is also a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet and a blockchain app gateway. It’s compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Brave and is available for Android phones. It essentially serves as a link between standard browsers and the Ethereum blockchain.

Metamask is an open-source wallet that connects directly to two cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to purchase and trade coins. The wallet’s security keys are saved in the user’s browser rather than on external servers. As a result, the user has more control over their public and private keys.


How to Use DeFi

Interacting directly with DeFi projects is the most effective approach to learn about this new and rapidly growing business. Furthermore, DeFi users increase the value of their cryptocurrency. Platforms that pay interest are a terrific way to increase your bitcoin portfolio without having to keep investing additional money into it.

It’s easier than you might expect to use DeFi programs. You don’t need to register, get approved, or even validate your identity. To get started, you’ll need to send your Ethereum to an Ethereum wallet. MetaMask is the best wallet for DeFi programs since it features a Google Chrome extension that allows you to connect to DeFi platforms directly from your browser.

You could use DeFi programs in just a few clicks after sending your Ether tokens to your Ethereum wallet. You’ll be prompted to connect your wallet to the website after visiting a DeFi platform’s website. You may manage your crypto straight from the program’s front-end interface after your wallet is connected.

Cryptocurrency Price Movements

After a few months of relative stagnation, the cryptocurrency market has recently seen some volatility. Bitcoin has been trading at the low $30,000 level until recently after the crypto markets fell by almost 50%. Bitcoin has been able to recoup $40,000 levels for the time being after a short squeeze on July 25, which might be a bullish indication for investors. Altcoins often follow Bitcoin’s price, but they are riskier investments.


To use DeFi, how much money will I need?

Ethereum transaction costs, known as gas, can add up quickly. Gas fees are calculated based on a transaction’s computing power and network congestion at the time. You’ll probably have to pay roughly $5 to send a transaction on Ethereum. During peak times, you may have to spend more than $20 for Ethereum trading and lending.

Due to the high costs, DeFi projects are only worthwhile if you have at least a few thousand dollars in your account. Thankfully, layer two solutions such as Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum drastically cut gas costs, allowing you to invest considerably less money. With layer-to-change solutions, even a $100 investment is reasonable, so you may begin investing now.

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Create TRON NFT Marketplace With Optimized Development Services



Tron NFT

Ever since the arrival of cryptocurrency, the digital spectrum has been completely shifted to a higher dimension. These credits ought to be given to the innovative development of blockchain technology. The blockchain has elevated numerous digital sectors and assisted them with top-notch development foundations. But, no matter how powerful the blockchain may be, they are still evolving and various technological advancements are being introduced to the TRON NFT market.

The TRON network is the latest addition to the blockchain domain. It is said to be the replacement of the Ethereum blockchain. The processing speed and providing low transaction cost have always been a question mark because of the rising demand for blockchains, which in turn leads to enormous network congestion. These challenges can be overshadowed completely by the TRON network.

This blockchain network can be also used in the non-fungible token domain to provide TRON NFTs to the non-fungible token enthusiasts. The involvement of TRON on NFT is paving the way for the creation of their own NFT marketplace, which is known as DeFine. At Infinite Block Tech, we provide TRON NFT services for creating your own TRON NFT marketplace.


TRON NFT – Complete Guide

TRON NFT is the blockchain in the digital space. The functioning of the blockchain platform takes place completely in a decentralized ecosystem. Similar to many blockchain technologies, TRON uses a peer-to-peer networking system. Therefore, all transactions that take place on the TRON blockchain are processed directly between the seller and the buyer. Thus, removing the involvement of every middleman who is present.

The TRON blockchain has its own native token called TRX. This token is the complete foundation of every decentralized application that is being developed on this platform. The TRX token furnishes Dapps with out-and-out functionalities with the help of extensive token standards such as TRC-10, TRC-20, and TRC-721 token standards.

TRC Token Standards

  • TRC-10 Token Standard

The TRC-10 token standard is the first created standard in the TRON blockchain. It is used for decentralized applications that do not require the functionalities of smart contracts. And this token standard is independent of the TRON virtual machine system.

  • TRC-20 Token Standard

The TRC-20 token standard is the most used token standard among all TRON token standards. This standard is used for decentralized applications that require the effectiveness of smart contracts. And this token standard is dependent on the TRON virtual machine system.

  • TRC-721 Token Standard

The TRC-721 token standard is the latest addition to the TRON token standard list as they are used for the trading of non-fungible tokens on the TRON blockchain.

Application Of NFTs On TRON Blockchain

The TRON blockchain is specially designed for the implementation of entertainment-based applications. Thus, utilizing NFTs that are based on social media and entertainment types is highly suitable. Therefore, creating a social-media-based NFT marketplace on the TRON blockchain would be the perfect combination of success and rewards. To help crypto enthusiasts who are interested in the entertainment sector, the TRON blockchain has its own marketplace called DeFine NFT marketplace.


What Is A Social Media Platform?

A social media platform is a place where the media entities like likes, posts, and comments gain the ability to be minted and turned into an NFT. These non-fungible tokens are represented in a decentralized ecosystem. These minted NFT can be initiated through a fixed-rate sale and an auction sale. It completely depends on the user of the platform.

What Is DeFine NFT Platform?

DeFine is a social media-based NFT platform that enables the involved creators, artists, musicians, and other popular personalities to initiate social interactions and communications with their fanbase with the help of unique digital assets like non-fungible tokens and social tokens.

Our Salient TRON Development Services

The TRON blockchain has become the most prominent blockchain in the crypto space. Creating an NFT marketplace on this platform is a viable solution for great rewards and profits in the future. By implementing its exceptional beneficial factors, we provide a wide range of TRON Dapps development services to our clients.


TRON Wallet Development

The TRON wallet is a type of crypto wallet that holds, views, and manages TRX tokens effectively in a decentralized environment. We develop a crypto wallet that is exceptionally secure and focuses on eliminating the threat of cyber manipulation and it is immune to the theft of tokens.

TRON Token Development

The TRON token is the backbone of every decentralized application that is being developed on this blockchain. We provide impressive services to create and execute tokens that have similar smart contract functionalities and characteristics.

Essential Features Of TRON Blockchain

  • The transactions that take place on this platform are processed in a quick and secure manner.
  • It eliminates a high volume of data usage limits and provides freedom for the traders.
  • It provides effective transparency and the ability to track down records efficiently on a digital ledger.
  • The decentralized applications that are built on this platform are easily accessible by various devices.

Best Choice For TRON Development

Infinite Block Tech is a pivotal development company in the digital market. This development company has an astonishing reputation for creating top-tier TRON Dapps. The prior experience is the benchmark for adopting these development services to create your decentralized platform in an effective manner. These services expand to a wide range of beneficiary factors.

  • This company provides world-class development services with highly technical facilities.
  • The security protocols are regarded as one of the best in the domain.
  • These software applications are developed in multiple languages.
  • This development company uses various types of blockchain technologies that are dependent on the user’s customizations.
  • They support clients with our exceptional post-marketing services such as content marketing, social media marketing, banner advertising, influencer marketing, etc.

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