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How To Start A Blog How To Start A Blog


How to Start a Blog – The Ultimate Guide to Blogging in 2021



Do not Know “how to start a blog”? This ultimate guide help to start the journey of your blogging in 2021.

Generally as a mode to build up a long-term audience, businesses of all kinds can start blogging.

The otherwise is also happening here with several of the bloggers who wishes to learn on how to start a business as an extension of their blogs and it does make a lot of sense here.

Building a greater number of audience in terms of their products is considering as one of the massive challenges that are being facing by the businesses. Building an audience first by consistently placing good content and then exploring the ways to monetize the traffic is what the new bloggers are often doing.

Getting started with a blogging niche would be the easiest way to overcome with the hustles and bustles of all. In terms of the way in which you are getting your blog set up as you think of all the creative ways in which you are able to make money as a blogger all the way as you need to become quite strategic about it.

In order to commence with blogging and to grow it within a source of income along with the traffic taking the aid of this guide will help you with a complete overview of what you need to know about.

It is quite relevant for any businesses that wish to get into the game of blogging while the guide is suggest for those who have not start a business yet.

Let us now look into the vital question that would appear to be quite obvious for “How to Start a Blog”.

What is a Blog?

A website that consists of content mainly focusing on a specific topic that you are adding up regularly is known to be a how to start a blog.

For the people who are looking to commence with the blogs, the following are the kinds of reasons here:

  • To share their opinions, passions, or a small look into their lives
  • Teaching others about things they know
  • Generating an email list
  • Professional way to develop brand names
  • Selling the products or services
  • A mixture of pinpoints which are mentioning above

When it comes to the entire strangers out there, it starts to get the completely intake of the contents being an utmost commitment here for the reasons mentioning above as blogging is the best way here.

In the manner in which how they are publishing is not the sole reason for being quite consistent but it is also undertaken by the kind of content you are publishing that is completely irrespective of whether you are publishing them daily, monthly, or weekly.

Stay motivated in the early stages and keeps in mind the reason of doing it as it is quite rare for the bloggers to check out the results right off.

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Best Way to Start Your Own Blog

The toughest part about blogging here is to find the ideas along with the time you need to get it doing in a consistent manner. It is however straightforward as you get kick-off here.

The following are the 6 steps to follow and find out “how to start a blog“:

Step 1: Selecting a Basic Niche for the Blog

There will never be any kind of shortage in terms of the content as there is an entire ocean out there. Although it would seem to be quite hard to stand out with the choice of a specific niche where you can aim at with the creation of content that has a thing about what the readers would not be able to find anything else as there are two ways of it.

It is extremely vital to select a niche that has quite a greater depth in it. You need not have to run out of ideas that would be influencing the name of your business is what you need to understand to help in creating contents consistently.

One can determine ultimately on the manner in which you can explore the monetization as the niche you are choosing should be quite essential as it not only depending on the audience whom you are serving sustainably.

The buying-decision for the audience should also be taken in concern as it is a vital question that one should be asking as you are choosing a niche for your how to start a blog or whether you are strategizing over the monetization with the display ads and the rest of the strategies as this a very important question here of “how to start a blog”.

Step 2: Select a Domain Name for the Blog

After choosing a niche, you require to buy a domain. You can easily make use of a hosting company like that of Bluehost in order to find out the names that are available.

You need to understand quite well of what name you will be giving to your website and buying a good domain name is the one that is best and you need to search for a name that is not already taking up by another brand, the one that is catchy, and memorable.

We would be recommending you against the use of your name as your custom domain unless you are trying to build a personal blog or a portfolio site. It is quite easy to generate a sticky brand as you are coming up with some innovative names that would be reflecting your mandate as you can till be the prime of your blog. And the personal name would not be that of the URL.

Step 3: Select the Template for Your Blogging Platform

Prior to starting with your first blog post, you will have to set up your blog hosting services and the CMS. Most of the bloggers tend to come to a stop here if they are unsure about the platform in which they should invest their money and time.

