People Counting Technology: Tracking Human Behavior And Interaction In Buildings

Let’s face it. Technology has grown to a new height, and people need to rely on them for more preciseness and accuracy. Among the technological advancements witnessed during the decade, people counting technology is a pretty familiar one used excessively in buildings and locations. Does the name ring a bell? Typically, the technology is inclusive, and you may leverage the following.

  • Video counters
  • Floor sensors
  • Beam counters
  • Wi-Fi tracking
  • Mobile tracking
  • Thermal tracking

The people counting technology is widely used across different industry verticals and helps evaluate human behavior within specific locations and buildings. Retail stores can especially benefit from this technology and use it for calculating the performance of the store. 

Why use people counting technology:

The commercial spaces leverage the technology at the entrance and exit points and even in elevators, bathrooms, and waiting rooms. It also helps control the environmental conditions and creates a comforting experience for the building occupants and visitors. 

Here are some of the merits of the technology you need to know.

  • Social distancing

No one can deny that social distancing has been the new age norm since the global pandemic. Businesses need to apply this restriction in the commercial spaces for external visitors. With this technology, it is easier to monitor the number of people entering and leaving a building in real-time and inform the owners when the limit is reached. 

  • Controlling the external factors

The people counting technology is not just about measuring the number of visitors within a building and goes a long way in assessing the parameters that affect a business. The longer the duration of storing human traffic data, the better it is for a business to view the factors beyond your control. 

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For instance, the technology allows you to foresee whether organizing a special sale or event in the area around the store may help in bringing more traffic. You can also change your advertising and marketing strategies with the data garnered precisely.

  • Improve janitorial services

Good health practices have suddenly become a priority for several organizations in the post-pandemic period. For businesses trying to improve janitorial services, the people counting method focus on areas where people frequent more often and the less frequented and instructs the janitorial staff to clean the former more effectively. 

  • Enhance the indoor air quality

One of the priorities today for people living and working in various buildings is to ensure comfort and health. With respiratory diseases taking center stage during the age of pollution, you need technology that captures crucial data, such as the CO2 concentration level within a specific density of people, and takes measures to improve the ventilation.

  • Detection sensors

The presence detection sensor provides real-time data on where the maximum crowd is during a safety threat within a building and arranges for better security measures. 

  • Getting insights on customer behavior

Using the technology at the entrance door allows you to track foot traffic on specific days of the week or day. Therefore, if your store witnesses more crowds on specific days or weeks, you can arrange for more staff to manage the crowd better. 

How industries benefit from people counting technology:uiiiiii

Several industries benefit from the people counting method due to its ability to capture foot traffic data. Read the points below to gain a thorough understanding.

  • Retail
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The people counting devices placed at strategic points help garner valuable data and allow the store owners to assess the performance of stores and areas that require improvement. Besides, the retail stores understand the physical locations much better through customer interaction. 

  • Trade shows 

The trade shows and events can also count on this technology to gather actionable data on performance. For instance, they can try new products, display methods and improve the scheduling of the staff in the booths with the help of the data received from the events. The trade show exhibitors also assist the exhibitors in gauging the promotions’ effectiveness before the events. 

  • Commercial purposes

When it comes to commercial applications, people counting technology applies in hotels, airports, manufacturing businesses, and travel hubs. The commercial places can improve the floor plans, enhance the visitor experience through the check-in data received, and optimize the energy cost in unused areas. 

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