How Your KAYA kept it Real and Their Cash Flow in Check

How Your KAYA kept it Real and Their Cash Flow in Check

If you know about Your KAYA which is a famous brand that specializes in selling intimate care products. This is an industry that works more with plastic and it won’t be wrong that it was mainly dependent on it but not anymore.

This brand went for more eco-friendly materials to use in the packaging and which has only been possible because of the two main pillars that are education and sustainability. As we know today packaging plays a very vital role in the overall appearance of your products and it can also affect the sales of your products as well. 

The whole KAYA packaging transformation of this brand was given to Pack help plus which did a marvelous job in providing the perfect gift box packaging for the products. This packaging was able to make all those self-care products look so adorable and increased the appeal multiple folds.

But the purpose of the packaging is not only to beautify the product but also to protect it as well. Because most of the time products need to be shipped to different stores and even shipped overseas to clients which can be a little rough for these delicate products.

But these boxes were quite adorable looking as well as durable enough to withstand any shocks and jolts while keeping the products safe inside. These boxes were designed for multiple uses while keeping the weight and space inside the boxes as efficiently as possible. And the result was amazing as Your KAYA got a nice and unique drawer box that was durable enough for the job. 

Why Consult a Packaging Company?

Packaging plays a very important role in any business today. And for your next business venture which involves some products that need to be packed instead of going for old and boring cardboard boxes you should consult a KAYA packaging company. As H5 packaging is one of the best packaging companies out there in the market.

They offer hundreds of designs for various packaging solutions. There are thousands of overlays that you can choose from or you can let the designers design a brand new and unique design specifically for your product. And on top of that multiple finishing options will make your products look way more exclusive. 

The benefit of going for a professional packaging company is that they are best at what they do. You will see a noticeable increase in your brand awareness and your sales after you get your packaging from a great packaging company. There are some perks of going for the packaging company that we are going to discuss. 

Packaging solution for all kinds of products

No matter what kind of product you are going to sell you will get suitable packaging for that. The size and the shape of the product will not matter no matter how uniquely shaped your product is you can put your trust in H5 packaging to give you the best results. 

They can design small adorable boxes for your yummy delights such as the KAYA custom donut boxes. And if you are dealing with heavy products or even fragile ones, they have all the solutions. 


Let Your Brand be Known

In today’s world, there is just a lot of competition in all kinds of businesses and that competition is giving inspiration for new tips and tricks. Such as printing your brand logo on top of the KAYA packaging is a great move although it might not seem a big deal.

But in terms of advertisement, it can benefit you a lot. People nowadays believe in brand supremacy and almost everyone is loyal to some brand for their specific products. They do not wish to make purchases from shady brands because they won’t be sure about the quality of the products. 

So, if you are providing the best quality donuts for instance you should let the people know about your brand by printing your brand logo on top of the custom donut boxes. 

Best Quality Printing and Designs

In the past few years, printing techniques have quite advanced and today we get much better results than before. There are techniques such as PMS which merges the shadow of one color which result gives you a theme of your choice and makes your products look far better. And after that, there is CMYK which uses only four colors that can help you build a masterpiece of packaging. 

But that is not as there are much more options such as embossing and debossing after which comes foiling which can also be said to be the new way of wrapping your products and gives out a luxurious looking finish to your products. Any product with foiling on it gives a very premium feel to the consumers. 

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