Best Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media Sites

The ingredients of social success can appear elusive and sometimes a secret to a select few.

Yes, we know; maybe you have already tried them all on Facebook, but you get few likes, and you seem to be invisible. You post great Instagram posts, but your business profile doesn’t grow. You have already tried Twitter and Linkedin social media sites, but the situation is not very different.

Succeed on Social Media When You Need to Promote Your Business

  1. Did you choose the right social network?

Are you sure you have made a careful analysis of the best channel where you can actually find your audience and not just that of your contacts? Your audience must be made up of people interested in what you offer, with whom to create a bond that leads them to buy from you and trust.

  1. Are you sure you’re not just running after vanity metrics?

Or the vanity metrics, that is, those that, yes, give you a lot of satisfaction and give you smiles and hearts immediately, but then they don’t give you your salary at the end of the month? Success on social media does not mean great engagement but zero contacts and zero sales, but it means the exact opposite! Engagement and interactions on social media marketing are significant (because social networks are relationships), but they must also bring concrete results.

  1. Have you given any regard to what to share on social media sites?
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If you’re talking about yourself and how excellent you are at what you do to promote your business on social media sites, flaunting your products and services at the top of the category, maybe it’s normal for no one to listen to you and move forward. You’re boring, and you’re not delivering tangible value and solutions. You are not communicating, but you are reciting a monologue about yourself / or that after a couple of posts tired. And ultimately, you are wasting your time.

Promote the Brand on Social Networks

Let’s clarify immediately: social networks are not used to transmit information (like a TV) but to interact with other users, create discussions, build relationships.

They are a public space specially created to meet and exchange ideas, opinions, advice like a digital square. So, to be successful, you need to generate interactions and offer helpful content.

We deal with natural positioning on search engines: we know how much being present on social networks is essential to promote your brand.

Networking using Social Networks

As mentioned, networking is essential to be successful on social networks (and to make your marketing strategy work!).

Nowadays, the most far-sighted entrepreneurs have stopped fighting each other, preferring the common front. Especially if you are not the head of Coca-cola, contacting your competitors (perhaps a little more established) to collaborate and network can be of great help.

It is a pervasive phenomenon on social networks: many followers help a colleague or friend emerge. And that’s what is always recommended: if you are a professional in a particular sector, for example, it can be beneficial to share a direct Instagram with a famous professional in the same or similar sector, also attracting the attention of all his followers.

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Telling who you are through Social Networks

Social media sites are the best way to turn your business into an engaging, exciting, trust-inspiring story.

The rule is always that of interaction: a good story affects everyone, but on social networks, it is essential that our stories are interactive – that they generate traffic, shares, comments.

Not just talking, but also listening.

Social networks intercept and collect an immense amount of data. Knowing how to read the insights allows you to find out many things about your real and potential audience, what their needs, preferences, and desires are.

In jargon, they are called “trends “: thanks to social networks, market analyses have become so precise that they can predict future trends or the needs humanity needs to satisfy.

Pinterest Predicts, for example, is an annual report that makes forecasts by grouping by theme the terms that have been most popular online over the months. It’s a pretty accurate forecast, considering that in 2019 it “guessed” 8 out of 10 trends.

For example, for 2021, among other things, trends have been foreseen to deepen the bond between children and parents, helping the latter in the growth of their children through forms of meditation and mindfulness also mediated by technology; the need to travel, escape and return to frequent natural spaces as uncontaminated as possible; the need to re-organize lifetimes and spaces, considering smart working and the different social plans (work, personal, family) that have become increasingly intertwined in this pandemic year; the desire to recover some old passion forgotten in the drawer, such as do-it-yourself, knitting, traditional cooking. If you are an tycoon who sells products and services can be very helpful.

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Social Networks are also useful for spying on the competition

Facebook, for example, does it automatically: it suggests competitors to “keep an eye on” to monitor the progress of company pages and make comparisons.

Carefully studying what others are doing can be helpful to get an idea of ​​the contents and the communicative style used by competitors, the timing of publication, the type of follower and the volume of interactions they can intercept.

Social Networks bring traffic to the site

Social networks linked to a professional website with good and top search engine positioning (SEO) work can be a potent weapon.

Users who visit a company’s social profiles are directed directly to the company website, increasing traffic within specific pages or valuable calls to action (such as the forms for subscribing to newsletters or pages designed for conversion into online purchases, reservations, and so on).

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