Best Resume Screening Software Using the Latest Technology

Over the years, technological advances have eliminated physical labor, improving the quality of the work. The recruiting and recruitment process is facilitated by candidate screening software. Previously, maintaining candidate data manually on extensive sheets has taken a lot of time and effort. Software for filtering for resume screening improves the effectiveness of hiring new personnel.

For an open position, resumes are simple to arrange, making it easier for the team to schedule interviews with the applicants they desire. The resumes are pre-screened in accordance with the job description and chosen based on the results of the keyword search, making this process impartial.

What is Resume Screening?

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Shortlisting the best candidates for any open post is made easier with the aid of resume screening, which involves scanning and classifying resumes. To assess eligibility, the qualifications given by the candidates are compared to the specifications for the open position.

Education level, professional experience, competencies, abilities and knowledge, and personality qualities are the most frequent matching criteria. One of the essential hiring processes is the screening of resumes.

The recruiters submit job advertisements on various online job boards and social media, and all applicants’ resumes are reviewed. It is generally conducted by HR professionals manually or with the use of resume screening tools.

Some of the top candidate screening software for companies are discussed here.

  1. PyjamaHR

With its candidate resume screening tool, PyjamaHR’s free AI-based applicant tracking system streamlines and sorts the screening of candidate resumes. By saving the recruiter time and effort, user-friendly software gives you a once-in-a-lifetime hiring and recruitment experience.

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This cutting-edge HR technology automates and streamlines the hiring process while also providing you with a number of tools to help you out.

The extremely sophisticated features, such as maintaining aggregated applicant data in a single database system, advanced search, customized events like interview scheduling, dashboard, and strong filters, are arranged to suit your organizational demands. Join today to learn more!

  1. Ducknowl

One of the best resume screenings software, Ducknowl, states that it can cut the time it takes to review resumes by up to 70% to 80%. Other strong features include skill testing, proxy prevention, video screening, keyword matching, and more.

The software is simple to integrate with various applicant tracking systems, enabling recruiters to quickly sort thousands of resumes. Employers can use the program to set a variety of sorting criteria based on things like education, skills, experience, certifications, and other hiring needs.

The biggest feature of this program is that it enables hiring managers to design pre-assessment skill tests for potential employees and then incorporate those tests into their CVs. Their scores will be compared by the algorithms to the details on current CVs. In this situation, if an applicant fabricates their skill set, the software will immediately catch it and eliminate them from consideration for the position. 

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  1. Screatives Screening Parser

NLP and machine learning techniques are used by Screatives Resume Parser to extract specific information from resumes and store it for further use. The machine learning capability analyses the data with those of other applications and ranks the candidates as a result.

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As it collects more data, the program continuously adapts and becomes faster and more user-friendly thanks to its machine learning technology. This makes it excellent for role-specific deep search and bulk data segregation.

The software used for resume screening functions as an interpreter, analyzing and extracting pertinent information from a CV. The important distinction is that creatives may also extract ill-defined data from CVs, in contrast to standard parsers.

For instance, if a candidate entered “60%” in one row and “60%” in another, creatives would be able to recognize those data and these data are simple to find and may be quickly transformed into a predetermined template by designers. The application has preconfigured metadata that rapidly searches for important information from each resume and highlights it.

  1. Sovren

One of the most secure resume screening programs available is offered by Sovren. End-to-end encryption technology is used to secure all data, removing any possibility of data theft.

Additionally, the software makes the claim that it can parse resumes up to 25 times faster than other programs, making it the perfect parsing tool for mass hiring. Additionally, the software asserts that it reduces parsing errors 10 times more than its rivals.

Recruiters receive a second, anonymized copy of the resume after the software has identified personal information from the resume. In order to enhance fact-based hiring and get rid of unconscious biases, recruiters can remove names, addresses, and other information from a CV.

  1. Greenhouse

To ensure that you find the best candidate who has been accepted by your firm, Greenhouse has more user-friendly resume screening software. A scorecard outlining the qualifications and soft qualities you anticipate from your application is part of the interdepartmental screening process.

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Custom questions are included in the job ad form for external screening to weed out unsuitable resumes. Additionally, you have the ability to grant preference to people with disabilities through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

By allowing you to make a list of qualities to look out for during live discussions, the interview kit adds an additional layer of screening. Every feature Greenhouse provides fundamentally aids in identifying and outlining the precise qualities you need in your staff.


Before the advent of ATSs, screening resumes was regarded as one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes. This is due to the fact that recruiters compile and sort through a substantial amount of information from resumes in excel sheets. The repeated nature of the activity made human error more likely.

Today’s resume screening is more organized and controllable thanks to ATS. Hours-long tasks can now be completed in a matter of minutes. As a result, in the current digital era, resume screening technologies are a must for recruitment companies.