Self-hosted: Here you need to pay a monthly fee for hosting a site on your own since it requires a few of the initial setup as these platforms are generally offering a lot more options for customizations. You can check out the open-source platform of when you consider the self-hosted route.

Hosted: You are sure to come across several web hosting companies that can help you get started on. Some of paid and others are also free.

Step 4: Selecting a Pathway to Make Money Out of Blogs

There is a wide variety of ways to monetize a blog, it all depends on the blog type you have. The most sustainable manner in which you can grow for a bit of cost other than the energy and time can be taking as a good source of example while twinning a low-investment business with the sustainable way to create a blog here. People can make use of Google AdSense is they wish to have the way to generate more money.

Step 5: Have People Go Through Your Blog

After we start publishing, we usually speak about growing an audience. You need to start to think about it even before you launch if you wish to build up momentum quickly.

Both require some planning and time before initiate and the latter is something you get over with eventually.

Step 6: Plan Your Publishing Strategy

It helps if you plan ahead to make sure that you never run out although every blogger needs to keep a healthy supply of ideas.

You need to create a content calendar to aid you to keep a track of your ideas is something that you would recommend.

In a nutshell

The success of your journey completely lies on your initial blog or when you have underwent this situation a lot of times. As you add new content on a regular basis, aim at growing this audience and you can come across your traffic with significant increase in its reach.

I hope this guide of “How to Start a Blog” will help to clear all your doubts and you can start your journey as a blogging career in 2021 with a boom.

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How to Choose the Right Hosting Provider for Your Blog



How to choose the right hosting provider

As of today, there are a lot of blogs that moving to self-hosted domains. I will be explaining it in a bit if you don’t know what is this means. Well, probably a lot of us already have an idea of what is a self-hosted domain. Also, it’s important to have it for your blog. With that, I would like to talk about How to choose the right hosting provider for your blog.

First, when going from free domain to self-hosted domain it’s not as easy. I’m going to share my experience as well and hopefully, it help you to avoid some mistakes that I did which made me struggle a bit when I first switched my domain. This will make it easy for you to learn How to choose the right hosting provider.

Sharing everything you need to know about it. So when you do it, it will be smooth. And you have an idea of what is going to happen. This way, when you get into a problem or something, you will be able to solve it and don’t need to struggle anymore.

Don’t need to waste your money or want to refund when it’s not the best provider that you want. And that will help you. Because At first, it wasn’t the best experience for me and I had to change the company I was hosting my domain with. I will be talking more about this how to choose the right hosting provider post.

How to choose the right hosting provider for your blog

Alright, let’s talk about self-hosted domains. If you don’t know what is it. It’s when you change your domain from free to paid and have your domain hosted on its own. That means it can have a different ending. The domain could end with “.com” or “.net” or whatever you choose.

The top domain is “.com” and that’s the best option you would want to go for. It’s known for the high price because almost everyone goes for it when buying a host for their domain. So, I would recommend you to choose “.com” but if you have a reason to choose otherwise, that’s good.

When you want to buy to host for the domain or buy a new domain for your blog. You will need a hosting provider and that’s what I’m going to talk about on how to choose the right hosting provider for your blog. And that means a company that will allow you to host the domain.

However, when you browse the internet, there will be a lot of options to choose from and it’s going to be confusing which one to choose. For me, before when I first chose my provider I was just looking for the price but it wasn’t the best idea, to be honest. I will explain to you as I mention the tips on how to choose the right hosting provider for your blog.

There are some things you need to pay attention to before deciding on which provider and sometimes there are going to be more than one. However, narrow it to one based on what YOU need. Also, I’m going to mention something which might help you to save money.

When you want to buy a domain and host. Remember these are different. The domain is not the hosting. This is something I got confused with. However, later I learned about the two and know more about what to choose from hosting providers. It got me confused with the expiration dates as well haha.

Remember there will be more than packages for each provider. And we judge how to choose the right hosting provider based on the first one(mostly known as standard).

