Trying to Find Your Best Way In Kids Spy App World?

If you are trying to get a Kids Spy App for parental control then I guess you have already been through rigorous research and are now in the most confused state of mind. Well, it is like that when after some research you have some knowhow of what you are up to but still not confident enough to choose the right app.

We are here to tell you about a super kids spy app that can help the parents in many ways and you can take care of your child’s wellbeing and safety. OgyMogy monitoring software offers wonderful features that can report to you about your child’s real-life as well as virtual interests and hobbies. No kids spend time without a smart gadget. Thus the kids spy app technology uses this habit of a teenager in favor of the parents and ultimately the kids as well.

Here are some of the most astonishing features of the OgyMogy Kids spy app.

View Your Kid’s Activity Calendar

Through this outstanding app, you can watch your kid’s calendar if there is some specific date that they have chosen to meet someone. If they had planned some outside activity you can also check when it is and what it is all about. This way you can thoroughly watch them and can make sure that they are in safe and sound conditions.

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Inquire Your Darling’s Whereabouts

Whether your kid is partying at his friend’s place or attending a live concert you will know all. If you are in a doubt that your daughter is dating some stranger that is not suitable as per social and ethical standards, then you can talk to her for her better and convince her to cut off a toxic relationship. In other words, you can be their shield 24/7.

Social Media Monitoring:

Mostly some change of life patterns and habits is also the cause of the increase in screen usage and social media interaction but the thing is you don’t have to belong to a certain age group or community to know about the social media apps or to be its users. You can use it for just browsing, for business for entertainment, and much more. There is no limit whatsoever and that’s why this needs to be monitored. Use the OgyMogy kid’s spy app to monitor Facebook, Whatsapp spy, Tinder, Tumblr, and more apps remotely.


The OgyMogy Keylogging feature doesn’t let the user know about its presence. You can simply have a check on all keystrokes applied to the target teenager’s device. That includes secret passwords. messages, digital diary, or more.

Text Log:

Jump right into the text message folder and read the conversation secretly with the text log feature. You can know about their contacts details as well with OgyMogy. So in case they are being threatened or bullied in the text message you can take action right away.

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Access to Installed Apps:

My kid was showing violent behavior with his siblings and even in school. Turned out that was the effect of the violent game recently he is obsessed about. OgyMogy kids spy app lets the user check all the installed apps in the target teen device. Track android mobile and any dating app or violent game and take precautionary measures right away.

Easy access to the internet has made it quite possible for any age group to just visit whatever site or content they want on the web. This is very dangerous as there is teenage inappropriate material present on the web. OgyMogy kids spy app lets the user check the search box history of the teenager. You can know what kind of media gets their attention or about their online interest secretly. Monitor the frequently visited sites by getting into the favorite bar of the internet browser.

Web Filtering:

Block any triggering or sexual stuff with the web filtering feature. OgyMogy not only highlights the problem but also provides the solution to the user as well.

GPS Location Tracker:

Monitor the pinpoint location of the child in real-time with the location tracker feature of the OgyMogy. You can even mark a safe and restricted zone on Google Maps as well for the target teen. Any movent around the marked zone will be reported to the user immediately.

Camera Bug:

Use the front and rear camera of the teenager’s device to capture the surroundings of the kid. You can know what they are up to and about their company easily by using this feature.

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Mic Bug:

Mic bug feature lets the user listen to all the surrounding sounds and chats without any problem. You can know if they are in trouble or what kind of discussion they usually have with their friends and company.

Access to the Built-In Calendar:

Remote access to the built-in calendar makes it easy for the parents to know about any secret plan of the kid.

Remotely Control The Internet :

If your child is too addicted to smartphones and you are worried about their safety especially during activities like driving then we have a solution. You can remotely block the internet of the target device when they are driving.

Don’t trust the myths, just experience it yourself with the OgyMogy android spy app.

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