What are the Expectations of Youth from Social Media?

As per the latest figures, there are almost 4500 million people in the world who are actively using social media. If we see last year’s data, this amounts to an increase of 13.13%. Social media users have more than doubled since 2015 when only 2070 million people have used it. All these people have different expectations from social media.

Some teenagers join social media to connect with their peer group to share messages, pictures and videos. Some grown-up people use social media essentially to connect with their family members or colleagues from the office. There are senior citizens above seventy and eighty years who use social media to spend time.

Why Do Youth Join Social Media?

Youngsters are a different lot, and their expectations from social media are also quite different. They are young, ambitious and impatient. They still have to prove themselves and are under a lot of pressure from their family members, relatives and elders. Therefore, their needs are both personal and professional. On the one hand, they need to connect and engage with other users of the same age group. While on the other hand, they need to grow their professional network and improve their profile.

Youth Need to Connect

This is the age where one wants to connect with many people who share the same interest and aspirations. Young people seldom complain that others don’t want to listen to their point of view. And for this reason, they look for people who are more like them. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are excellent mediums to connect with other people. Young men and women use these channels to connect with their existing friends and make contact with new people.

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Since these are virtual mediums, users worldwide join these platforms to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Social media channels are free from geographical boundaries, and it doesn’t matter which country you belong to and what language you speak. The main factors that affect your chances of engaging with other people are your nature, likes and dislikes.

They Look for Jobs and Opportunities

There are platforms like LinkedIn that provide job opportunities across the sector. It also acts as an excellent platform for growing your professional network. People use similar platforms like Meetup, Summary, Jobcase, Viadeo, Hired, and Xing for the same purpose. So, if someone is looking for a new job or a better job, these platforms are the go-to place. They also provide an excellent opportunity to grow a professional network.

These days, most private sector recruitments take place on a reference basis. Therefore, if you have the right connections on a platform like LinkedIn, your chances of landing your dream job increase to a great extent. Such a system also suits companies because they get a sort of insurance for the quality of employees.

It Also Acts as a Dating and Matchmaking Site

There are platforms like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, and Happen that provide opportunities for dating and matchmaking. Youngsters often look for a partner from the opposite sex for dating. They can interact with potential candidates on these dating sites, and after chatting for some days, can decide whether they should go ahead or not. If they find their partner good enough, they can also think of having a long term relationship.

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There are so many successful couples who first met on these dating sites and fell in love. These days, people are too busy in their professional lives and get few heart-to-heart talk opportunities. This is where these dating apps come as a blessing. You can fix dates through these sites and see if they match your requirements or not.

Moreover, especially for girls, it’s not easy to hook up with a stranger because of security considerations. The advantage of a dating site is the guarantee of safety because every user on these sites is screened. These dating sites usually conduct the background checking of every user. One upcoming Indian social app for dating is Connected India, which has come a long way since its launch in February.

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