7 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android in 2023

Despite the advanced capabilities of our smartphones for securing and safeguarding files, there are instances when they do not perform as expected. Valuable photos and documents may disappear from your phone due to unforeseen power interruptions during the copying process or improper ejection of the memory drive.

Furthermore, virus attacks can lead to image corruption, and using a single memory card across multiple devices can also result in files going missing from an Android device.

Top 7 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android in 2023

1. Photo Recovery

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Photos Recovery, created and crafted by Systweak Software, stands out as a top-notch photo recovery apps solution accessible for both Android and PC platforms. This Android photo recovery application performs admirably in retrieving lost, unintentionally deleted, formatted, or damaged images from your device.

It boasts compatibility with virtually all commonly used image file formats, eliminating the need to switch to another photo recovery app in order to recover all deleted pictures from your phone’s storage.

2. DiskDigger photo recovery 

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DiskDigger photo recovery is an exceptional image recovery application created by Defiant Technologies, LLC, specifically for Android smartphones. This Android photo recovery app simplifies the entire procedure of recovering lost photos and videos from memory cards and external storage.

After the recovery process is finished, you have the option to upload the retrieved files to cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox, or share them via email.

3. Dumpster 

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Moving on to our compilation of the finest Android Photo Recovery Apps, we have Dumpster, developed by Baloota, securing its place. With a user base exceeding 50 million worldwide, this app offers a speedy and effective solution for recovering deleted images and videos from SD cards without any complications.

Moreover, this Android photo recovery application allows you to effortlessly back up all your apps and media files. To enjoy an ad-free experience, app locking features, and personalized themes, there’s no better choice than the Dumpster photo recovery app for Android.

4. EaseUS MobiSaver

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Our following entry in the realm of the finest Android Photo Recovery Apps is likely already familiar to many. EaseUS MobiSaver stands as one of the premier applications for the permanent recovery of deleted photos, videos, contacts, and more. This Android photo recovery app offers support for a wide array of file formats, encompassing JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF/TIFF, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, and more.

When it comes to recovering lost pictures and videos, the app provides users with four distinct options accessible through the Settings menu. These options include the ability to display deleted items and filter files by criteria such as size, type, date, and more.

5. DigDeep Image Recovery

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Finally, in our deliberations, we have DigDeep Image Recovery, which ranks as yet another outstanding application for the retrieval of permanently deleted photos on Android devices. This Android photo recovery app conducts thorough scans of both internal and external storage media, including various SD Cards, to recover all the pictures that have gone missing, been lost, or deleted.

It boasts extensive compatibility with nearly all commonly used image file formats and consistently delivers the restored data in the highest quality attainable.

6. Restore Image

Restore Image provides a user-friendly option for those who prefer to steer clear of the technical complexities often associated with photo recovery software. Navigating photo recovery software can become quite intricate, but fortunately, Restore Image has been tailored with beginners in mind. If your sole objective is to recover a handful of missing images from your device, this application is more than up to the task.

With Restore Image, you can effortlessly select folders from your device’s storage, and the app will take charge of the recovery process. Once the restoration is finalized, you’ll be able to access and view all the recovered images. An added bonus of this application is its commitment to preserving image quality and data security throughout the entire recovery procedure. Therefore, if you’re a novice eager to explore and experiment with Android photo recovery apps, this app is an ideal starting point.

Restore Image Content

7. Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

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The Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop application has been designed to make minimal demands on your device’s storage capacity and power while efficiently recovering and preserving your images.

If you’re in search of an Android photo recovery app that places a premium on the quality of your recovered images, Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop should definitely be at the forefront of your considerations. This compact app boasts a straightforward interface that is exceptionally user-friendly.

Through an extensive scanning process, the app can pinpoint the precise details of your missing images. Once the scan is concluded, you are given the freedom to choose which images to retain and which ones to permanently delete.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop is impressively lightweight, ensuring that it won’t excessively drain your device’s battery or consume an undue amount of RAM during the recovery process. This attribute renders it an excellent choice for users operating on budget smartphones.


Numerous applications are available for data recovery, and we have compiled a list of some of them for your consideration.