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Trying to Find Your Best Way In Kids Spy App World?



If you are trying to get a Kids Spy App for parental control then I guess you have already been through rigorous research and are now in the most confused state of mind. Well, it is like that when after some research you have some knowhow of what you are up to but still not confident enough to choose the right app.

We are here to tell you about a super kids spy app that can help the parents in many ways and you can take care of your child’s wellbeing and safety. OgyMogy monitoring software offers wonderful features that can report to you about your child’s real-life as well as virtual interests and hobbies. No kids spend time without a smart gadget. Thus the kids spy app technology uses this habit of a teenager in favor of the parents and ultimately the kids as well.

Here are some of the most astonishing features of the OgyMogy Kids spy app.

View Your Kid’s Activity Calendar

Through this outstanding app, you can watch your kid’s calendar if there is some specific date that they have chosen to meet someone. If they had planned some outside activity you can also check when it is and what it is all about. This way you can thoroughly watch them and can make sure that they are in safe and sound conditions.

Inquire Your Darling’s Whereabouts

Whether your kid is partying at his friend’s place or attending a live concert you will know all. If you are in a doubt that your daughter is dating some stranger that is not suitable as per social and ethical standards, then you can talk to her for her better and convince her to cut off a toxic relationship. In other words, you can be their shield 24/7.

Social Media Monitoring:

Mostly some change of life patterns and habits is also the cause of the increase in screen usage and social media interaction but the thing is you don’t have to belong to a certain age group or community to know about the social media apps or to be its users. You can use it for just browsing, for business for entertainment, and much more. There is no limit whatsoever and that’s why this needs to be monitored. Use the OgyMogy kid’s spy app to monitor Facebook, Whatsapp spy, Tinder, Tumblr, and more apps remotely.


The OgyMogy Keylogging feature doesn’t let the user know about its presence. You can simply have a check on all keystrokes applied to the target teenager’s device. That includes secret passwords. messages, digital diary, or more.

Text Log:

Jump right into the text message folder and read the conversation secretly with the text log feature. You can know about their contacts details as well with OgyMogy. So in case they are being threatened or bullied in the text message you can take action right away.

Access to Installed Apps:

My kid was showing violent behavior with his siblings and even in school. Turned out that was the effect of the violent game recently he is obsessed about. OgyMogy kids spy app lets the user check all the installed apps in the target teen device. Track android mobile and any dating app or violent game and take precautionary measures right away.

Monitor the Search Box :

Easy access to the internet has made it quite possible for any age group to just visit whatever site or content they want on the web. This is very dangerous as there is teenage inappropriate material present on the web. OgyMogy kids spy app lets the user check the search box history of the teenager. You can know what kind of media gets their attention or about their online interest secretly. Monitor the frequently visited sites by getting into the favorite bar of the internet browser.

Web Filtering:

Block any triggering or sexual stuff with the web filtering feature. OgyMogy not only highlights the problem but also provides the solution to the user as well.

GPS Location Tracker:

Monitor the pinpoint location of the child in real-time with the location tracker feature of the OgyMogy. You can even mark a safe and restricted zone on Google Maps as well for the target teen. Any movent around the marked zone will be reported to the user immediately.

Camera Bug:

Use the front and rear camera of the teenager’s device to capture the surroundings of the kid. You can know what they are up to and about their company easily by using this feature.

Mic Bug:

Mic bug feature lets the user listen to all the surrounding sounds and chats without any problem. You can know if they are in trouble or what kind of discussion they usually have with their friends and company.

Access to the Built-In Calendar:

Remote access to the built-in calendar makes it easy for the parents to know about any secret plan of the kid.

Remotely Control The Internet :

If your child is too addicted to smartphones and you are worried about their safety especially during activities like driving then we have a solution. You can remotely block the internet of the target device when they are driving.

Don’t trust the myths, just experience it yourself with the OgyMogy android spy app.

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Cathy is a school teacher and digital parental geek, She's also content writer and editor at spysmarts. She reads and writes excessively on subjects such as computer and mobile tips, software reviews, protecting oneself from the dangers of the online world especially targeting child protection and the guidelines for using different cellular applications.

