As a result of the drastic change in custom packaging, designers have been exploring new techniques to bring brands into reality. Spot UV finishing is one such technique that was previously used only for art but now has expanded throughout other industries as well. With this method, there are no limits–fashion, food and beverage, custom vape cartridge packaging, or retail all benefit from spot UV finish’s ability to create an endless supply of variety with just one design. 

The traditional use for spot ultraviolet (UV) light was in creating fine prints on surfaces like paper and canvas seen mostly among professional artists who continued using it even after mass printing methods came about because they had more control over their work than if printed by machines at larger scale sizes typically needed when producing commercial products. 

With UV spot printing, you do not have to worry about moisture or wear and tear; this technique seals the color fastness of your design into those specific parts of the surface for a beautiful exterior appearance that grabs attention. 

The Practical Finishing Style 

The use of a glossy or metallic coating is one way to make your business cards, flyers, brochures, and other printed materials stand out. The look will depend on the type you are going for, from light finishes up through chic matte surfaces depending on what look suits you best. It is versatile, so it works well with heavy paper stocks, for example, cardboard cigarette boxes as well as thinner sheets. 

Positive Facets of Spot UV Finish 

Spot UV is a photo-curing option that leaves no trace of the ink in our environment and doesn’t involve harmful solvents. It’s also more environmentally friendly than other printing processes because it creates an invisible texture on paper with only ultraviolet light (UV).

Gives a Fine Presentation 

Spot UV printing is the perfect option for when you need a quick, clean, and professional finish to your custom packaging. The drying time of Spot UV prints is almost instant while still providing an incredible level of detail that will impress any customer. You can also be sure that this type of print production has zero solvents or VOCs involved in all stages, from prep through ink application. 

Spot UV and Matte UV 

Matte-finished paper is the best surface for when you want a big, bold design. The sober matte background contrasts beautifully with the high ink saturation and contrast of UV printing; there is no need to worry about sizing or alignment as it will look good in any position. Matte surfaces also work great if you’re looking to add flair later on through finishing options like spot varnishing.

If you want to be the most successful company in your niche, then all of your products must be well-packaged. Matte UV coating provides a layer of protection for everything from electronics and soap bottles to metal jewellery boxes. Professional custom packaging companies know how to apply coatings with various styles, such as glossy or matte finishes, which can make any product stand out on store shelves. 

Finishing Style on Matte Coating 

With a matte coating, your products are sure to stand out from the others. It also features glossy and soft mattes in combination, which will give you a darkening effect on shades that highlight any graphic or message with excellent readability. 

Spot UV is an additional option if what you are looking for is highlighting logos and images so they can be more prominent when reading materials from afar; this works best with spot colors, of course. 

Spot UV on Matte Varnish 

Matte finishes are the new must-have item that no one can seem to get enough of. These understated, elegant coatings offer a sophisticated style and subtle shine without being overbearing like their glossy counterparts. 

For this reason, they are often found on luxury items such as jewellery or bath products where you want your design features to pop against an otherwise subdued background coating for a stunning effect. 

On Soft-Touch Matte Surface 

When it comes to custom packaging, presentation is everything. You can give your product an elegant appearance and velvety touch with a soft-touch matte finish – not to mention that silk spot UV surface gives just the right amount of sophistication. 

How Spot UV Finish Enhances the Look of Your Custom Packaging? 

Packaging is what houses your product and sells it to customers. This can be achieved by making the custom packaging beautiful, keeping everything inside safe from damage during transit or storage, in addition to having an eye-catching design that will get people’s attention on store shelves.

Packaging is manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it’s important not to over-design with the goal of saving money. Spot UV printing can help you tell your brand story while having safe items that customers enjoy looking at. 

Packages are more than just attractive products sitting on shelves; they are the first thing people see when a product is purchased. In order to increase sales and entice customers with your brand’s custom packaging design, it has to be eye-catching at first glance so you can capitalize off of impulse purchases while also being aesthetically pleasing for those who want their purchase experience to feel rewarding in every way. 

One element that helps achieve this goal is keeping up with trends like minimalism if making simplicity an important part of your aesthetic philosophy or adding texture such as embossing, which visually engages consumers by giving them something interesting or even tactile–to look at other than words on paperboard cartons or plastic bags. 

The Final Word:

The custom packaging of a product can be your greatest asset. It is up to you whether or not it will do the job, so make sure that everything about it earns its keep. The finishing style determines what people think about your brand; don’t underestimate this decision because if done correctly, all other aspects of marketing are made much easier as well. 

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