Method vs Methodology 5 Key Differences Between Them

Research is an important part of most academic degrees and it also exists in businesses. It is a true pathway to justify the practical applications of learning.

Are you also conducting research?

Are you applying the right plans of action for conducting the research?

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The research of Method vs Methodology is divided into majorly five chapters; introduction, literature, methodology, findings and conclusions. The introduction is easy to open up the plan, literature helps to go through academic support, methodology shapes the pathway, findings are your data facts and conclusions is the wind-up!

What is the Method?

There is always a method to do things!

The method is the pathway, in simple words, it is the support to do the things and to do them rightly. The method is the use of smart tools, techniques and support trends to reach the right outcome in the end. It is a way to do the work and to do it in the correct way (Springer International Publishing, 2017).

What is the Methodology?

The roadmap to do the things, in a broader sense, is methodology!

The methodology is a streamlined and aligned way that is letting you know the step-by-step method to do things. It is supportive in idealising the approach and logic behind the things that how you do them and in what way they can do in the best way. Dissertation methodology writing help services recommend streamlining the methodology in the early stages (Originality Methodology, 2017).

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Major Differences

Let us go through the differences between the two entities to realize their value and fitting in the whole research plan. In this way, you will be able to judge their adjustment and their value in the research work. The methodology is enveloping the methods as a dominant trend. The major 5 differences are:

  1. Objectives – Method vs Methodology

The objective is the main motto of the research, they are the body of the research that may give it the plan of action. The thematic support is the objectives of the method of research and the methodology in action will be helpful to run the research. It may give format to the plan of work.

The objective is the main slogan of research!


  • An objective simply tells the right space of investigation to plan things.
  • The objective of the method defines the research techniques, equipment, tools and procedures.


  • A methodology is broadly elaborating the roadmap of space used during the research.
  • The objective of the methodology is to ensure accuracy by applying accuracy and efficiency.
  1. Research – Method vs Methodology

Research is a huge term; it is defining the specific plan that may align the investigation to access the work and go to the end by analyzing the facts. The searching and sorting is the aim of work that may help the researcher to conduct it rightly!

Research is a journey from known to the unknown!


  • Research methods are the tools and behaviors that let the techniques flourish.
  • The research methods are applied in between the whole research to do it in alignment.
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  • Research methodology is the analysis of the methods in the broader aspect.
  • The methodology may discuss the systematic strategy to investigate the topic in depth.
  1. Data – Method vs Methodology

Data is the material that is collected to conduct the research. The researcher mould it, modify it and shape it to reach the ending. The data is collected with the help of methods defined in the methodology.

Data will talk to you if you have ears to listen to!


  • Data collection methods can be simply interviews, questionnaires, reading material and some simple techniques.
  • Data can be collected by employing more than a single method.


  • The methodology is a huge space, it can be primary or secondary according to the needs of research.
  • It is a multidimensional concept that may lead to an investigation of support.
  1. Applications – Method vs Methodology

Application is the ending plan of the research, it is the focus plan that will let the researcher apply the findings accordingly. The methods and methodologies support the applications in the long term.

You cannot improve, what you cannot measure!


  • Methods are applied in between to read the applications of the research.
  • The methods can tell how to see the things in the application at a lower scale.


  • The methodology can apply the theme of research in a broader term.
  • The methodology will also apply itself in the stages and levels, like initial, middle or final
  1. Scope – Method vs Methodology

The scope of work is according to its action plan. The research may value the scope by seeing its working plan. The methods are limited in scope as they have a short time of survival. The methodology comes up with a broader scope.

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The scope is the space of action, either limited or unlimited!


  • The method can be defined in the limit of time, when the work is done, the method will not be employed further.
  • The method, for instance, the interview will be conducted in limited time and then it is not to be redone.


  • The methodology is with huge scope, it is to cover the whole research plan.
  • The methodology holds more space, for example, qualitative methodology is going to influence all spaces.

Two Different Spaces (Method vs Methodology)

No doubt, the method vs methodology are two different spaces according to their requirements and demand in the research plan. But they both are going towards the same opinion and plans (International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering, 2017). They are up to the same focus, and they are the road supporters to reach the right ending. It is impossible to do things without the right methods and methodologies, this is why their value is immense!

Choose the right methodology and then pick the right methods under it!


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