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5 Stupefying Tools To Add Google Reviews To Squarespace Website

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Stupefying Tools To Add Google Reviews To Squarespace Website

Displaying valuable feedback and words from your current customers is an initial strategy in the marketing scenario to stand ahead of your competitors. Humans love providing their opinions about their recommended products or brands to other people. They write their opinions and reviews on several review platforms about their preferred brand. One such platform is Google reviews which is used by brand users to advocate their recommendations. 

Why You Need to Add Google Reviews on Squarespace Website?

Every brand has created its Google My Business account that enables users to review their services or products. This is the main reason brands have started to add Google reviews on Squarespace website to enjoy some amazing benefits.

Read this blog to learn more about the tools to add Google reviews on your Squarespace website effortlessly. The tools that are listed here are easy to use and you don’t require any technical knowledge. So, without any delay, let’s get started!

Worthy Tools To Add Google Reviews To Squarespace Website 

Google reviews have been a crucial part of SEO rankings over the years for brands and businesses. On their websites, many brands opt to show Google reviews. Here are some tools listed below that you can use to show Google reviews on your Squarespace website. 

1. Tagembed 

One of the leading social media aggregator tools- Tagembed is the first one on the list. This tool enables users to aggregate content across different social media platforms which also include Google reviews. By choosing their preferred type of connection, the users can effectively aggregate the content. You can handle the Tagembed even if you are a beginner to adding Google reviews to the Squarespace website because it is a low-code. 

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Tagembed offers several other additional features that enable you to improve the effectiveness of the review widget. To make the widget look more charming, users can easily use the personalization options. A wide range of customization tools are available such as colors, fonts, layouts, designs, themes, etc. from which users can choose which suits their website best. To track the performance of the widget, the users can use advanced analytics. 

An integral part of adding a Google reviews widget on Squarespace website is the customization process. Just imagine having two different types of elements on your website. This is why you need to use the personalization feature at its best. 

2. Nudgify 

Nudgify is another social media aggregator tool that you can use to add Google reviews on your Squarespace website. With a few clicks, with this tool, users are eligible to create an attractive Google reviews widget. To suit your style and needs of the website, this tool provides various customization options such as templates. 

To reach their most preferred selection, the users can customize the style easily. More than 30 languages are supported by the Nudgify tool. Where you wish to display the Google review, the users can pick between the pages or sections. 

3. Taggbox 

Taggbox is another one of the great social media aggregator tools. Taggbox widget is equipped with several other features and it is an easy-to-use tool that permits the users to make the widget more result-driven and powerful. Taggbox comes with a wide variety of personalization tools that uplift the look of the widget and overall presence. Real-time updates, content moderation, and a backup support team for any time assistance are the other features provided by the Taggbox tool. 

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4. Embed Social 

Embed Social is a type of social media aggregator tool that helps in the curation of social media reviews, photos, feeds, stories, etc. and embeds them on any website easily. You can pull all reviews from social media within seconds with the integration of the API of Embed Social. 

To request reviews from customers, the users can also use the form widgets, emails, and SMS. Embed Social offers you some additional features so that you can change the layout, color, font, remove/add parts to widgets, etc. as per your website needs. The code of Embed Social can easily work on any website-building platform. 

5. Reviews On My Website 

The next tool in the list is Reviews On My Website which helps you bring reviews to your website, true to its name. Along with having a new set of reviews, this tool also helps to manage the online reputation of your website by giving you the widget features. For your business, this tool will give you access to gather reviews from more than 15 different review platforms. To your customers, you can also send them the review request with the help of this tool. 

Final Note 

If you don’t provide any social proof to your potential customers then there are high chances that they will not buy anything from your brand. To evaluate local businesses, more than 80% of customers use Google. Your potential customers want to know how your other customers feel about your products or services and how much they have faith in your brand. Without any further delay, add a Google reviews widget to the Squarespace website and see what magic happens. 

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