Google AC2200 Wifi Router Not Showing Network? Fix it

The google ac220 router is a dual band gigabit router. It provides the best internet speed connection for wired and wireless devices. It works with dual band frequencies of 2.4ghz and 5ghz. The network range of this router is wide and has a high speed connection. By using the Google ac2200 WIFI router you can easily enhance the full network in your entire house.

You will get a reliable, stable & hassle free network connection. You can easily download the HD videos and enjoy unlimited live streaming videos without any buffering. The dual band speed of this router provides 1600mbps. In 2.4ghz frequency you will get speed or 300mbps and in 5ghz 1.3gbps.

In this smart router LAN ports are also available that provides ethernet connection. You can connect 4 devices at one time by using ethernet ports. In this smart router a modem port is also available that provides you modem connectivity.

It supports all kinds of google wireless devices or other wireless, you can also connect amazon Alexa device and control with your voice. In order to complete the google nest WIFI router login you must use the default IP it will take you to the admin panel.

Why does the Google ac2200 WIFI router not show the network?

The google ac2200 router is a totally advanced wireless device that works with advanced technology. That delivers a high speed network range and covers a large area. You will get proper range in all your rooms even at a single corner. It will amplify the network signal to your wireless devices by optimizing the signal range. You can use this device to use a hassle free network, Enjoy unlimited live streaming, upload high storage videos and more.

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Sometimes the users may face a network not showing issues. You can fix the issues by following the steps. The reason my be various, Here are some :

  • Router not powered “ON”
  • Many devices are connected at one time
  • Outdate firmware version.
  • No internet connection.

Here are Some Steps to Fix.

  1. Create or Delete the SSID

If the network name is not showing to your device it may be due to creating lot’s of SSID. Like SSID 1, SSID 2. So delete the unnecessary SSID network. Only create 2 one of 2.4ghz network and other for 5ghz network. You can also create a name for your SSID network. You can manage these settings by accessing the administration settings.

  1. Change the Network Password

Sometimes lot’s of devices are connected with your wireless router. Open the network admin panel and check the network status. Here you can check the guest user and can block unknown devices. We recommend you to change the Google ac2200 wifi router password and set a strong password.

  1. Update the Latest Firmware Version

Open the admin center and check the firmware version of your router. If it’s not updated it may cause errors. Be sure that your router is updated with the latest firmware. If not then simply visit the official website and download the latest firmware and save it to your computer homepage. Now open the admin center and click the upgrade option. Select your downloaded file and update it. Wait for some time your router will restart automatically during update.

  1. Check Internet Connection
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You must verify that the internet is working. You can ensure it just by connecting any other device with the network. If the internet is not working it may not show networks. You can contact your ISP to fix the issue. Wait for some time, maybe it will start working. Power off your wireless router and wait for some time. Then power it “ON”

  1. Factory Reset

By using the given above steps you can easily fix the issue. But if still the problem is not solved then you can perform google nest wifi router reset. But be sure that all the settings will be set by default settings and you must need to configure your router again.

In order to reset your router you must power “ON” your device then simply press the ‘RESET” button for 15 seconds and release it. Your router will automatically enter the reset mode and the reset will be done.

After performing a hard reset you must configure your wireless router once again. So by using all these given steps you can fix the Google ac2200 wifi router issue. If not solved, you need to change your router.

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