How to Earn $700 Fast in 2024

Earning a decent amount of money in the short term is a dream of many of us. If you also want to earn dollars but don’t know how to. You landed at the right place.

In this blog, we have shared five steps to earn $700 fast. Dive deep into the piece to understand each step.

5 Steps to Earn $700 Fast in 2024

Identify or Learn the Skills

As per traditional beliefs, everyone in this world has been born with skills. Identify which skills you own, like dancing, singing, poetry, stand-up comedy, swimming, etc.

However, if you feel these are not things that belong to you, No worries, as there are some highly demanded professions like coding, programming, data analysis, IT, and more. If you already have experience with these skills, use them to earn a decent amount.

However, if it’s not, there are IT training institutes available that offer short duration’s IT training courses in various specialisations, including:

  • Python Fundamentals
  • Java Programming Stack
  • Manual and Automation Testing
  • Java Full Stack Diploma
  • MEAN MERN Full Stack Diploma

The IT field is one of the highest-paying sectors. In this field, you can easily find online projects to earn faster. Apart from these, you can also learn other demanding and trendy skills like AI, machine learning and digital marketing to earn quickly. Some of the leading skills are

  • Campaign Management
  • Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Natural language processing
  • Prompt Engineering
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Earn Confidence

You’ll need to build confidence in your skills to earn from it. To gain a certain level of confidence, identify which level of expertise you have in it.

Confidence can be built after applying your skills in the real project, updating your knowledge, and watching other people doing the same. Earning confidence will help you a lot in pitching clients and performing your tasks effectively.

Build Networking

Earn better; you need to network yourself. Make your profile on professional platforms like Linkedin, Reddit, etc, for networking. On these platforms, you can connect with like-minded people and experts in your field.

Moreover, you can connect with the individuals and companies that require your expertise for their business and work. A strong network will help you find clients online.

Create Strong Portfolio

No Matter what your skill is. You need to know how to properly represent this. For this, you’ll need to create a strong portfolio. The portfolio must include your best work collection, as it will showcase your skills and expertise.

Get Freelance Projects

Freelancing is the best way to earn money quickly. You can find freelance projects through freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Flexjobs, etc.

You can also leverage your networking to pitch the clients. You can find international projects for freelancing. They will help you build a globally recognised portfolio and earn more.

To get freelance projects, you can do certain things like:

  • Learn to send personalised messages on professional platforms like Linked In.
  • Create an account on freelance job offering sites.
  • Write professional emails to companies.
  • Visit top institutions to find projects.
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Tips to Earn $700 Fast with Freelance Projects

  • At once, you can take numerous freelance projects to work on.
  • Pitch the clients with excellent proposals.
  • Build your virtual team to delegate the work.
  • Earn with commission and focus on bringing more clients.
  • Leverage technology like AI and machine learning to save time while working, searching for clients,etc.
  • Invest your time in skill development.
  • Consider a realistic way to earn.
  • Get your money invested in profitable stocks, mutual funds, etc.


Definitely, you can earn $700 fast. However, to earn it in a realistic way, you will need to master any skill. IT skills, AI, machine learning and digital marketing are some of the top skills to get your hands on. In these fields, you can easily find freelance projects online.

To get freelance projects, build confidence in yourself, make excellent proposals, make your virtual team to delegate work, invest in networking, skill development and portfolio building.

How can I make an extra $700 a week?

Using skills and strong networking, you can get freelance projects and earn an extra $700 in a week.

How can I earn a lot of money fast

There can be multiple ways to earn lots of money, such as:

  • Rent your properties like home, shop, bike, car, etc.
  • Use your skills to get freelance work and a high-paying job.
  • Learn new skills and keep updating yourself.
  • Find commission-based projects
  • Understand the stock market and invest smartly.
  • Go for entrepreneurship.
  • Become an online tutor.
  • Invest yourself in creative fields like photography, videography, etc.
  • Find a job in the MNCs.
  • Build IT skills and find high-paying jobs and freelance projects.
  • Invest yourself in learning and updating the knowledge.
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