All You Need To Know About SAP Commerce Cloud

The number of people favoring online shopping over conventional shopping is increasing at an exceptional pace. This means the number of online stores is also on the rise to capitalize on this increasing demand and expand their overall business.

However, businesses need to put effort into luring customers in with effective personalization, speed, usability, and reliability. One effective way to do so is by leveraging the capabilities of a robust solution such as the SAP Commerce Cloud. But what is this solution about? Continue reading to learn more about SAP Commerce Cloud and its unique business offerings.  

What is SAP Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud, also known as SAP Hybris, is an amazing omnichannel commerce solution native to the cloud. This solution is mainly suited for B2C, B2B, and even B2B2C businesses and companies.

SAP Commerce Cloud is ideally designed to cater to every individual customer’s unique needs and requirements to enhance their overall shopping experience. This is done by delivering highly personalized experiences right from the acquisition phase till the retention phase of the customer’s journey.

The best thing about SAP Commerce Cloud is that it enables businesses to unify all the touchpoints, including call center, mobile, online, POS, print, and even the socials, to deliver an enhanced experience.

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Competencies of the SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is equipped with many capabilities that businesses can use to augment customer experience. This automatically translates to increased revenue for the business and better customer retention. Some of these well-known capabilities include:

  • Product Content Management: SAP Commerce Cloud is equipped with nuanced product content management capabilities that are available in a centralized and easy-to-use content repository. This functionality enables users to catalog different products based on their unique attributes. Other than that, one can even edit, upload, and publish in bulk. This means one can manage the content of many products simultaneously, enabling one to ensure consistency while saving a lot of time. Further, one can seamlessly define flexible pricing rules for the products and make other tweaks to streamline the entire buying process.
  • Order Management: Every business strives to increase the number of orders they receive from their customers. However, managing this huge influx of orders can often be challenging for businesses. This becomes an even bigger concern, primarily when orders flow in from multiple channels and locations. But thanks to the competencies of the SAP Commerce Cloud solution managing these orders is no longer a challenge for the business. The order management tab of the SAP Commerce Cloud solution will display all the orders placed on the website. One can even sort the orders based on their unique order numbers. This way, one can seamlessly access any order with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Omnichannel Commerce: Every business has its own unique approaches for reaching customers and converting them into paying customers. No matter the marketing model, every business has to adopt many diverse touchpoints and channels to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. This can be easily managed by leveraging the omnichannel commerce capability of the SAP Commerce Cloud solution. The omnichannel and responsive storefront offered by the solution is ideal for delivering tailored recommendations and boosting customer engagement for good.
  • Customer Experience Management: SAP Commerce Cloud is equipped with a fantastic tool for editing websites called the SmartEdit. This tool comes with an amazing drag and drop interface ideally suited for creating varied pages, websites, banners, and promotions for varied electronic devices such as a tablet, phones, and even desktops. Therefore, you could use this tool to enhance any existing design on different storefronts in order to facilitate a consistent view for the customers. The SmartEdit tool is ideal for delivering the enhanced level of personalization expected by online shoppers these days. One can augment everything to suit the taste and preference of the customers for better results.
  • Real-Time Support for Customers: The SAP Commerce Cloud solution is equipped with an assisted service mode designed to offer customers real-time support. The service agents responsible for managing the support for customers will be provided with a detailed profile of every customer. This generally includes the details about the demographics, preferences, purchase history, and even the past support tickets. This enables agents to see the products viewed by the customers and make efforts to encourage customers to make the purchase. This can be done by discounts, free gifts, and other similar strategies.
  • Features Explicitly Suited for Industries: Every industry has to deal with its own sets of challenges, requirements, and opportunities. Therefore, the SAP Commerce Cloud is equipped with a distinct Accelerator designed to cater to the industry’s unique requirements. These accelerators are available for various industries such as travel, finance, telecom and media, citizen engagement, and more. For instance, suppose you are operating an insurance company that needs to manage insurance policies with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Hence you can use the accelerator for financial services and augment the management of different insurance policies.
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Does SAP Commerce Cloud Integrate with Other SAP Solutions?

As you might already know, the well-known SAP S/4 HANA comprises five different cloud solutions that help organizations manage all their business operations. The good news is SAP Commerce Cloud is one of those cloud solutions meaning you can enjoy seamless integration with all the other five platforms, including the SAP Service Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Customer Data. Therefore, businesses can leverage the competencies of all these solutions to augment their business accordingly.

Should Your Organization Use the SAP Commerce Cloud Solution?

There are many reasons why your organization must consider using the SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Some of these reasons such as the omnichannel capabilities, effective personalization for your customers, extensive adaptability, ideally suited for almost every industry, and numerous pre-loaded features and functionalities.


SAP Commerce Cloud is one of the best solutions that one could use to amplify the growth of their business for good. Therefore, leverage the aforementioned information and augment your business by delivering great customer experiences. Get in touch with our leading SAP consulting company to get started.

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