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KBC Winner Lottery List 2021 KBC Head Office Number Mumbai Life has come full circle for Sushil Kumar, winner of the fifth season of Sony TV’s popular giveaway Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) in 2011, the primary one to supply RS 5 crore as a prize.

A touch over three years after he was declared KBC winner, the small-time computer operator from Motihari in north Bihar acknowledges that the spotlight is long gone. Kumar is ‘jobless’ – not whilst gainfully employed as his pre-KBC Rs 6,000 per month computer job with MGNREGA, the agricultural development ministry’s job generation scheme. “

What I’m left with now’s little or no money, no career prospect, and an entire lot of disappointment”, Kumar told HT on Wednesday. As long as he basked within the glory of KBC victory, offers to endorse a couple of products, and a call for participation to be the brand ambassador of rural development ministry came his way. Sushil Kumar now hopes to become a faculty teacher. But that’s passed.

KBC winner today | KBC head office India number

He reported the amount immediately to us,” the ACP said. during a similar incident, a person gave away Rs 5 lakh after he was told he won the lottery in KBC,” said Rachakonda ACP (cybercrime), S Harnath. i feel there was some quite divine energy, and that I could feel that from the beginning. it’s the primary show that really gives you an opportunity to speak to a celeb who is larger than life and god-like.

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There are instances where fraudsters have made calls through WhatsApp and made such claims. I even have two sets of oldsters, and a few amounts are going to be spent ensuring their health is secure. I even have a 10-year-old son, who may be a soccer buff. “They informed me that my number was selected during a lucky draw conducted by KBC Head Office which I had won a cash prize worth Rs 25 lakh.

KBC winner list 2021 | KBC head office number Kolkata

Not at all, it had been surreal completely. So far, police have recorded 11 such cases from across the town. Kumar acknowledges little or no of that cash remains. “Much of the cash was spent in building a house which I share with my parents and 4 brothers.

The show is certainly quite just the cash. We are yet to take a seat and discuss, but we’ll confirm that we also are ready to make a difference in the lives of individuals around us.

It’s been 20 years, and ever since it first aired, I even have been hooked on the show. i used to be on the sting of my seat, then were my mother and husband, who was present on the set. albeit she had not participated in any such contest, she gave away around Rs 14 lakh towards (what was claimed to be) GST and other taxes in several phases.

The officer said that he had received a recent complaint, wherein a person noticed the (+92) country code when he received an identical KBC call. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Start a Conversations end of the article. “I received the complaint on WhatsApp.

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Any time you get a call from an unknown number telling you that you simply have won a lucky attract Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), it might be knowing end the decision immediately. So a number of it might enter his training and future.

The person said that the country code, he noticed, was of Pakistan, and thus he didn’t divulge any personal details. And after I crossed a specific threshold, I could see my dream turning into a reality.”

I have done B. Ed, you know”, he said, wistfully. a touch over three years after he was declared KBC winner, Kumar acknowledges that the spotlight is long gone. After taxes took their toll on Kumar’s KBC booty, his prize had declined to approximately Rs 3.6 crore.

“There was a case a couple of months ago, wherein a housewife received a call stating that she had won a lucky attract KBC. He approached cops in February and registered a complaint. Honestly, it had been quite smooth run me. After making the payment, he was again asked to form further payments, towards other taxes and repair charges.

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While police keep receiving lottery fraud cases, the cybercrime department lately has seen an increase in the number of KBC cases. they’ll call from another country but use an Indian code, using virtual numbers applications.

“She feels little has gone her way in terms of the fruits of my KBC victory which her life had not improved anywhere near the way it should have with such a lot money coming my way”, Kumar conceded.

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Cops say that while many that are conscious of such scams have stopped receiving such calls, there are cases where victims have lost money believing the caller. Perhaps, I’m not cut out for it”, he told HT.

Now 32, Kumar concedes the simplest he could now hope for is to become a faculty teacher. KBC Head Office is additionally a really aspirational show, especially for middle-class and little city people.

“The fraudster can use any country code, Pakistan, Dubai, Singapore, etc. These calls mainly come from numbers with a ‘+92’ country code, that from Pakistan. The 25-year-old had received a call from a +92 phone number. When Mr. Bachchan, in his inimitable style, announced ‘Ek crore,’ I got really emotional.

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