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How Can You Monitor Your Kids Browser History?



monitor your kids browser history

There is much information on the Internet, and it is so vast. It has become an instinct in the past decade. Internet use has its merits and its demerits, especially for a child whose life may be adversely affected. Web browsing history sheds light on many things. When we track kid’s internet browsing history, we can determine what their interests are, which websites are regularly visited, or if they visit any dangerous sites and you can monitor your kids browser history . Several third-party apps can help you keep track of your kid’s Internet activities.

Top Internet History Tracker Application

  • MobileSpy
  • FamiGuard
  • iKeyMonitor
  • CocoSpy
  • XnSpy
  • Highster Mobile
  • PanSpy
  1. MobileSpy

Monitoring a child’s Internet usage is easy with MobileSpy, a convenient solution that every parent prefers. In addition, it’s available for both Android and iOS devices. You can access all the website history of your kids with the best phone monitoring app in a matter of minutes. After installing the app, you can access the web-based MobileSpy dashboard to view Internet history and bookmarks. Mobilespy’s server should be close to both the monitoring and monitored devices so it can sync the mobile web history.

  1. FamiGuard

Using FamiGuard, you can set a different restriction on your children device in addition to tracking their Internet activity. The software lets you track your child’s location, track their browsing history, and prevent them from going to certain websites. In addition to tracking all the websites your children’s has visited recently, you can also keep an eye on how long he or she over on a particular site to monitor your kids browser history.

Using FamiGuard’s Web Filter feature, you can also apply some restrictions on the sites your kid frequently visits. The application to monitor your kids browser history offers you two options: you can rapidly block thousands of unsafe websites by categories, or you can also make a blacklist for specific sites.

  1. iKeyMonitor

You can monitor your child’s internet browsing history with iKeyMonitor. This product is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Due to its high compatibility, it is incredibly popular. In addition to tracking internet history, iKeyMonitor lets you monitor SMS, social chats, voice calls, and even your current location. iKeyMonitor lets you to view all of your kid’s smartphone activity, as well as set some specific limits on his/her phone, for example screen time limit and Website blocking.

  1. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is a monitoring and parental control platform available for iOS and Android devices. You do not even need to hold your child’s smartphone to keep an eye on it. With just a glance, you can see all their internet activities. CocoSpy can track a person’s browser history, SMS, or calls. It will even record calls which your child makes or receives. In addition to SMS messages, you can read your kid’s social media messages and WhatsApp chats. Additionally, you can track your child’s location with this app.

  1. XnSpy

XnSpy is able to do more than track your kids. XnSpy can also be used as a tracker for employees, keeping tabs on what they are up to. You can track your child’s Internet browsing history, as well as your kid’s SMS and WhatsApp conversations, using the app. Due to its availability for working on Android and iOS devices, it does not need to be concerned about its compatibility.

As for restricting your child from accessing any dangerous websites, With features like blocking unwanted websites, Xnspy ensures efficient gains to your online activities and social media websites is as simple as that. In case you are looking for an app to monitor internet activity on your iPhone, XnSpy is a great choice to monitor your kids browser history.

  1. Highster Mobile

While Highster Mobile is not so popular as an Internet history tracker, but it is nonetheless well-known for its spying capabilities which makes them useful. As for Highster Mobile, it is a free browsing history tracker that will also provide you with the feature to monitor your kids browser history. Besides tracking SMS and voice calls, this app can also track your current location. Using additional screen time options, it is possible to limit overuse by your child of their smartphone.

  1. PanSpy

The PanSpy application can be used to perform many different tasks when it comes to parental control. You can use the software to track voice calls, and internet history. You can be able to monitor your kid’s activity while restricting their access to the internet with PanSpy. If you set up a screening schedule, he or she is not allowed to use the phone at any time. That way, you’ll be able to see everything your child posts on social media. For example, you could track their Snapchat and WhatsApp activities. After creating an account on PanSpy’s official website, you can without difficulty track your kid’s activities on the website after connecting his phone with it.


It is easy for anyone to become distracted at a young age. However, we as parents have a responsibility to keep our kids safe from distractions. You can use these browser history trackers to protect your child from harmful and inappropriate websites. In addition, you can use the app to keep an eye on your child’s location at all times, putting an end to all your worries.

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What is A Multi-Tenant Conferencing Solution?



multi-tenant conferencing Solution

Never in conventional wisdom, one would have thought that active collaboration with co-workers can take place outside the confines of the office. But here we are now– Covid-19 has brought about unprecedented changes in the work-life for everyone. The office ‘team calls’ have become all too familiar with other jargon such as ‘screen share’, ‘meet invite’, and ‘go mute’ among others. The new form of video telephony, also referred to as video conferencing, is the must-have communication for multi-tenant conferencing solution for all workplaces.

