Top 8 Frameworks for Android App Development

Morning alarms are best for all of us lazy people to wake up, order food, book a taxi, and make documents, book tickets and what not. But have you ever imagined how this mobile application works or how it is made? So here we use frameworks for mobile application development.

Let us take an example to explain the importance of frameworks for Android app development in our daily life. To know nothing about what’s happening in day to day scenario people orphan read newspapers but what if we are not able to a newspaper then we open up are mobile phones and search for the latest news so this is also a part of application

Framework! What Does Framework Means?

So basically the framework is all the development process behind making any mobile application, It may include any sensors management or the requirements needed in an application to run. Framework gives the foundation to create mobile applications. Just because of the good framework of mobile applications you can do anything with your fingertips.

Many of you are having no time in this modern and growing world so prefer to work more easily and fast and that is where mobile apps do wonders and with a good framework of application you can do it with better experience and it is just because of the good hire  android app developer.


Top 8 Frameworks for Android App Development 4

Ionic contains a multiple of different and innumerable software tools that may contain some gesture tools and animations.

This framework allows belting modern hybrid apps using HTML5, JavaScript and many more. It was developed in 2012, and is a free source.

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It also hosts a simple CLI which allows it to be one of the best mobile app development frameworks. CLI gives many benefits like improving and giving a good camera, GPS, etc.


It is a cordless new UI that works on the HTML. This is a very creative framework as the coder does not have to learn code for doing development in this type of framework.

It has features like drag and drop which allows framing the applications quickly and easily .It is especially for building Android applications based on information.

The app builder has different functions like push notifications, content updates, polls, feedback; it is built in block type.

The best feature of this app builder is it integrates with Google flaunting a social media presence. This is good to work on such a framework tool.


It is a cross platform apps and free software framework development tool which is a note by Microsoft and is widely used by the developers as it works on .Net. It includes backend, API, modules and many more. It has an established community that can be used anywhere to create native apps. if you want to express yourself uniquely then you are at the right place. Xamarin provides you with various libraries tools and programming language.


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It is the best new framework for Android development for mobile. So basically React is a large JS library that helps in building iOS and Android apps.

It is a cost efficient and easy to work on framework as the developer has to to cold only once and execute whenever or wherever they want to. It is a cross platform framework.

It has built in UI components which allow Android and iOS a good performance and a sophisticated look.

It contains a hot reload feature that allows the app to do work without disrupting in between.


It is a good framework and open source framework for development that allows you to work on both IOS and Android development framework, is a trust full and unrivaled mobile UI framework for the app development.

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Many big corporations like Google created  Flutter applications. The framework uses a single codebase and is written in DART language.

It does not require restarting the app as it has a hot reload feature rich. It is the latest in mobile app development SDKs. It has become one of the favorites due to its benefits like quick rendering, different themes and many more.


It is developed by Apple. It has an open source JavaScript framework that enables the app to run superfast or can say the app does it work in very fast speed and in a very sophisticated manner. It gives you scalability and optimization of the performance.

It has a extensive number of tools up to 50,000 and these tools are perfect for the desktop like applications, routing, deployment and testing tools.

Many developers use this framework due to the MVC design helping in good performance of the application.


It is one of the best frameworks present in the iOS platform. It is best for the iPhone app development company and can be used in an appropriate manner. It also provides you with different beneficial programs that give you up to 30 days money back guarantee. it also gives you guarantee of success if you do not succeed on getting any output from this it will provide you with free service for six months. It provides you with different features like third party integration, social media engagement, app promotions, interesting push notifications etc. that make the engagement of the application better.


JQuery scaled
Top 8 Frameworks for Android App Development 6

It is a user interface framework built on HTML5. It can make highly responsible applications for PCs, tablets, desktops, and mobile phones. Science and the weight are very less.

It is compatible with many other mobile app development platforms, it is a touch friendly framework, it also provides you with highly customizable templates. Mac os, BlackBerry, Windows, kindle, and many more work with the help of jQuery mobile. JQuery contains a component known as theme roller that helps in maintaining different and unique customizable templates. It also has a simple AI, HTML5, which supports a good theme feature that differentiate it from other framework tools.

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Day by day as everything is modernizing the people requirements are also increasing and it is a big deal for the app developers to make appropriate and good satisfying application that it would attract more number of people to join the community and use it for long period of time although there are lots and lots of different features and components of applications available in the platform but a good and easy to use platform is much better than the expensive and time consuming application.

As different applications provide good features the demand would increase and expectations also increase. Opening the application should contain more and more features and tools to entertain the consumers.


  1. What Is Framework?

Framework is the basic structure of something. Here we are talking about the application, so the basic structure of the application development and giving it shape and structure in a good or useful manner.

  1. Do We Need An App Developer To Make This Framework?

yes definitely we need to hire a good app developer for testing the framework for implementing the framework for any e new app development as an example we take any medicine we require prescription of that so we take it from doctor so he is specialize in that field, in similar way if we have to do an app development we need a app developer.

  1. Which Framework Is Best To Use In App Development?

Ok so we can’t decide the best framework to use in app development but we can differentiate it according to the needs as each framework is different from each other according to the features present in it.

Just a think that a developer has to put in the mind is show it works on the framework which has the most number of features for components to use and to resolve the highest number of problems of the users.

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