  1. A good security features

Before you decide on one. Make sure to check the security they will offer because this is one of the most important ones. Once you get the domain up and running. You will get a lot of spammy login attempts and people try to log in to your dashboard.

You might find one at a cheap price but don’t have good security features. I don’t think it would be worth risking it for the money. If you can’t afford it, I highly recommend you to wait and keep blogging with the free domain if you already have one until you manage.

One of the security features that you need to pay attention to is SSL. This is very important and it allows browsers and search engines to trust your blog and your domain. It’s one of the requirements for a safe blog. The browser would consider not safe and that means people can’t visit your domain. They need to feel safe reading your content. It’s a good step on how to choose the right hosting provider for your blog to check if they have a good SSL feature.

If you are for the first time buying the domain. I would recommend you to judge the provider based on the standard like I said. Because almost all providers have different prices and packages for everyone. You can know if it’s a good one if they have good standard features including good security.

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  1. Good customer support

It’s good to see the price but if they don’t have good customer support. I won’t work with them. Because it’s so important to be with a company that can help you when you get stuck. And mostly we get stuck a lot of times when we buy a self-hosted domain and custom. Especially, when moving because sometimes you already have it but need to move to self-hosted.

This makes it’s important on how to choose the right hosting provider that can be available and experts people. Some providers would hire people with no experience and makes it difficult to deal with the issues.

You can look at the reviews and that’s how you will know about customer support. People like to share their experiences when rating the hosting providers. So, make sure to spend time looking on the internet about the providers.

Don’t rush with the process. Remember that you will be with them for up to a year or more. This means if you choose something that you are not comfortable with, it won’t be a pleasant experience for you.

  1. Easy to use

You can always learn how to navigate through the dashboard of the provider but it’s nice to have one that is easy to use. Don’t need to struggle from the first time buying the domain and host. Don’t have to ask customer support every time you need something because of a complicated dashboard.

This is not so important but it’s good to look for a well-known provider with an easy dashboard. You can access the server and understand the files. This way, you will be in control of everything. Which makes the job much easier for you when you need to do something with files or servers.

Probably you will mostly find this based on people’s experience when looking up reviews on the provider. Maybe you have a friend or group on Facebook. It can be a nice way to ask before going with the provider. I’m sure some people have experienced with almost all providers and can help you.

It takes time before deciding whether you go with the provider you have in mind or not. Even after narrowing the options. Still, need to go through some features and things to make sure that everything will be smooth and good for the blog. It’s a good thing to know more about how to choose the right hosting provider. Well, it’s going to make it worth the money you will spend.

  1. Have good offers

Before you jump and buy one. Make sure to look for providers that have good offers. It could be the first purchase discount or offer with a good package deal for you. This will help you to save money and have a good experience. Well, you need to make sure they have the other ones I mentioned on how to choose the right hosting provider.

Considering good price as well when looking for providers. But these are things we might not pay attention to. And we need to check everything before buying. However, if they have everything and got a good deal, I would recommend going with it. Because it will be good to save money for other things.

If you move to self-hosted on seasonal time where companies do awesome offers. You would be lucky to get a really good offer. This way, you still get the good providers and also and also get the most of the deals they do.

Here is some more information and tips that will help you with saving money. Blogging can be a bit expensive and these tips will also help you.

  1. The down and uptime for their servers

Another important thing to look for when trying to buy a self-hoasted domain is the downtime and uptime for their servers. This is very important because severs tend to go down but some providers manage to get back so quickly. And some have a high chance of having no downtime.

It will be a nightmare if you go with a company that has downtime below 97%. This means your blog could be down and lose readers. Sometimes it goes down in a bad time. SEvers tend to go down randomly and that’s the problem with them. It’s an important step on how to choose the right hosting provider to check this.


Well, this is the end of this post. Talking about awesome tips that will help you on how to choose the right hosting provider. If you ever want to purchase a self-hosted domain or move to another company. Hopefully, these will help you out. Making your first experience or next provider better and also enjoy blogging.

Have you ever experienced moving to another company? And how it’s like and what were the issues you faced? let us know in the comment below.

