Ultimate ideas for photographing at home

You have to stay at home, you want to take pictures but you don’t know what to photograph? What if you were told that at home, you have a large number of resources to exploit with your device? Here are some ultimate ideas for photographing at home . All you need is a little creativity and a strong desire to experiment!

Ultimate ideas you should try


Bokeh is a term that comes from the Japanese and although it refers to background blur in general , is more associated with the blurring of lights from the back of the scene which produces a nice composition of circles in color.

Bokeh photos induce a feeling of tenderness and magic and if the lights are warm, you have a guaranteed “home” touch. Do you want to take a step forward on your bokeh? Try out different shapes: hearts, stars, butterflies… The possibilities are endless!

Use zooming to photograph at home

Another surprising effect which does not require a lot of resources is the zooming or zooming effect. By using the zoom, you will be able to create a feeling of movement , whether it is moving closer to or away from the subject being photographed.

The converging lines around the subject direct the gaze towards the center of the photo and give that impression of dynamism even dizziness. You can apply this effect with a relative or a friend but also with an object of the house. 


Normally, when you think of macro photography, the first thing that comes to mind are flowers and insects. But the macro is about much more than that and in your home you will be able to pull off some truly surprising photos if you take a moment to look around you. Your home is full of objects and details that you usually don’t pay attention to but who says they aren’t worthy of your lens’ immortalization? Now is a good time to put on your photographer’s glasses and look around, from a different perspective.

On the other hand, today, in order to do macro photography, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. You can find some really inexpensive options to get good results. Conversion lenses are the best choice for getting started: they screw onto your camera lens to turn it into a macro lens. Check more on

Take pictures at home: portraits

Are you alone at home and you have no one to photograph? You can try the self-portrait or invite your friends over for a coffee and you will have a 2 × 1: company and models for your photoshoot. Portraiture is one of the most extensive genres of photography but it’s not just about taking a picture of a person and that’s it.

The portrait encompasses much more than that. It is about capturing the personality, expressing an emotion, immortalizing a gesture or the singular detail of a person… On the blog, we had already given you precious advice for making beautiful portraits, so we advises to review them before you grab your device.


They may not be the best models because they hardly stay in place to give you the photo you want, but they are also undoubtedly the most beautiful that we will portray. Do you own a pet? So, you still have an excuse to take your camera home and improvise a photoshoot.

Photographing pets is not only fun, but it will also help you progress as a photographer. This will help you acquire patience, you will sharpen your photographic eye to capture new details, you will learn to anticipate and predict the animal’s movements to obtain the desired grip, etc.

We love dogs a lot, but we must admit it to you: at Photo24, we also love cats! Proof of this is the photo below. Whatever your tastes, your preferences and the breed of your furry or feathered companion, let yourself be charmed by these so cute pictures.

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