How to Get Internet on a Tablet without WI-FI?

  1. Connecting tablets without Wi-Fi to other sources of the internet is convenient
  2. There are four ways to connect to the internet
  3. Use of dongle with an ethernet cable
  4. Use of data connection for tablets having sim support
  5. Bluetooth tethering
  6. Cable tethering technique
  7. Mobile hotspot

In this modern era, people are connected with each other through the internet. They are using different sources of the internet to keep in touch. Some use Wi-Fi, mobile data, or dongle device to get the internet on a tablet without wi-fi.

The WIFI, these days, has become a crucial part of our life. It is important for study purpose, playing games, watching videos, YouTubing, Blogging, listening to musing on tables etc. Our collection of the best Tablets With Front Facing Speakers maybe helpful for you.

The most common source is Wi-Fi because it is economical and fast in speed. If you are a tablet user, but unfortunately unable to get Wi-Fi access in your area then you can use some other methods.

If you are thinking about how to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi then we have listed few ways that you can apply and surely meet your demand.

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Use Of Dongle With An Ethernet Cable

These days different companies offer dongle devices so you can easily connect them to a port to use the internet. This is an expensive method; mostly the tablets for professionals and tablets graduate for students have a dongle with them, as the students and professionals cannot compromise on the internet connection.   

It is an additional accessory you have to carry with your tablet, laptop, or phone. To get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi you need a dongle with an ethernet cable.

You can connect via Bluetooth or by using the USB type C or micro USB charging port on a tablet.

It is very easy to utilize the benefits of dongles. You just have to plug and it will play to provide you internet. The best thing about such a device is that it offers fast-speed internet and you can download the content without wastage of time.

The only drawback about this method is that you have to take the dongle along with the ethernet cable in your tablet bag. But this is not too much inconvenient as the dongle is a tiny device that you can easily carry it with you.

Use Of Data Connectivity

If your tablet supports 4G, LET connectivity then it means you can conveniently use the internet without having Wi-Fi access.

The option is available on a tablet with sim support. No need for extra dongles or devices you just has to pay for the internet package and start using the data connection. The method is not for a tablet that lacks sim support.

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To avail the benefits of a data connection, you need to insert the sim card having an active data connection. You can use the regular sim card for using the internet. One drawback about the data connection internet is that it is quite expensive. You need to spend a lot to download the content or you want to watch a movie there is required a lot of MBs.

internet on a tablet without wi-fi
How to Get Internet on a Tablet without WI-FI? 2

Bluetooth Tethering

Another useful way to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi is Bluetooth tethering. Although the slow yet reliable technique can help you to complete your internet task easily.

It is the ideal solution when you are stuck in a tough situation. It uses the internet connection through a phone or laptop. To connect the tablet with this method you have to enable Bluetooth of tablet and then of the connecting device.

After pairing your device connect through Bluetooth tethering. The connecting device will share the internet juice with your tablet. 

The method does not support a high-speed internet connection. So, you can only do email or do work that required a few MBs to complete your task. This is you can say the great emergency solution for fulfilling your internet demand.

Cable Tethering

This is one of the oldest yet reliable methods to use the internet. To enjoy browsing with cable the ring method you need a cable with an ethernet port. You can connect the cable with one port to the laptop and the other with the tablet port. This will create a connection and you will have access to the internet. This is also a somewhat slow method but you can do your task efficiently.

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Use Of Mobile Hotspot

One other way to get internet on the tablet when there is no access to Wi-Fi is through the use of a mobile hotspot. You can use your mobile data to give internet juice to your tablet. For this enable the mobile hotspot and then connect it to your tablet. Your device will automatically detect the internet and you can start doing your activity with this.

To enjoy the internet make sure your phone data package has enough speed and signals for the data package. Otherwise, the internet will be very slow and it will not be possible for you to complete your task efficiently. The best part about this type of connection is that you can get sharing from your fellow in the college or during traveling. Where there are good signals of 4G your device will have excellent signals for the internet.

Final Verdict

Getting internet without Wi-Fi is not difficult. You can use any source to continue your activity on your device. Now you have an answer to the question that how to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi whenever you see that there is no Wi-Fi around you then you can seek help from your colleague or friend to share the internet via Bluetooth tethering, or mobile hotspot. In case if you have a sim supportive tab then use mobile data. All these methods work effectively and can be your work companion when there is no Wi-Fi.

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