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The Complete Guide to Windows VPS Hosting and Benefits it Poses for Businesses



windows vps hosting

A VPS is a virtual private server that provides you with the software and resources of a private server but with less operating costs.

Windows VPS hosting servers are set up to use the Windows operating system. This can be useful for web developers who need to test their websites with different versions of the Windows operating system.

Introduction: What is Windows VPS Hosting? 

Windows VPS hosting is a virtualization technology that allows users to run Windows-based apps on the Internet by using remote network hosting. It offers advanced features like VMs, virtual desktops, and website hosting for their users.

A Windows VPS Server is a Virtual Private Network that hosts your entire Windows Operating System remotely on the cloud. The system offers your organization full control over the user desktop environment which includes any applications, settings or server modifications.

Windows VPS hosting involves executing one or more virtual computers on a physical host. The virtualization enables users to take advantage of the same operating system as their own server without requiring an entire physical computer. This also means that you can be running multiple individual systems on one server, which saves you money and space!

A VPS provides many of the benefits of a physical server including the ability to run the same application on multiple servers, but at much lower costs than traditional servers.

Benefits of a Windows VPS Why use it?

A Windows VPS server is a virtualized server that runs on top of a physical machine. A Windows server can be hosted in a data center or in the cloud. The Windows VPS offers you the same security and control as a dedicated server, with the added flexibility of being able to scale your resources up and down as needed.

A VPS server is a virtual machine that shares the resources of a physical server with other virtual machines. The benefit of using Windows VPS is that it will give you the same experience as if you were on an actual PC.

Windows VPS servers are also great for online businesses because they are powered by the Windows operating system which has the most compatibility with third-party applications. The task of configuring these applications can be time consuming and difficult for those who don’t have the necessary skill set. However, if you’re using a Windows VPS server then all of this is taken care of by the Windows virtualization layer which removes these difficulties from your hands.

Virtual private servers are a cost-effective way to have your own server. With Windows VPS hosting servers, you can run any software that is compatible with Windows Server. This means that you will have access to the vast Microsoft software library that includes Office, Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, Visual Studio Team Services and many others.

How to Choose the Best Windows VPS Plan?

The “best” Windows VPS plan depends on the business needs and requirements. Generally, the data center requirements and technical requirements of server should be considered before purchasing any hosting plan.

The data center location and its distance from your location can also determine the speed of your connection with your website visitors. Choosing the most suitable and cheap windows VPS hosting provider will help you in meeting all these requirements and avoid such hassles later on.

Choosing the best Windows VPS plan is a difficult task. There are many factors to take into account, and many providers that offer different features and services. If you’re in need of a Windows VPS for your business, here are some things to consider:

1. The number of CPU cores: More CPU cores means better processing power for your business.

2. Memory: More memory means more storage space for your database or other information.

3. Bandwidth: You want enough bandwidth to store all your data and make it accessible to users when they need it.

4. Disk Space: You want enough disk space to store all your data, but you also want to be able to back it up in case anything happens.

5. Operating System: Some businesses prefer Linux over Windows

Conclusion – Why You Should Use Windows Server for Your Website

Windows Server is a server operating system developed by Microsoft, the company behind Windows. It is interesting to note that windows server has been around since 1993 when it was first released.

The windows server has huge scalability, security and performance. This makes it the perfect choice for your website hosting needs because of its versatility in supporting different types of business needs.

Windows Server provides unlimited users, storage, data transfer, and other resources while maintaining high levels of security that you would expect from a Windows vps hosting based system.

This means that you can host your website on Windows Server without fear of being outpaced by your competitors or worrying about running out of resources while being hacked through an exploit in your network’s security protocol.

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Digital Marketing

Best Features That Make Your Sports Website Stand Out



make your sports website

Like every other field, having websites for sports activities is also very crucial. If you comprehend the advantages of having a digital presence, you might also acknowledge that a website can be your first step to make your sports website. However, before we begin with some features of a sports website that can be of significant advantage for you, we must first understand how you can use a website in the field of sports.