Well, for businesses and big enterprises this collaboration assumes a larger proportion. You need a reliable, resilient, and cost-effective solution to manage the conferencing with a centralized infrastructure for all offices. This is where a multi-tenant conferencing solution platform comes in.

A multi-tenant conferencing software enables you to offer conferencing services to different customers or business units with a single instance of the software.

This essentially means multi-tenant conferencing software can help you to support many enterprise users with the same infrastructure. Let’s find out how multi-tenant conferencing works and its benefits for businesses.

How does multi-tenant conferencing work?

The conferencing framework utilizes a multi-tenancy model, which means multiple independent instances of one or multiple applications operate in a shared ecosystem. There is a certain degree of isolation with varying levels of physical integration. With a centralized video conferencing solution, the admin can create several accounts for users or tenants. The control of the system lies with the admin, who can assign differential rights for use.

The tenants can be branch offices of an organization around the world or different customers who are using the shared infrastructure to support multi-tenant conferencing.

Main features of multi-tenant conferencing solution:

  1. Shared Hardware Used by Different Tenants

Whether you are a conference services provider or a large enterprise with multiple branch offices, a multi-tenant conference framework lets more than one user use your infrastructure to avail conferencing services.

  1. Isolation of Users

Each user or customer is securely ring-fenced from one another and the admin can securely operate and add tenants.

  1. Centralized Control

The admin of the multi-tenant conferencing solution has complete control over permissions assigned to the tenants. This means you can configure the permission for your branch offices or tenants, as per your discretion.

Now that we have a broad understanding of the multi-tenant conferencing software and how it works, let’s move to the next section to find out more about the benefits.

Benefits of Multi-Tenant Conferencing Software

  1. Crystal clear audio and rich video

The multi-tenant solution uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for call conferencing that gives you a high-quality audio output every time. The voice transmission is crystal clear with high-resolution video. The communication mirrors real-time collaboration with great audio and video quality.

You can upload your slide deck and present it in live meetings. Features such as online slideshow presentation, whiteboard, documents and screen sharing, text chat, and tools to make your virtual meeting live.

  1. Cost-effective

It would not make sense to have a large scale setup without being cost-effective. One of the prime drivers of multi-tenant conferencing software for users is the effective reduction in costs due to the shared infrastructure.

  1. No additional hardware and software

With multi-tenancy, a tenant can enjoy the benefits of conferencing without investing a penny on the hardware, software, and infrastructure setup costs. You can get on with business calls almost, immediately.

  1. WebRTC

WebRTC Solution brings the benefits of an open-source platform for communication through a browser. Multi-tenant conferencing solution enables you to access the WebRTC for seamless audio and video communication. Enterprises and business units can access WebRTC through any popular browser and open gates to communication channels like instant messaging (IM), SMS, alongside video conferencing. There is no requirement for plugins too.

  1. White label solution

There is no need to re-invent the wheel when you can easily access a white label software. If you are worried about branding and reputation, the white label gives you peace of mind with assured value. You can customize the multi-tenant conferencing software as per your company’s brand, logo, and identity allowing the users or tenants to associate the product with you.

Use Case

Multi-tenant conferencing is utilized by many businesses today to overcome the limitations of plain-vanilla conferencing software. Take the case of a multi-national and multi-city bank. Using a multi-tenant conferencing software platform a bank’s employees and customers can securely communicate with each other.

The WebRTC inclusion can help the customers of the bank to voice their concerns and discuss sensitive financial matters with the live banking agent over an encrypted connection securely. Banking agents can view and acknowledge the statements online. Moreover, if the bank offers other products such as insurance, then the customer can discuss and file claims digitally from his home through a video call from any device.

Why should you go for Ecosmob multi-tenant conferencing software?

When you finally decide to invest in a multi-tenant conferencing solution the primary concern is getting the return on investment. There are too many ifs and buts to weigh in. Make a checklist of questions or must-haves before you decide which one is the right fit for you. To get started here are a few questions you can pose yourself.

