Author: Vinod Satapara

Technocrat and entrepreneur of a reputed Angular development company with years of experience in building large-scale enterprise web, cloud, and mobile applications using the latest technologies like ASP.NET, CORE, .NET MVC, Angular, and Blockchain. Keen interest in addressing business problems using the latest technologies and helping the organization to achieve goals.

To understand the Web Workers and the problem they are designed for, you need to understand how JavaScript code is executed at runtime. At the time of execution, the JavaScript code is executed in a sequential manner. As soon as a piece of code is executed, the next piece of code in the line starts executing, and so forth. JavaScript is a common alternative to use with many other languages while custom software development. And that is the reason it is booming constantly. From a technical perspective, we say that JavaScript is single-threaded. This behavior implies that once a piece…

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