Sports websites are those websites that aim to inform your fans about recent happenings. These happenings can include match scores, upcoming matches, reviews, and everything else! Moreover, a sports website is also one way of connecting you with different sponsors as well as can help you search for new members!

So how can you ensure that your sports website stands out? Let’s find out!

Make Different Headings for Different Sports.

First of all to make your sports website, categorize your sports website into different sections. Ensure that you place other sports under different sections, so interested users can click on the section they desire to view. If you do this, your viewers will form an image of you being a very organized website! And all of us might agree that this impression can be of significant benefit to you!

This same feature, in particular, should be a starting step as you start to organise your Website so that you can please all other material accordingly. This implies that if you can categorize your sections, you know where you need to put the relevant content. For example, you can put all of your football-related upcoming events, tables, and everything related to football under that football section.

Similarly, if you wish to add some math scores of the recent cricket match, you need to know that you need to update it in the cricket section. Your customers will also see that they need to click on the football section if they wish to find out anything about football.

If you’re unsure how to include these different sections in your Website and it becomes complicated, you can always take the help of web hosting companies. One such company is Navicosoft that has proved its brilliance over the years.

Make Sure to Add Player Lists.

Now that you have categorized different sports, your next step is to add further details of each accordingly. 1st of all, under each category, you need to have The player lists. Player lists are essential because it allows the viewers to instantly see all the players that are either playing or a part of the team.

Moreover, the best sports website is the one that has proper player profiles. These player profiles include all relevant information, rankings, and stats about the player. To add an even professional look, you can further add photos of the players.

make your sports website

You Should Include Event Countdowns.

Another essential thing you should do to ensure in your sports website is to have event countdowns. So, for instance, it is known that there is a football league going on. You can add a countdown till the next match. By doing so, you can instill hype in your viewers about this particular activity.

For this, you need plug-ins that support this feature to make your sports website. However, this feature can be of significant benefit because viewers can return to your Website every now and then to see how much time you have in each match. If you have little knowledge about websites, you might know that as more and more people view your Website, this leads to more traffic generation.

As more traffic is directed towards your Website, search engines start to prefer your Website more, and thus, you can also appear upwards as search results.

Include Current or Future Events in Detail

Next up to make your sports website, you can also include a list of the scheduled events or are currently happening. You can ensure that your viewers guess a very easy overview of all that is happening or going to happen. If this was not the case, viewers might have to search for different or separate events.

If your Website has all of this information together in one place, it might be of significant benefit for your customers. And not to forget, it might help you as well. How? If your customers like your Website, they will review it again and again; enhancing your Website will gain credibility in the eyes of the search engines.

Don’t Forget to Add Results.

Moreover, it is also essential to include the results of the matches and all of the events that occur. Adding the results on your sports website is also essential as your Website is considered relatively weak if the results are missing. This makes perfect sense because it is a sports website at the end of the day and hence adding the result is a must.

The main reason behind this is that when your viewers click on your Website, they can see the results on the spot. So, again, you have to try your best to create a one-stop website with the full details. So, adding results is a must!

Adding Your Social Media Links is a Must!

Oh, and not to forget, you must not forget to add your social media links wherever you can to make your sports website. By successfully adding your social media profiles, you make it easier for your customers to locate you on social media.

Also, make sure that you include all of your social media handles so that different users can access your Website on different social media platforms that they use. You need to include all of your social media platforms because, for instance, if one of your viewers uses Facebook, they will click on your Facebook handle that will take them to your Facebook page.

You must ensure that not even one of your social media handles is missing so your customers can always keep connected with you. Social media is used for posting different content. Basically, on social media, you can share whatever you want how many times. So social media also has one major advantage that it allows you to carry on reminder advertising.

You can keep posting and sharing stuff, and customers can keep recalling your page and keep you fresh in your mind.

If you wish to include these features to make your sports website, remember that you can always take the best web hosting in Lahore. But before you finalize anything, remember that your web hosting service provider should be well equipped to support all your features. They should also have a good tech team and support that can address any of your issues that may arise on the spot.

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