How to Make Disappearing Messages in GMAIL?

Making disappearing messages in Gmail isn’t supported by Google on the other hand other social messaging services like telegram and WhatsApp has started giving facility for disappearing messages.

The Self-destructive disappearing messages in Gmail services I am mentioning give end to end encryption and you will get sophisticated services like Password protection and you can also send password on professional number, opening by particular IP address, and you can upload a file also. The biggest of these services are that person can take a screenshot of secret note and many services are paid.

Here are the top paid services to use to make disappearing messages in Gmail:


It is very advanced note service to make disappearing messages in Gmail and in this you get option to increase lifetime of message by maximum 14 days and by views, with password protected security, and most important you will get the notification when it will destroyed if you want you can also add reference in the notification. Your communication is end to end encrypted with this you can also make a email alias to hide your name. Despite of this it gives many services like online proxy, email checker, secure file, private link, email finder from website , temporary mail box, and many developer tools.


It is gives more unique features like accessing from particular IP address and you can send password by SMS message go through a encryption algorithm with this it also gives an email notification with sidenote and you can send a file to friend.

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Privnote doesn’t give you end to end encryption and features of sending a file. This website is recommended by Times Of India for sharing ATM Pin, bank password, email passwords and other confidential information. However, it has been the subject of a year-long phishing scam. Cyber-criminals registered a similar domain, Privnotes[.]com, which was used to target Privnote users.

According to coindesk it was cloned for stealing Bitcoin in the script, a search for bitcoin addresses in messages is conducted, and the original address is replaced with the bad actor’s own address in the sent message. The message sender would not receive any funds. Instead, they would arrive at the bitcoin address of the criminal.

Secret Xmission 

It provides encryption and a private ID for viewing secret code with URL which will self destruct itself in 3 minutes. You can choose to send URL or secret ID. Additionally it also gives you a destroy note facility to user to destroy at the moment if you want. As soon as you destroy the page will started showing 404 error.

It was claimed by the website owners that the algorithms used by website to create URL was a mixture of random 22 characters and the longest time it would take to find a note-containing URL that would offer a 50% chance of being valid is 700 years, if one billion URLs were tested per second. However, I have done own research we found domain was registered in 1994 in 25th March, Updated on 2020 7th July and will expire on 2026 in 26 March. It was registered by TUCOWS, INC.

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Destroy Note 

This provides you a random or custom temporary email inbox and feature to notify when note was received by victim and it also has option for confirmation before showing and destroying the note. Customize the name for the note with password protected features. However, not encrypted like others and it was registered in 2020 on NAMECHEAP INC.

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