  • What do I want from a multi-tenant conferencing software?
  • What if the multi-tenant solution does not meet my needs adequately?
  • What if the solution works at one branch office but does not take off at another?
  • What if my team finds onboarding to the new software difficult?
  • What is the time and budget that I should demarcate for investing in a multi-tenant solution?

There could be many more such questions depending on your industry and the size of your business. You can come to Ecosmob and consult our VoIP experts to get your queries resolved, at no cost.

The feature-rich multi-tenant conferencing software from Ecosmob gives you the flexibility and quick RoI with its scalable and robust framework. Some of the features of our conferencing software web portal are:

  • Live Conference View (LCV-Monitor/Control)
  • Create, edit or delete any entity
  • Active Speaker Display
  • NIP Feature for name and PIN mapping
  • Class of Service (CoS)
  • Phone Book
  • Pop-up mail notification during a conference
  • End-to-end encrypted for security
  • Mute all participants
  • File, image and, screen share
  • Seamless audio and video calls
  • Live chats

With a simple user interface and no extra plugin, you can expedite your conference creation and execution. Our team of experts provides continuous support from development to actual use. Additionally, the trouble-free reporting renders efficiency in the management and operation of multi-tenant conferencing software.

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What Exactly is a VPN and What are its Benefits?




There will be many people around you whose relatives may be living in another country. You must know that the balance of the phone is very high when talking in foreign countries. But yes, some tools reduce your balance and allow talking to your family.

Suppose you are also looking for a tool you can contact only through the Internet without any extra cost. So, in this case, we’ll talk about VPN. It will help you fulfil your every need. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is like an open book It Protects Your Online Privacy. A VPN allows you to access all the sites at once with few restrictions directly. If you are not ready to pay to use a VPN, we will tell you all the details related to it in detail.

In today’s article, you will learn everything there is to know about VPN and how it works. However, you can also take its free trial to understand its use. Its free trial is given to users by the VPN provider. The trial of VPN is for a few days or a week, in which you can take advantage of all the features related to it.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an encrypted tunnel that connects you directly to the Internet via an organization’s server. With this, you can encrypt all your data. It simply allows you to access sites and services some of which are blocked in some countries or that are restricted or banned in others. It also includes sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Netflix, Hulu.

With the help of a VPN, you can also unblock the pages of some restricted websites. It uses data encryption and decryption algorithms to secure your online security and protect your personal information from hackers and thieves. The VPN server also encrypts all of the connections between your device and the VPN server, so that nobody can track what you are doing when using the VPN service.

What does a VPN do for online security?

Unblocks Websites

Using a VPN allows you to unblock sites that may be banned in countries like India, China, Saudi Arabia, America, or any other country. Websites are blocked more in these countries. So here, you can take full advantage of VPN. Through this, you can also unblock video streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer. It ensures you that your ISP cannot track your activity as you use such sites. No matter where you are in the world VPN can provide you with unrestricted access to these websites and movies.

Protect Your Privacy

It encrypts all your data and protects your personal information and identity VPN encrypts all your data and protects your personal information and identity. Its security system is so good that no one can access your online activity. Apart from this, it does not allow anyone to come near your personal information. It also encrypts the connection between the VPN server and your device to connect to it.

Keeps Online Payments Secure

Nowadays, people use online payment only to make even the smallest payment. The trend of online payment has increased tremendously in the digital world. VPN can help you to secure online payment. When paying online to order an item from Amazon or other companies, you can rely on your customers’ credit card details via a VPN. It encrypts all your payment details and protects them from hackers and thieves by keeping them secure.

Protect Your Identity

How difficult has it become to hide your privacy and identity in this online world? Cybercriminals keep adopting new tactics every day to cheat people. Cybercriminals have become very active in the last few years. Due to this, incidents related to cybercrime keep coming in the news every day. Whenever you are doing any work online, VPN can prove to be very helpful in protecting your identity.

Using this, you can ensure that no one can track and trace your activity, identity, or personal details. Each day, hundreds of people lose thousands in such instances. As a result, hackers tricked them into entering their credit card information through the Internet. Using VPN can help you to avoid all these scams. Using this With VPN, you can encrypt your data using advanced tools for complete security. 

In this way, with the help of this technology, you can roam freely on the Internet by hiding your identity. Neither the company nor the government can identify you through a virtual private network. During COVID 19, this technology is a great help in working safely on the four walls of your home. Perhaps due to all this convenience, VPN is also misused. Many thieves also use this technology to escape from the police.

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