Troubleshooting Techniques Of Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell Issues

Everyone needs a doorbell in their house because if there is someone in the house, then they ring this bell and we get to know. But everyone wants that the doorbell should be such that we can benefit a lot, that is, we can see who has come outside the house. Then, for this, you can buy an Arlo wireless video doorbell. Because this doorbell comes with a camera so that you can see the visitor that has come outside the house.

You can easily view it from the front of the door. With this doorbell, you can easily view the cleared picture with HDR quality. You can easily speak & hear the voice of the visitor. Additionally, the Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell absolutely works with Wifi network connectivity. Without network connectivity, it is not working properly.

With the Arlo video doorbell, you can easily protect your smart home. Along with the function of the doorbell, it also protects your home from theft. This wireless doorbell is fully waterproof. This doorbell is completely waterproof, this works perfectly even in the rainy season. The arlo video doorbell installation is simple & effortless. You can remove the existing doorbell from the wall and then connect this doorbell in the proper manner. 

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Some causes about Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell

The Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell perfectly works from your home. But sometimes, this doorbell is not working and the user faces a lot of issues. There are some causes that come with this doorbell. These causes are as follows:

  • Video doorbell not ringing
  • Audio issue
  • Not connecting to the WiFi network
  • Live view not working
  • Not connecting to the mobile phone

Troubleshooting techniques of issue of Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell

If the Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell is not connecting to the WiFi network, not chime, not hear the voice, a live view not working, & more. In the given below, there are some troubleshooting steps to properly resolve the issues.

Check the audio setting to fix the audio issue

If you don’t hear any sound with the video doorbell, you need to check the audio setting. Because sometimes the audio setting is disabled, due to which you do not hear any sound. And many times the mic is not connected properly due to which you do not hear any sound. If you really wish to resolve this issue then you can check the mic. If the mic is not properly connected then you should properly connect it. To verify the audio setting, you can use the Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell IP address.

Then, you can input this IP address in the web utility. After that, access the login page, in this page you can insert the login password and properly log in to the account. Now, you visit the setting by clicking the setting option. Then, select the audio option and accurately verify whether this option is to disable or not. If the audio setting option is disabled then you quickly enable it and click the save option. After that, this setting is properly saved and the sound issues are fixed. 

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Verify the power socket to resolve not ringing issue

If your Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell does not chime i.e. issue comes in it then you should verify the power socket to fix it. Because your doorbell may not be properly connected to the power socket. To properly resolve the issue, you can reconnect the video doorbell to the power socket. For this, you can power the cord, but this power cord is working.

You need to disconnect the existing doorbell from your home wall. Then, install this doorbell into the wall in an accurate manner. After that, connect the power cord to this video doorbell and turn ON the doorbell. Now, you should verify whether the Arlo doorbell is ringing or not. 

Verify the router position to fix not connecting issue

If the video doorbell is not connecting to the WiFi network then it does not chime & not live view. If you really resolve not connecting issues then you should modify the router position. Because many times your WiFi network is far away from the Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell due to which it is not able to connect to the network. So you have to change which position of your router so that your doorbell will be connected easily. Along with this, you should also verify the password. If you use the wrong password, it will not connect. In the router manual, you can easily verify the password in an accurate manner. 

Confirm internet connection to fix live view issue

If you are not able to watch live, view this video with Doorbell. That is, someone has come outside your house and you are not able to see, only you are able to hear the audio. So you have to verify the lens of the camera because if it is dirty then you will not be able to see the live view. If the lens is completely clear but you are not able to see the live view then you have to confirm the WiFi connection. After verifying the connection, then you are easily able to see the live view. 

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