Best JavaScript Mobile Frameworks to Know in 2022

In the 21st century, mobile phones are a very important part of human life. In fact, when asked if anyone can live without a phone, everyone (the majority) said it is now impossible to imagine a life without a mobile. Consequently, mobile applications also play a very vital role for mankind. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for every mobile app development company.

Presently, there are millions of apps available in the market. Every mobile application caters to different needs. Thus, every app is built on different technology like best javascript mobile frameworks to precisely fulfill the client’s requirements and deliver the best services to the end-user.

This simply indicates it is extremely crucial to choose the right technology for mobile app development to get the maximum outcomes. Now, you must have started wondering which possibly is the best technology for mobile app development. The answer is JavaScript! Also, it is the easiest coding language because multiple mobile frameworks are available in JavaScript.

In this blog, we will discuss the best JavaScript mobile frameworks to know in 2022. Let’s get started!

JavaScript – The Most Popular Technology

JavaScript is the most popular trusted and used coding language globally. Although JavaScript was originally created for websites. Now, it is great for mobile app development because both native and hybrid mobile app development is possible with JavaScript frameworks. As a matter of fact, businesses came across a way better and more feasible solution for interactive UI with less coding. JavaScript is the number 1 choice or go-to strategy for robust mobile apps development amongst developers as well as businesses.           

JavaScript Frameworks – The Best Choice for Native & Hybrid Mobile Apps Development    

Smartphones along with mobile applications both have made human life much easier and more comfortable than ever before. As many things are now possible on the fingertips with some tap. Therefore, people are using mobile phones and apps every now and then to perform certain tasks of day-to-day life. As a result, mobile app development is the core focus of trending technology today.

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The sole purpose of every mobile app or web development company is to build the best native or hybrid/cross-platform application with good compatibility, brilliant user experience, top-notch security, and quick response. To accomplish all the above-mentioned features effortlessly, JavaScript is the right fit. In fact, JavaScript is considered one of the most desired frontend programming languages. Because Javascript frameworks allow app development on the web, desktop, and mobile also. Now, let’s move ahead and probe the best Javascript mobile frameworks.  

Top 8 JavaScript Mobile Frameworks

JavaScript mobile app development frameworks are meant to build applications faster and simpler because very little coding is required. The JavaScript frameworks can be leveraged across iOS, Android, and Windows. Any mobile app developer with detailed knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML can do wonders in mobile app development and craft robust mobile apps.

Now, look at the 8 best Javascript mobile frameworks:-     

  1. React Native
  2. NativeScript
  3. Ionic
  4. Xamarin
  5. AngularJS
  6. Apache Cordova
  7. jQuery Mobile
  8. Titanium

Have a deep and brief look at these Javascript mobile frameworks:-

React Native – On the top of the list in JavaScript mobile frameworks is React Native. React Native was created by tech giant Facebook with the concept/objective “Learn Once, Write Anywhere”. With optimum speed, user interface, competence, and cost-effective approach React Native framework attracts a lot of developers and companies. It delivers native experience and is driven by a large community of developers along with contributors from worldwide. In case, you choose the React framework for the development of mobile applications, then hire Reactjs developers from a leading software development company – BootesNull.     

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NativeScript – Next on the list of the 8 best Javascript mobile frameworks is NativeScript. This mobile app development mobile framework is open-source, cross-platform, free of cost. The NativeScript framework assists in the development of native Android and iOS mobile apps. Also, mobile apps can be built with JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js, or TypeScript. Coding in NativeScript reduces the time and lines of code, to a large extent in the overall development process. Because of NativeScript’s salient features, many companies are implementing it worldwide.     

Ionic – Another leading JavaScript-based mobile app framework is Ionic. The major functions of this framework are a strong focus on performance, design, and animation. The Ionic framework operates on the ‘Write Once, Runs Anywhere” concept. Basically, it is a single codebase that offers a complete mobile app development toolkit. With the Ionic framework, developers can create mobile applications and port them to different locations very effortlessly.       

Xamarin – Xamarin is a . NET-based framework developed or owned by Microsoft. It is an open-source, free, and cross-platform framework in nature. Developers can create native and high-performance mobile apps using Xamarin. The best part of using Xamarin is that it seamlessly integrates with modern-day components, backend services, native APIs. also, it broadens the .NET platform to design as well as develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, etc.

AngularJS – Another open-source web & mobile app development framework in the list is AngularJS. It is supported by the tech stalwart Google. AngularJS is powerful in assisting the development and testing process of mobile applications with MVC and MVVM architectures. The plug n play components of the AngularJS framework are similar to native-like experiences for hybrid mobile apps. Furthermore, the directives in AngularJS are some of the major elements that make it the preferable choice. However, if you desire to hire Nodejs developers along with AngularJS, then don’t hesitate to contact BootesNull.    

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Apache Cordova – Then comes in the list Apache Cordova, it is highly famous in the IT industry and amongst tech-savvy. The sole reason behind its popularity is that it’s open-source and flexible in nature. Apache Cordova framework uses the built-in JavaScript API to create a connection with native features of mobile devices as well as operating systems. With a large and robust backend, the development of native mobile apps is very effortless.   

jQuery Mobile – jQuery Mobile covers the second last place in the list of top 8 Javascript mobile frameworks to follow in 2022. It is developed on the core of jQuery and based on JavaScript. This mobile application development framework is lightweight along with strong themes and simple API(s). With the jQuery Mobile framework, the development of responsive and powerful websites as well as mobile applications can be accomplished. This framework provides single good quality web and mobile app solutions that work seamlessly on any device or platform.      

Titanium – The Titanium framework uses JavaScript along with HTML5 and CSS3 and it is an open-source mobile app framework. Titanium has a very large community of mobile app developers globally. With Titanium, programmers can build mobile applications via a single JavaScript codebase, and that too very easily. Titanium framework also utilizes JavaScript-based SDK with multiple APIs for different platforms to ensure great quality and performance.   

The Bottom Line

In mobile app development, picking the right mobile app development framework is very important. As it impacts the overall development and functionality of the application. To obtain the best mobile app for your business, it is necessary to hire software developers who are skilled and experienced. The most dedicated crew of web or mobile app developers can be found at BootesNull.